How to travel from Mykonos to Kythnos

There is currently no direct ferry from Mykonos to Kythnos. The best route, is to travel by ferry from Mykonos to Syros, and then take another ferry from Syros to Kythnos.

Traveling to Kythnos Island from Mykonos in Greece

Mykonos to Kythnos Ferries

There is no airport in the Greek island of Kythnos, and also no direct ferry from Mykonos. This means that the only way to travel between these two Greek islands in the Cyclades is by going via another island first.

The logical choice here, is to go via Syros. As the administrative capital of the Cyclades, Syros has connections to most of the other islands in the chain, including Kythnos.

Mykonos Kythnos Ferry Route Via Syros

The Mykonos to Syros ferry takes around 50 minutes so it's a very quick journey. There are normally two or three ferries per day in the summer.

The slight drawback comes in that there are only two or three ferries per week leaving from Syros to Kythnos. This means that you will have to be pretty selective on your dates of travel.

In most circumstances, you'll probably need to plan on staying at least a night in Syros.

To compare ferries, travel times, and connections I recommend using Ferryscanner.

Kythnos Island Travel Tips

A few travel tips for visiting the Greek island of Kythnos:

  • For rooms to rent in Kythnos, I recommend Booking. They have a great selection of hotels in Kythnos along with customer ratings. If you are traveling to Kythnos in the the months of July, August, and September, I advise reserving accommodation in Kythnos a month or so in advance.

  • The easiest way to get hold of ferry tickets in Greece is by using Ferryhopper. Although I think it's better to book your Mykonos to Kythnos ferry tickets in advance, especially during the peak travel season, a local travel agency might be able to work out a better route for you. However, if you plan on traveling in peak season, try not to leave getting ferry tickets until the last moment, as you may find your boat fully booked!

How to go to from Mykonos to Kythnos FAQ

A few common question about traveling to Kythnos from Mykonos include:

How do we get to Kythnos from Mykonos?

In order to take the journey from Mykonos to Kythnos you'll need to use the Greek ferry network. As there is no direct boat sailing from Mykonos to Kythnos, you'll need to go via another island such as Syros, where you'll swap ferries for your final destination of Kythnos.

Is there an airport in Kythnos?

There's no airport on the Cyclades island of Kythnos, with the closest one being in Athens. The only way of traveling to Kythnos is by ferry.

How long is the ferry crossing from Mykonos to Kythnos?

As there is no direct ferry between Mykonos and Kythnos, the overall travel time is difficult to determine. The ferry from Mykonos to Syros takes around 50 minutes, whilst the Syros to Kythnos ferry takes around 2 hours and 25 minutes. The waiting time in between ferries will depend on available connections on your day of travel.

Where do I buy ferry tickets to Kythnos?

I find that the Ferryhopper website is the best place to book ferry tickets online, especially when there are two ferries involved in getting from one place to another. Although I think it's better to book your Mykonos to Kythnos ferry tickets in advance, you could also use a local travel agency in Greece.

Mykonos Kythnos Ferry Guide Final Thoughts

As there are no direct ferries between the Cyclades islands of Mykonos and Kythnos, you'll need to check sailing schedules of ferries to other islands in order to plan this ferry trip. I recommend using Ferryscanner to work out how to best get from Mykonos to Kythnos. However, what I would suggest is considering another island to visit after Mykonos instead, unless you have a specific reason to go to Kythnos.

Mykonos Island Hopping

If this route looks like it may not be as convenient as you hoped, there are plenty of other islands you can visit after Mykonos. Here's a few suggestions:

How to get from Mykonos to Kythnos island in Greece

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