Heraklion Ferry Port To Heraklion Airport Transport

The best way to travel from Heraklion ferry port to Heraklion airport is to pre-book a taxi, while the cheapest option is to take a bus.

Best ways to get from heraklion ferry port to heraklion airport

Heraklion Ferry Port To Heraklion Airport

Heraklion ferry port in Crete is located just outside the historic city center of Heraklion, and about 4 kms from the airport.

If you are arriving at Heraklion ferry port by ferry, and need to travel to the airport to take your flight home, you have three main transport options. These are to pre-book a taxi (recommended), take a regular taxi, and take public transport.

Your decision is probably going to be based on how much luggage you are traveling with, and how much time you have between the ferry arriving and your flight.

The time of year can also be an important factor, as July and August are very busy in terms of the numbers of visitors. (See when to visit Crete).

Here then is a look at your choices when planning how to travel between Heraklion port and the airport.

Pre-book a taxi from Heraklion ferry port

In my opinion, the easiest way to make the trip from Heraklion ferry port to Heraklion International Airport, is to pre-book a taxi.

While the price of doing this is normally 5 Euros more expensive than a regular taxi fare, it does offer advantages that will make it extra money well spent:

  1. You have the assurance of knowing the cost of your Heraklion airport transfer in advance.
  2. Your driver will be ready for you outside Heraklion ferry terminal, holding a sign with your name.
  3. Pre-booked drivers are proficient in English, offering a higher level of communication compared to regular taxi drivers.
  4. Skip the queues on crowded days, especially during the peak tourist season in August.
  5. No need to negotiate or haggle over taxi fares, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

You'll also get dropped off right at the departures area at Heraklion airport, giving you a smooth door to door service. Perfect if you don’t want to be dragging heavy suitcases around.

heraklion airport departures

I recommend Welcome Pickups when pre-booking taxi services from Heraklion ferry port to the airport. It’s basically the same service as a private transfer but only slightly more expensive than a normal taxi.

Take a taxi from the queue outside the ferry port

You can find a taxi stand across from the passenger terminal of Heraklion ferry port. There’s usually a few waiting the arrival of a ferry.

heraklion ferry port passenger terminal

Just keep in mind that during peak season, the demand for taxis can be high because of the sheer number of other visitors to Crete. While you might be lucky and stroll straight to an available taxi, you could just as easily wait for 20 minutes or longer during July and August.

If time is tight between ferry arrival and check-in for your flight, it might be safer to pre-book the taxi.

The ride between Heraklion Ferry Port and Heraklion Airport is quick, taking only about 10-15 minutes, and costs around 15€.

Taking the bus

Using public transport to travel to Heraklion Airport from the ferry port is the cheapest, but also least convenient option. This is because there is no bus at Heraklion ferry port itself, and so requires a walk.

heraklion airport bus

You'll need to walk from the ferry port to a bus stop on the road near a Shell station (you can find it on Google maps here). From here, there’s buses every 10 minutes or so to Heraklion airport. Tickets cost 2 Euros if you buy them on the bus, but might be 1.10 if you buy them in advance.

There is a good official website you can use to check out airport buses in Heraklion. There’s a map and even an app you can download to pre-buy tickets.

Note that you’d need to check the timetables if you have a very early or late arriving ferry.

In conclusion, if there are two or more of you traveling between Heraklion ferry port and the airport, you'd be better off getting a taxi. Pre-booked is recommended during the busier times of the summer months.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Readers who are researching ways to travel between Heraklion ferry port and Heraklion International airport in Crete, Greece, often ask questions similar to:

How far is the Heraklion ferry port from Heraklion Nikos Kazantzakis International Airport ?

The Heraklion ferry port is approximately 4 kilometers away from Heraklion International Airport. Taxis may take a slightly longer route depending on traffic conditions.

What's the quickest Heraklion port transfer to the airport?

The fastest way for passengers to travel from Heraklion port to Heraklion Airport is by taxi car, which usually takes about 10-15 minutes to cover the distance.

What's the cheapest way to travel from the ferry port to Heraklion airport?

The cheapest way to make transfers is by bus, with ticket prices costing around 2 Euros. Walking is not really practical as it would take about an hour, and the heat would be too strong.

Are taxis readily available at the Heraklion ferry port?

Yes, there's a taxi stand across from the passenger entrance of the ferry port. Taxis normally queue when they expect ferries to arrive, although in the peak travel season in Crete, there may not be enough cars for the amount of passengers who want rides.

Are there any shuttle buses from Heraklion port to the airport?

There are currently no shuttle buses running between the ferry port in Heraklion and the airport. If you need a minibus for a larger group than a taxi can handle, you can look at private transfers on Viator.

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