The Best Athens Hotels Near Acropolis – Ideally Located For Sightseeing

Are you wondering where to stay in Athens? One of the hotels near Acropolis might be ideal. Centrally located, and near the major sites, here are 10 of the best hotels in Athens near the Acropolis Museum.

The Parthenon in the Acropolis, Greece. Would a virtual reality tour soon be possible here?

Where to Stay in Athens

Athens is quite a large city, but most of the main attractions for visitors are located within the historic centre.

Here, you can find the Acropolis, Parthenon, Temple of Zeus, Ancient Agora and many other sites. (For an idea of what to see and do in Athens, take a look at this helpful article – 2 days in Athens).

With this in mind, it makes sense to stay in one of the hotels near Acropolis, especially for stays of just a few nights.

This gives you a central location from which to enjoy and explore the birthplace of democracy, and experience the very best that Athens has to offer.

Best Hotels In Athens Near Acropolis

There are literally hundreds of hotels in Athens, with options to suit all budgets. I've put together a list of 10 hotels in Athens near the Acropolis with the best reviews.

These hotels near Acropolis all put you within easy access of the main attractions. Many include rooftop restaurants with amazing views onto the Acropolis itself!

As well as a brief description, I have included links to Tripadvisor so you can check out some independent reviews of people that have stayed there.

I have also put in some links to so you can easily reserve your hotel near the Acropolis online.

10 Great Athens Hotels Near Acropolis And Parthenon

Royal Olympic Hotel in Athens, Greece

The Royal Olympic Hotel is one of the hotels near Acropolis in Athens

The 5 star Royal Olympic Hotel is a popular choice with people seeking a comfortable hotel near the Acropolis. Boasting all the amenities you might expect from a luxury hotel, it has a swimming pool, cocktail bar, and even a library.

Herodion Athens

The Herodian Hotel near the Acropolis in Athens

Located beneath the Acropolis, the Herodion Hotel offers stylish air-conditioned rooms. The roof terrace has fantastic views, and there are two hot tubs from which to really soak up the atmosphere! The friendly staff are always willing to answer any questions guests have.

Distance from Acropolis Museum – 0.1 km
Price Range – From 100 Euros per night
Tripadvisor Reviews – Reviews of the Herodion Hotel in Athens
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Hera Hotel in Athens

The Hera Hotel near the Acropolis in Athens

Tastefully decorated rooms, a rooftop bar and terrace, and helpful staff make this one of the best hotels in Athens. Free Wi-Fi is available throughout, and there is also parking available. A rarity in Athens! Check out the links to more in-depth reviews and descriptions below.

Distance from Acropolis Museum – 0.1 km
Price Range – From 70 Euro per night
Tripadvisor Reviews – Reviews of the Hera Hotel in Athens
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Philippos Hotel Near The Acropolis in Athens

The Philippos Hotel near the Acropolis in Athens

Positioned right next to the Acropolis Museum, this hotel has modern rooms, and a fresh feel. Many reviewers rave about the breakfast here! All the usual amenities such as air-con, minibars, and a concierge service will help make your stay in Athens a pleasant one.

Distance from Acropolis Museum – 0.1 km
Price Range – From 70 Euros per night
Tripadvisor Reviews – Reviews of the Philippos Hotel in Athens
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Divani Palace Acropolis, Athens

Divani Palace Acropolis Hotel in Athens

Featuring classic, elegant rooms, the Divani Palace is another of the hotels near Acropolis which offers stunning views. All the main sites can be reached easily from here. Remember to have a memorable breakfast in the rooftop restaurant before enjoying the city!

Distance from Acropolis Museum –
Price Range – From 90 Euros per night
Tripadvisor Reviews – Reviews of the Divani Palace Hotel in Athensbook_now

The Athens Gate Hotel

The Athens Gate Hotel is near the Acropolis and the Temple of Zeus

Just 200 metres from the Acropolis museum, this hotel has it all. Wonderful facilities, friendly staff, and a perfect location. The bar/restaurant at the top of the hotel has views you can only dream of. Enjoy a meal with outstanding views over the Acropolis at night.

