Mykonos to Syros Ferry Schedules, Tickets and Details

You can travel from Mykonos to Syros by ferry 3 – 5 times per day during the summer months. Here's a look at the different ferry companies and crossings on the Mykonos Syros ferry route.

Greek ferries from Mykonos to Syros

Mykonos Syros Ferry Route

The Greek island of Syros is the capital and administrative center of the Cyclades islands.

Due to this, and the fact that the distance between Mykonos and Syros is about 18 nautical miles (33km), there are many ferry services between the two islands.

During the summer months, there can be between 3 and 5 daily crossings between Mykonos and Syros operated by a variety of different ferry companies.

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How to get from Mykonos to Syros

In this guide, we'll take a look at the Mykonos Syros ferry route, and the different companies that operate on it.

You should note that there will be more crossings during the summer than the winter. Also keep in mind that ferry schedules are often only laid out for 6 months into the future.

Don't expect to be able to book ferry tickets 12 months or 18 months in advance for traveling round the Cyclades group!

Ermoupoli main square in the Greek island of Syros


Blue Star Ferries

You can pretty much rely on a Blue Star ferry crossing every day of the week going from Mykonos to Syros, even during the winter months.

These are also the cheapest crossings, with ferry ticket prices starting at around 17.00 Euro during the summer tourist season. In winter, these cheap ferry tickets might be even cheaper!

Using conventional ferries, the crossing is a little slower than the other options, but even so, it only take 1 hour and 15 minutes to get from Mykonos to Syros on Blue Star.

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If you plan to visit Syros after Mykonos in the high season, you'll also find at least one daily SeaJets high speed direct crossing.

Generally speaking, SeaJets have the most expensive ticket prices, and you could expect to pay around 39.70 Euro.

The ferry ride is the quickest though, and should take just 25 minutes to arrive at your destination.

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Minoan Lines and Fast Ferries

Currently, Minoan and Fast Ferries also provide crossings on the Mykonos to Syros ferry schedule, at least during the summer season.

They are not as cheap as the Blue Star ferries, but if you compare the price with the SeaJets are certainly worth considering.

You can expect a ticket price for a foot passenger to be around 22.00 Euro for Minoan Lines and 21.00 Euro for Fast Ferries.

Can I fly Mykonos Syros?

Although both Syros and Mykonos have airports, you can not currently fly between the two islands. If you want to fly from Mykonos to the Greek island of Syros for whatever reason, you'd need to go via Athens if there are any flights that look suitable. 

This would just add unneeded time onto your journey. The best way to get to Syros from Mykonos is by ferry.

Mykonos to Syros Ferry Travel Tips

Mykonos Syros ferries leave from the New Port in Mykonos. There are public transport options to get you from your hotel in Mykonos down to the port.

To be on the safe side you might want to pre-book a taxi. I'd suggest arriving at the port an hour before your boat departs.

No matter which company you decide to sail with, boarding for this ferry is going to be quick and a little chaotic! Be prepared with all your paperwork, and just follow the scrum of other passengers along to board.

Normally, you leave your luggage at the level you walk onto the ship. If you are traveling with just one bag, I'd suggest not bothering to leave it, and just carry it up the stairs with you, particularly if its just a backpack.

Syros island is the capital of the Cyclades islands in Greece

Syros Island Travel Tips

A few travel tips for visiting Syros island:

  • For hotels in Syros, take a look at Booking. They have a great choice of apartments in Syros and you might find a nice deal on there. If you are traveling to Syros in the peak months of summer, I advise reserving places to stay in Syros a month or so in advance.

  • Most people will probably find Ermoupoli to be the best area to stay. Check the best hotels Syros for more.

  • The easiest way to get hold of ferry tickets in Greece is by using Ferryhopper. Although I suggest you book your Mykonos to Syros ferry tickets in advance, especially during the height of the tourist season, you can also use local ticket and travel agencies when Greece. If you are traveling in August, don't leave getting your tickets until the last minute!

What to see in Syros Greece

If you're planning on staying in Syros for a few days, here's some of the highlights you should consider experiencing:

  • Be amazed by the neoclassical beauty of Ermoupoli
  • Take a tour of the incredible Apollon Theatre
  • Walk around Ano Syros (Upper Syros)
  • Go swimming at the beaches
  • Explore the Vaporia neighbourhood

That's just a taster. You might also want to read: Best things to do in Syros

Looking out over Syros in Greece

Ferries from Mykonos to Syros FAQ

Questions about about traveling to Syros from Mykonos include:

How do you get to Syros from Mykonos?

The best way to make a trip from Mykonos to Syros is by ferry boat. There are up to 2-3 ferries per day sailing directly to Syros from Mykonos.

Is there an airport on Syros?

Even though both the Greek islands of Syros and Mykonos have airports, flying between Mykonos and Syros is not something you can do. In order to fly from Mykonos to the Cyclades island of Syros you'd need to go via Athens if there are suitable flight connections. It's far quicker to take the ferry.

How long is the ferry from Mykonos to Syros?

Ferries to the island of Syros from Mykonos take between half an hour and 1 hour and 15 minutes. The quicker ferry from Mykonos to Syros is generally more expensive. Ferry operators on the Mykonos Syros route may include SeaJets and Blue Star Ferries. On some years, Golden Star ferries may also provide a service.

How can I buy tickets for the ferry to Syros?

Ferryhopper is perhaps the easiest site to use when it comes to booking Mykonos Syros ferry tickets online. Although I suggest you book your Mykonos to Syros ferry tickets in advance, you could also wait until you are in Greece, and use a travel agency.

How to travel from Mykonos to Syros by ferry
Do you prefer a conventional ferry to use the deck, or a high speed ferry to get around the Greek islands? Do you have a ferry company preference when island hopping in the Cyclades?

Please leave a comment below along with any questions on the Mykonos Syros ferry route you might have!

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    • Hi – The crossing smoothness depends on the wind conditions> The fast ferries are generally smaller, and worse in very windy weather. As a general rule I am happy myself to sail in 4 Beauforts. Higher than 7 and I prefer not to sail. In between, I take the bigger boats.


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