Day off in Santiago Ixcunitla – Cycle Touring in Mexico

Today was a day off the bike in the town of Santiago Ixcuintla. A chance to recharge the batteries, eat and drink, and put my feet up!

Day off cycling in Santiago Ixcuintla

(Blog post written Dec 20 2009)

I took a day off today for several reasons.

  1. The Mexican driving is noticeably more erratic on Sundays, as people start drinking straight after church.
  2. I wanted to get my average daily spend back on track.
  3. I didn't feel 100 percent – the tickle in the back of my throat indicated either a cold or poison from fields that had been crop dusted.

So, not a lot to show for today, as I updated a couple of sites, and answered some emails.

Tomorrow, I cycle to San Blas, where I hope to base myself for 7 or 8 days over the Christmas holiday period. After that, I had better get my arse in gear, and get this bike tour from Alaska to Argentina finished!

Note from 2020: Looking back, there is a fair chance I came down with H1N1. Nice!

Santiago Ixcuintla in Mexico

By Ciudadanoj – Own workCC BY-SA 3.0Link

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