Where to stay in Schinoussa – Hotel and Accommodation Guide

This Schinoussa hotel and accommodation guide will help you choose where to stay in Schinoussa Island, Greece. From basic rooms to boutique hotels, Schinoussa has a lot of choice.

House in Schinoussa island Greece

Schinoussa Accommodation 

If you are looking for a quiet Greek island, Schinoussa is a great choice. With unspoilt beaches and fantastic tavernas, it’s a paradise Greek island.

But where exactly should you stay in Schinoussa? Unless you speak Greek it can be hard to find information on all the Schinoussa studios and hotels.

Where to stay in Schinoussa

If you are planning to visit Schinoussa, chances are that the beautiful beaches are an important part of your vacation.

Unlike bigger islands like Andros, most of the beaches in Schinoussa can be easily reached on foot. So in a way, it doesn’t really matter where you are staying.



First, a little background information on Schinoussa.

Schinoussa Island

Schinoussa is a tiny island in the Cyclades group. Along with Koufonissi, Iraklia and Donoussa, they are called “the Small Cyclades”.

And it’s very small indeed!

You can comfortably walk around the whole island in a couple of hours. Unlike nearby Iraklia it’s also quite flat, so it’s ideal for people who don’t really want strenuous hikes.

Boats in Schinoussa Greece

Fewer than 300 people live in Schinoussa. The island is ideal for sailing boats, as its bays are fairly protected from the winds. As a result, many people choose to visit by private boat.

You don't need your own boat though, as Schinoussa is easily accessible by ferry. If you want to spend a few days in a small paradise where you can see the stars at night, you will love it here.

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Accommodation in Schinoussa

In terms of accommodation in Schinoussa, there is quite a lot of choice. From basic rooms to more boutique hotels, booking a hotel in Schinoussa should be fairly straightforward.


Well, yes and no.

Many of the hotels in Schinoussa are on the popular search engines, like booking.com. However, you may find that they often appear fully booked, or not available because the owners don't activate their accounts right until the beginning of the tourist season.

Here's a list of the current places to stay on the quiet island of Schinoussa listed on Booking:

So how can you plan your vacation in Schinoussa in August or the high season months a year in advance?

This is where our guide will come in handy!

We have searched all available accommodations in Schinoussa, apart from private homes and. We have included links from booking.com, Tripadvisor, and also direct links to the hotel websites. Additionally, we have put down email addresses and even phone numbers.

Schinoussa’s biggest settlement is Chora, which is just over a kilometre from Mersini port. This is where you can find most of the hotels in Schinoussa.

Chora is great if you want to be a stone’s throw from most of the tavernas, and close to a bit of nightlife. Obviously, don’t expect loud bars and clubbing!

Relax on the beach in Schinoussa

The beaches closer to Chora are Mersini, Tsigouri and Livadi. You will find a few hotels on each of those beaches. If you want to be based directly on the beach, this might be a better option.

We stayed at Livadi and absolutely loved it! That said, we were happy to have a torch whenever we walked back from Chora after dark.

It is also possible to stay on two of the beaches to the south, namely Lioliou and Almyros. Lioliou is the most secluded area of the island, and it would take you about a half hour to walk to Chora.

Finally, to the north of Chora, there is a much smaller settlement called Messaria. You can find a couple of hotels here. This is a great choice if you want to be closer to the northern beaches, but still very close to Chora.

Just bear in mind that during the Meltemi season the northern beaches might not be your best bet.

Booking a Schinoussa hotel

While search engines like booking.com work great for Schinoussa, you may encounter a couple of issues.

First, your accommodation of choice may show as fully booked. While this is possible, it’s not always the case. Some hotel owners may simply not put their establishment on search engines until later in the year.

Unlike bigger islands, Schinoussa is a very seasonal destination. In general, hotels are available between late April and October. This is the best time to visit Schinoussa. In winter, the island virtually closes down, and many of the owners return to Athens, where they live.

Village on the beach in Schinoussa

If booking.com doesn’t help, you can always check Google Maps. There are a few suggestions, including private apartments, occasionally with very little information in Greek. We have included some of those in the list below.

To put your mind at ease, most hotel owners speak English – and maybe a few other languages. So don’t hesitate to e-mail them, or even call them, if the search engines don’t seem to help.

Finally, bear in mind that, like many places in Greece, there are many different spellings for Schinoussa. You may come across it as Shinoussa, Shoinoussa, or booking.com’s own spelling, Skhoinoussa!

Hotels in Chora Schinoussa

This is the main town in Schinoussa. This is where to stay if you want to be in the middle of the action – by Schinoussian standards!

Schinoza Luxury Suites

Fully equipped luxury suites and family rooms featuring a pool and amazing sunset views. This property offers free WiFi, air conditioning, flat-screen TVs and kitchenettes. Breakfast can be made to accommodate any dietary restrictions. Pickup from the port is available, and there is free private parking if you have your own car.

Check it on Booking: Schinouza Luxury Suites
Check TripAdvisor reviews: Schinouza Luxury Suites

Website: https://www.schinoza.gr/
E-mail: info@schinoza.gr
Tel: (+30)22850-76609
Mob: (+30)6940-328062

Paralos Lodging

Paralos Lodging offers accommodation with free WiFi and air-condition. The spacious apartments are fully furnished and they include fully equipped kitchens, balconies, and access to a terrace with lovely views.

