How to travel from Mykonos to Schinoussa by ferry

There are no direct ferries from Mykonos to Schinoussa in Greece. The best way to travel, is to get a Mykonos to Naxos ferry, and then a Naxos to Schinoussa ferry.

Taking the ferry to Schinoussa

Schinoussa island in Greece

The Cyclades island of Schinoussa is positioned just underneath the larger island of Naxos. Known as one of the Lesser or Small Cyclades islands, it's a laid back place with a much different vibe than Mykonos.

If you're after a little peace and quiet, the simple life, and no beach bars, Schinoussa is definitely for you! Visiting Schinoussa directly after Mykonos might be something of a stark contrast though, so be prepared!

How to get from Mykonos to Schinoussa

There's no airport on the Cyclades island of Schinoussa, so the only way to make a trip from Mykonos to Schinoussa is to take a ferry.

Unfortunately, there is no direct ferry, and so you'll need to do a little Greek island hopping to get there! It's pretty easy though, and if all your connections line up perfectly, you could get from Mykonos to Schinoussa in under 5 hours.

Indirect Mykonos Schinoussa Ferry Route

The first leg of the journey, would be to take the Mykonos to Naxos ferry. During the summer months, there are 4 or 5 daily ferries from Mykonos to Naxos, so you can choose which one has the better timing.

From Naxos, you would then take a ferry to Schinoussa. There's normally at least one ferry a day, either on the legendary Skopelitis Express, or another larger ferry.

I recommend Ferryhopper as a place to check timetables and to book ferry tickets online.

Note: If your Schinoussa ferries don't line up perfectly, then you may have to wait around on Naxos for a couple of hours, or perhaps even consider spending the night there (which would be totally worth it!).

Beaches in Schinoussa

What to do in Schinoussa

The tiny island of Schinoussa is one of those places you visit to enjoy, rather than to tick off a bunch of ‘must-dos' from a list. Time spent there will be split between relaxing on the beach, and hiking to different places on the island.

I do have a couple of dedicated travel guides to Schinoussa that may be useful reading:

In addition, I have co-written a travel guide book to Schinoussa which is now available via Amazon. You can check it out here: Schinoussa and Iraklia in Greece.

Schinoussa Island Travel Tips

A few travel tips for visiting the Cyclades island of Schinoussa:

  • For where to stay in Schinoussa, I recommend looking at Booking. They have a great range of rooms to rent in Schinoussa along with customer ratings. If you are traveling to Schinoussa in the the months of July, August, and September, I advise reserving accommodation in Schinoussa a month or so in advance. If there's limited accommodation showing up, refer to my where to stay in Schinoussa guide mentioned earlier in this Greek blog post as I've listed contact details for hotels and accommodation on the island.

  • Ferryhopper is perhaps the easiest site to use when it comes to booking Ferry tickets online. They have a rather useful island hopping function which will come in useful when planning this ferry route. I think it's better that you book your Mykonos to Schinoussa ferry tickets in advance, especially during the peak months of summer. 

How to take a trip from Mykonos to Schinoussa FAQ

Readers sometimes ask these question about traveling to Schinoussa from Mykonos include:

How can we get to Schinoussa from Mykonos?

There is no direct ferry from Mykonos to Schinoussa island in Greece. The best route to take, would be first travel from Mykonos to Naxos by ferry, and then take another ferry from Naxos to Schinoussa.

Is there an airport in Schinoussa?

There is no airport in the Greek island of Schinoussa, so the only way to make the trip from Mykonos to Schinoussa is by using the ferry network. The closest airport to Schinoussa is at Naxos, however you can not fly there directly from Mykonos.

How long does it take to get from Mykonos to Schinoussa?

The travel time between Mykonos and Schinoussa islands will depend on the ferry connections, as two separate ferries will need to be taken. On a good day, the journey can take around 5 hours.

Where can I buy tickets for the ferry to Schinoussa?

One of the best places to look at ferry schedules and to book tickets online is at Ferryhopper. I think it's a good idea to book your Mykonos to Schinoussa ferry tickets in advance whenever possible, however you could also go to a travel agency in Greece after you arrive.

Ferry hopping from Mykonos to Schinoussa in Greece

Ferry Schedules Final Thoughts

Although there is no direct ferry from Mykonos to Schinoussa, the journey can be easily accomplished by taking two separate ferries. The best way to find schedules, check travel times, and book online is at Ferryhopper.

Visitors planning Greek islands hopping itineraries in the small Cyclades group and other popular destinations during the high season should get their ticket at least a few weeks in advance.

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