Distance from Acropolis Museum – 0.1 km
Price Range – From 85 Euros per night
Tripadvisor Reviews – Reviews of the Athens Gate Hotel in Athens
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Airotel Parthenon in Athens

Start your day with a Greek breakfast, and explore Athens from this centrally located hotel. The helpful staff are always on hand to answer any questions you have, and the main sites are just a short walk away. The hotel itself offers comfortable rooms with air-con, and the facilities include a business centre.

Distance from Acropolis Museum – 0.1km
Price Range – From 75 Euros per night.
Tripadvisor Reviews – Reviews of the Airotel Parthenon Hotel in Athens
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AthensWas Hotels Near Acropolis

The AthensWas Hotel near the Acropolis in Athens, Greece

A sleek, modern, clean hotel offering incredible views over the Acropolis. You won't get much closer to the Acropolis than this! Wonderfully furnished rooms, friendly staff, and a rooftop dining area is a place you should definitely have a meal. Can you do better than eating the best food in Athens whilst enjoying views over the Acropolis? We think not!

Distance from Acropolis Museum – 0.1 km
Price Range – From 126 Euros per night.
Tripadvisor Reviews – Reviews of the AthensWas Hotel in Athens
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Acropolis Hill Hotel in Athens

This is a newly built hotel, and attention has been paid to every detail. Features include a swimming pool, sun terrace, and garden. The hotel is also one of the few in Athens which has facilities for disabled guests. If you are looking for a value for money hotel in Athens, this is the one for you.

Distance from Acropolis Museum – 0.1 km
Price Range – From 70 Euros per night
Tripadvisor Reviews – Reviews of the Acropolis Hill Hotel in Athens
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Acropolis Museum Boutique Hotel

Acropolis Museum Boutique Hotel in Athens

Simple but luxurious. Professional but personal. This boutique hotel in Athens offers good value, and an unbeatable location. If you are looking for a central location with comfortable rooms in Athens, this hotel will certainly appeal.

Distance from Acropolis Museum – 0.1 km
Price Range – From 66 Euros per night
Tripadvisor Reviews – Reviews of the Acropolis Museum Boutique Hotel in Athens
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If you have a suggestion of other hotels near Acropolis I should add to the list, please leave a comment below. I will then update the blog post to keep it fresh, or even create a new one! You might also be interested in this guide on where to find the best hotels in Greece.

These are the best hotels near the Acropolis in Athens. If you are planning to visit Athens in Greece, this list of the 10 best hotels in Athens will help you plan where to stay.

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FAQ About the Best Hotels to Stay in Athens

Readers planning to visit Athens as part of their vacation in Greece often ask questions such as:

What are the best hotels in Athens?

Athens is a large city with many options. Some of the most popular hotels near the Acropolis include Hotel Grande Bretagne (Syntagma Square), AthensWas, and the Royal Olympic Hotel.

Where should I stay if I want to be near the Acropolis?

If you want to be near the Acropolis, then a hotel like Athenswas or The Athens Gate should work. These hotels are just minutes away from all of the major attractions in this area. The best areas to stay in for easy access to the Acropolis include Syntagma Square, Monastiraki, and Plaka.

Should I book my hotel before arriving in Athens, or wait until I get there?

It makes the best sense to book your accommodation in Athens in advance, so that you aren't wasting valuable vacation time trekking from one hotel to another trying to find somewhere to stay.

How do I get from the airport to my hotel in Athens?

The airport is located just 15km from Athens city center and there are a number of options for getting to your hotel. You can rent a car or take public transportation which includes buses, trains, taxis and shuttles! If you do rent a car, make sure your hotel has adequate parking, as finding parking spots in Athens can be a bit of a problem.

What is the best hotel in Athens city center?

