Best Tips on How to Get Robbed When You Travel

Starting to find travel boring? Looking to spice up your next trip away? Throw a little excitement into your life by getting robbed! Here are 28 awesome tips on how to get robbed when you travel.

28 Awesome ways you can get robbed the next time you travel

A tongue in cheek guide on to the best ways to get robbed when you travel. 28 awesome tips on how to get your stuff stolen, be pickpocketed, and mugged when you travel!

Best Tips on How to Get Robbed When You Travel

1. Leave your belongings unattended whenever possible.

2. Make sure you don't lock your hotel room door.

3. When leaving the hotel room, make sure all your expensive tech gear worth more than the cleaner will earn in a year is on full view.

4. Don't use a hotel safe… they aren't safe.

5. Carry all your cash, cards and passport in one pocket – It's easier to get robbed that way.

6. If you see someone following you, stop to have a chat.

7. Look as lost as you can – Carrying a huge map works really well.

8. Keep your wallet in your back pocket.

how to get robbed as you travel

9. Always take out your iPhone, tablet computer and huge DSLR camera when in the middle of a crowded plaza, especially in countries where their combined cost is worth more than the annual salary.

10. Leave your backpacks unattended in the same plaza while you go wandering around taking photos.

11. Make sure you are wearing the most expensive watch and jewelry you can.

12. Make no attempt to blend in. In fact, be as loud as you can in order to draw the maximum attention to yourself.

13. Get robbed by looking as nervous and uncertain as possible.

14. Ignore your intuition.

15. When eating in a cafe by yourself, leave your bag on the table to go and use the restroom.

16. When eating in a cafe or restaurant, leave your bag on the floor by the side of you and don't think about it again until you have to leave.

17. Start an argument with a taxi driver over him charging you 50 cents more than you think he should have. This is a great way to make yourself a target for later on during the day.

18. Flash your cash around.

19. Announce loudly to people you just met in a crowded place that you need to find an ATM machine.

20. Fall asleep on the beach by yourself with your bag just out of reach.

21. Ask a shifty looking stranger to keep an eye on your stuff because you want to go for a swim for a half hour.

22. When travelling by bus, put your bag in the aisle and fall asleep with headphones on.

23. Pick the dodgiest, seediest bar to get drunk in.

24. Drink until you can barely see.

25. If you are with a group, and they want to go home, staying by yourself for an extra drink or two makes far more sense.

26. Walk home from said dodgy place at 3 in the morning, completely drunk.

27. Make sure you walk through the worst areas of town as you do so.

28. This is also a great time to explore interesting back-alleys.

If none of this helps you get robbed, then you are doing it all wrong. Or, I haven't come up with enough ideas. If you have any great suggestions to add to these best tips on how to get robbed when your travel, please leave them in the comments section below. Cheers everyone!

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28 Awesome tips on how to get robbed as you travel. Of course, you could always do the opposite of these tips on how to get robbed and stay safe. It's up to you!

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6 thoughts on “Best Tips on How to Get Robbed When You Travel”

  1. Hand all your luggage to the first person approaching you at the airport exit – he must be an honest porter… (This saves all the effort of going through the steps which follow in your list) 😀

  2. As well as carrying round a huge map in clear view, another winner is to stop and read your Lonely Planet Guidebook at various intervals including in the middle of crowded streets or at busy bus stations. This works especially well if you have your entire pack with you and put it down on the ground. Another sure-fire technique is to stop and let strangers clean your bags up if you randomly and unexplainably get squirted with ink or paint in the street.


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