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I ended up staying in San Blas, Mexico for more days than I planned due to having the flu. Not one of the best Christmas breaks, but not the worst either!

Extended stay in San Blas

First, I will begin by apologising to everybody that comes to visit my site, as I haven't updated it in a couple of weeks. Very sorry guys and gals… I promise that not only am I returning to the road again on the 7th of January, but that I will also have something to write about !!

I last updated from Santiago Ixcuintla. The road from there to San Blas was pretty uneventful, although the heavily cobbled streets of Santiago Ixcuitla were a bit of a challenge to the bike and trailer!

I had felt that a cold was coming on for the previous couple of days, and on arriving in San Blas, I could feel its effects more. I found myself a nice hotel from which to base myself at 150 pesos a night, and figured that I would be able to hit the road again the day after Boxing Day.

Christmas and New Year in Mexico

Unfortunately, I was worse than I thought I would be with flu, and the time between Christmas and New Year was a bit of a write off, as I couldn't cycle anywhere. Apart from shuffling backwards and forwards to the shops, I was pretty inactive.

Extended stay in San Blas, Mexico - Bike Touring Blogs

As well as watching more films than I thought possible, sampling the local brandy, and playing online games, I also thought over the remainder of my trip, and how I should progress from there.

I've decided not to visit the Yukutan region of Mexico, which I have already visited, so its not like I am missing out. This means that ahead of me, I probably have another five months of actual cycling.

Whether or not I take another extended break somewhere in order to wait for the best weather is something I will decide further down the road. I have, however, come to the decision to travel much lighter, and have stripped about 10 kilos of stuff from the gear that I carry – I'm quite looking forwards to cycling with a stripped down load !!

Not many celebrations

Christmas Eve was a bit of a write off for me, as was New Years Eve, so the trouble that I planned to get myself into in order to have something to write about didn't materialise… bit of a shame that !! I brought New Years Eve in with a drink, and a song.

After New Years, I was feeling better, however one of the online games I was involved with had become quite intense, and so I decided to hang around a few days longer in order to help out some gaming buddies.

Say what?

Now I fully realise that a lot of people are going ‘ What?? Err?? A game ?? You're joking, right??'  Which is fair enough, but if you will give me the chance to explain, I will.

I fully believe that my life is for me to do with what I please, and at that particular moment, it pleased me to do that. I also played some small part in helping someone I never met achieve a goal that they had set themselves, which made me happy and gave me satisfaction. And that's what life is about – Satisfaction and being happy. It is for me, at any rate!

Back on the road

So with that taken care of, I will be hitting the road again tomorrow. I'm probably a little out of shape, so I'll take it easy the first few days, but I would like to reach Guatemala by the end of the month.

I'd also like to take this chance to wish everybody the best for the New Year, and thank all the people that have either supported, kept in contact or helped me along the way. It means a great deal too me !!

Extended stay in San Blas, Mexico - Bike Touring Blogs

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