If you are looking for a nice hotel in Athens with a great location, spectacular panoramic views, a rooftop pool, and a pleasant walk from the main historic sites, the Coco-Mat Athens BC is a good choice.

Choosing a Central Athens Hotel – Final thoughts

There's no doubting that Acropolis view hotels, especially those with a rooftop breakfast area, will help you to have a memorable stay in Athens. The hotel's location is also important for anyone who wants to maximize their time sightseeing the local attractions in the historic city of Athens.

If you have any questions about picking a hotel location, or choosing luxury hotels with a spectacular view, get in touch by leaving a comment below! Also, sign up for my newsletter for travel tips and advice on how to plan a trip to Athens and the Greek islands!


Further Information About Athens

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    I am planning Greece in May this year during second and third week on family vacation. Wish to visit Athens and Meteors.Any other places of natural beauty you can suggest ? How should we proceed to Santorini from Athens or from Meteors ?

  2. i stayed in the Acropolis Select Hotel for ten days last November. Very close to all amenities including metro and taxis. Restaurants are also only five minutes walk away. Gods’ Restaurant was favourite.

  3. Hi Dave. At your recommendation, I stayed in the Amoudi Villas in Oea last month. Albeit 60 stairs to climb to my room the view of Amoudi Bay was just amazing. I now have another question. I am planning a return trip to Athens in may 2019 and want to visit all the important sites (Delphi, meteors, Olympus etc). Could you recommend the best organized 4-5 day deal from Athens. Many thanks. Jacqueline

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  4. These all look great. I think I stayed at the Divani the last time I was in Athens. It was nestled in a crooked little street and in a fantastic location with an awesome free breakfast on the mezzanine. The first trip to Athens we stayed in a total shithole. LOL

  5. I LOVE the roof terrace! I would stay there just for that. Its wonderful that they cater to disabled guests too, definitely will consider this when I get to Athens.

  6. Love this list of Athens hotels near the Acropolis. These types of posts make planning future trips so much easier. Especially appreciated the starting prices of each hotel. Very helpful. 🙂

  7. A useful list of places to stay in Athens. It’s especially useful for travellers who love cruising, as lots of European cruises seem to start or end in Athens.

  8. I have get to go to mainland Greece, but the Acropolis is definitely a must see. I like that these hotels are all nearby, makes it easier for me!

  9. Lovely hotel collection! When I visited Athens, I stayed at a hotel a few bus stops from the city center. It was cheaper, but having to take the bus to and from any time we wanted to visit something was a bit of a pain. I’ll surely book something closer to the sights next time!

  10. I love the idea of being able to admire the Parthenon at night, reminds me of a trip to Cairo where we stayed at the meridian pyramids and got to admire them by night, Soecial!

  11. Thanks for the tip! Last time I was in Athens I stayed in a lovely bed and breakfast. Sadly I can’t remember the name for the life of me!

  12. Wow some of these hotels sound really fantastic! With so many to choose from, I would have a hard time just choosing one. Have to admit the views from Herodion Athens are breath taking!

  13. I appreciate that in this post you listed more than one hotel – ten hotels means lots of options to choose from and the reviews and booking makes it super convenient for readers to do some more research. I’m actually thinking about visiting Athens next summer so I found this post super helpful!

  14. Greece and Athens have been on our list for some time now and we intend to visit there sooner rather than later. Your post gives a list of some really great accommodation options. Shall definitely refer to this when planning out trip. All of them sound to be great bases for our Greek exploration.

  15. Great article! We stayed at the Royal Olympic Hotel and loved it. Great views, of the Temple of Zeus and the Parthenon, especially at night! Also, within walking distance of the Plaka, the Parthenon and so many others.

    This makes me want to go back to Athens and Greece!

    • The Royal Olympic is a great hotel, isn’t it! I’m glad you found this guide to the hotels near the Acropolis useful. I hope you are able to return to Athens and Greece sometime soon! 🙂


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