Delphi Day Trip From Athens – Plan your Athens to Delphi Tour

Visit the centre of the Ancient Greek world during a Delphi day trip from Athens. The magnificent UNESCO World Heritage site of Delphi is a must see for anyone with a passion for history, archaeology and Greek Mythology!

Visit the Temple of Apollo during a Delphi day trip from Athens

Visit Delphi, Greece

Once known as the navel of the world and home to the Oracle, Delphi makes a great day trip from Athens.

I’ve been fortunate to have visited these important ruins twice now, and I wouldn’t say no to a third time! Very few archaeological sites seem to connect you with the ancient world as much as Delphi.

There are basically two ways you can do the Delphi day trip from Athens. You can take an organised Athens to Delphi tour, or you can do it yourself.

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Each way has its pluses, and so it's entirely up to you which one you choose.

An organized day trip to Delphi from Athens gives you the benefits of arranged transport and a qualified guide who will reveal the history behind the site.

Doing it yourself means you can spend longer at the site of you wish, and allows you flexibility to avoid tour groups.

Athens to Delphi by Car

If you are planning a Greek road trip, then you should definitely visit Delphi under your own steam.

The drive from Athens to Delphi is a relatively easy (once you get outside the city), and it gives you the option of staying overnight. On a side note, Delphi has some of the cheapest hotels in Greece!

Driving also allows you to combine seeing Delphi with Meteora. Visiting Meteora after Delphi is a natural extension of your Greek road trip.

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What if you don't have your own vehicle though?

Delphi tour from Athens

If you are just staying in Athens for a few days, I would suggest an organised day trip is a better option.

This way you don’t have to stress about bus timetables, and get the benefits of a guide.

Prices for the full day tour of Delphi are also reasonably affordable as well. Take a look at the tour to Delphi by using the link below.

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Delphi Day Trip from Athens

A view of magnificent Temple of Delphi. A great place to visit in a day tour from Athens.
The typical highlights of an organised Delphi day trip from Athens are:

  • Visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Delphi
  • Visit the excellent Delphi museum
  • Lunch in either Delphi or Arachova
  • Coffee/shopping break in Arachova or Levadia
  • Licensed guide
  • Transport to and from your hotel in Athens

The organised trips to Delphi from Athens takes around 10 hours, so it can be quite a full day!

What Is There To See In Delphi Greece?

The great thing about visiting Delphi with a guide, is that you will learn a lot more when you are there. Sharing myths and legends connected with the area, they have years of expertise that brings the site to life far better than a book can.

Delphi Theatre and Temple of Apollo

The theatre at Delphi

Most tours of Delphi normally start in the main complex, where the theatre is the first area to be visited. I really love the views of the mountains from here, and it is quite easy to see why the ancient Greeks thought this area had a mystical energy about it!

After the theatre, the Temple of Apollo is the next port of call, and it is near here the Oracle was said to have given her prophecies. I’m sure your guide will have plenty of tales to tell about who the Oracle of Delphi was!

Athenian Treasury

The Athenians built the Athenian Treasury at Delphi to house dedications and offerings made by their people to the God Apollo.

What you see today of the Athenian Treasury has been reconstructed and renovated at least 3 times in the last 100 years. What treasures of Ancient Greece were found here and elsewhere in Delphi are now displayed in the museum.

Don’t miss the Stadium at Delphi

The stadium at Delphi where races took place in the atheletic games

It’s at this point that an organised tour might give people a choice. This would be between going a bit higher into the Delphi complex to see the stadium, or to go on with the guide to the museum.

If you’re visiting the temple of Delphi on a hot, sun-drenched day, the idea of going straight to the air conditioned museum might seem the most appealing option!

This is a shame though, as the stadium is quite nice and worth the extra effort to reach. If you do walk up to it, don’t skip the museum entirely though!

The Delphi Museum

The Charioteer in Delphi museum

Again, having the benefit of a guide showing your around the Delphi Museum is a bonus of taking the Delphi day trip from Athens.

They will be able to explain the artefacts and exhibitions in more detail, particularly the stand-out pieces of the bronze Charioteer of Delphi and the Sphinx of Naxos.

The Charioteer is arguably the most important artifact in the archaeological museum at Delphi. This unique bronze charioteer is one of the greatest examples of the heights that ancient Greek culture reached.

The details on the statue are astounding, and it is thought that it was originally placed next to the Temple of Apollo in order to commemorate a victory at the Pythian Games.


Some day tours of Delphi have different schedules, but my assumption is that most would have lunch in the town of Delphi.

I know that some tour packages offer lunch included or offer one where you should buy your own. If you are on a budget do the math – A good lunch in Greece should rarely exceed 15 euros per person even with a drink.

Greek salad

The Temple of Athena Pronaia

After lunch there is one more area of Delphi to be visited (unless you visited before of course). This is the Sanctuary of Athena Pronaia.

In a way this place has more ‘feeling’ to it than the Temple of Apollo, and certainly is incredibly photogenic. It’s also a rare example of a circular temple or building in Greece.

Visiting the Sanctuary of Athena on a Delphi Day trip from Athens

Arachova and back to Athens

Finally, it will be time to leave Delphi behind and travel back to Athens.

On the way though, you will pass through the pretty town of Arachova, where there is normally a stop of some sort either for coffee or shopping. The views from up here are great and it’s an interesting town to walk around.

After that, the road to Athens continues. In fact I cycled some of this route recently on a one week cycle tour of Greece

Day Trip Packages from Athens

If you are interested in finding out more about this Delphi day trip from Athens, I’ve found a couple of tours that you might be interested in below.

Should you choose to book a tour through one of them, I will receive a small commission which is one of the ways I keep this site running. It would be much appreciated!

Practical Tips for visiting Delphi Unesco World Heritage Site

Delphi is an archeological site without much in the way of facilities. While you may spot a water fountain to fill up your water bottles while inside the park, make sure you have at least 1.5 litres of water with you.

The sun in Greece can be very hot, so as well as water, wear a hat and plenty of sunblock. Take snacks if you're the sort of person that gets peckish before lunch!

Exploring inside Delphi archaeological park in Greece

Delphi Archaeological Site FAQ

Readers planning to visit the Unesco World Heritage Site of Delphi in Greece along with other important places on day trips from Athens often ask questions similar to:

Can you do a day trip to Delphi from Athens?

There are many Delphi tours you can take leaving from Athens in the early morning and returning in the evening. You'll get to see the ancient ruins, learn about the famous oracle, and discover its rich history in the company of a licensed tour guide.

How do I get from Athens to Delphi?

Most travelers to Greece will find it easier to take an organized guided tour from Athens to Delphi. Other options include taking a bus (with one change at Itea), and hiring a car to drive there.

How far is Delphi from Athens?

The ancient site of Delphi is around 100 miles or 161 km from Athens. The cheapest way to get there is by bus, and the most convenient way is to take a tour. There is no direct train from Athens to Delphi.

Can you do a day trip to Meteora from Athens?

It is just about possible to make a day trip from Athens to Meteora on an organized tour that will see you use a train from Athens to Kalambaka and then be taken by mini bus to the monasteries that are open on the day.

Can you take a private tour of Delphi?

If you prefer to avoid the big bus tour groups making day trips to ancient Delphi from Athens, you can take a private tour. These do however come at a premium in terms of price!

Find out about Delphi private tours here: Delphi full day private tour from Athens

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A Delphi day trip from Athens will be a real highlight of your vacation in Greece. This article explains your options on getting from Athens to Delphi to see this remarkable UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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