Check it on Booking: Paralos Lodging
Check TripAdvisor reviews: Paralos Lodging

Website: https://www.paralostravel.com/
E-mail: info@paralostravel.com
Tel: (+30)22850-71957
Mob: (+30)6979-210168

Theasis Luxury Suites

These adults-only luxury suites are one of the top-rated accommodation options in Schinoussa. They offer spacious suites with fully equipped kitchens, free WiFi and private parking. Guests have access to a garden, a terrace and a hot tub.

Check it on Booking: Theasis Luxury Suites
Check TripAdvisor reviews: Theasis Luxury Suites

Website: https://www.theasisuites.gr/en/homepage/
E-mail: info@theasisuites.gr, nikitasgrn@yahoo.gr
Τel: (+30)22850-76624
Mob: (+30)6945-887079

Ailouros Summer Hotel and Guesthouse

Ailouros Hotel offers different types of accommodation with balconies, a terrace and lovely sea views. Wi-Fi, air-condition and breakfast are included.

Hotel on Booking: Ailouros Hotel
Guesthouse on Booking: Ailouros Guest House
Check TripAdvisor reviews: Ailouros Reviews

Website: https://ailouroshotel.gr/en/
E-mail: info@ailouroshotel.gr
Tel: (+30)22850-74224, (+30)210-2320857
Mob: (+30)6977-418678

Africanis Suites

A brand new stylish hotel in Chora, Africanis Suites offers a range of air-conditioned rooms with kitchenettes. Free WiFi and free parking are available, as well as transfer from the port. Beach towels can be provided.

Check it on Booking: Africanis Suites

Website: Africanis
E-mail: africanissuites@gmail.com
Mob: (+30)2112343770

Meltemi Pension

Meltemi Pension offers a range of rooms to suit all travellers, ranging from simple double rooms to apartments with fully equipped kitchens. The property, which was renovated in 2015, features a garden and beautiful balconies.

Check reviews on TripAdvisor: Meltemi Pensions

Website: https://www.pension-meltemi.gr/
E-mail: info@pension-meltemi.gr
Tel: (+30)22850-71947
Mob: (+30)6945-887079

Iliovasilema Hotel

“Iliovasilema” means “sunset” in Greek, and this hotel couldn’t have been named more accurately! All rooms have a private balcony, and there is also a large terrace where you can enjoy the sun setting over the Aegean. The hotel provides A computer and printing services are also available. A free shuttle service to the best beaches in Schinoussa is also included!

Check reviews on TripAdvisor: Iliovasilema Hotel

Website: https://www.iliovasilemahotel.gr/
E-mail: info@iliovasilemahotel.gr
Tel: (+30)22850-71161, (+30)22850-71948
Mob: (+30)6972-335217

Anesi Hotel

Simple air-conditioned rooms with free Wi-Fi, fridges, TVs and private balconies. The owners offer free pick-up and drop-off at the port.

Website: https://www.anesi-schinousa.gr/
E-mail: info@anesi-schinousa.gr
Tel: (+30)22850-71180, (+30)210-9613 050
Mob: (+30)6977-613850

Provaloma Rooms

Located in a quiet area of the island, a few minutes walk from Chora, Provaloma rooms offer quiet accommodation.

Info here: https://www.exploring-greece.gr/en/show/40907/:ttd/PROVALOMA#.XiszacgzY2w
Tel: (+30)22850-71936
Mob: (+30)6974-246591

Pension Galini

Pension Galini seems to offer budget accommodation, however note that not all online reviews are positive.

Info Here: https://www.exploring-greece.gr/en/show/40916/:ttd/GALINI#.Xis0CcgzY2w
Tel: (+30)22850-71983
Mob: (+30)6973-281904

Agnadema Hotel

Well located budget rooms with friendly owners.

E-mail: agnademaschinoussa@gmail.com
Tel: (+30)22850-71987
Mob: (+30)6983-840050

Studios Panorama

There’s little online information for these rooms. They are well-located and seem to be suitable for budget travellers.

Tel: (+30)22850-71401, (+30)22850-71160

Hotels  in Tsigouri Beach Schinoussa

Tsigouri may be the best option if you want to be by the beach, but really close to the Chora.

Armonia and Filoxenia by Grispos Villas

These villas are ideal for families as there is a playground for children and an on-site restaurant and snack bar. The air-conditioned rooms offer beautiful views of the Aegean, and they all include free WiFi, a flat-screen TV, a fridge and hairdryer. Some rooms also have a kitchenette. A transfer from Mersini port is included, as well as free private parking if you have your own car.

Info on Booking: Armonia
Info on Booking: Filoxenia
TripAdvisor reviews: Grispos Villas

Website: https://www.grisposvillas.com/
E-mail: info@grisposvillas.com
Mob: (+30)6981-768930

Archipelagos Boutique Hotel

Archipelagos boutique hotel is one of the few hotels in Schinoussa offering an outdoor pool. All rooms have free WiFi, air conditioning, fridge and a balcony. There is access to an outdoor seating area, a shared lounge and a games room. Transfer to and from the port, as well as luggage storage, are available.

Info on Booking: Archipelagos Boutique Hotel
TripAdvisor Reviews: Archipelagos Boutique Hotel

Website: https://www.schinoussa.com/
E-mail: hotelarchipelagos@gmail.com
Tel: (+30)22850-71373
Mob: (+30)6980-982990

Hotels in Livadi Beach Schinoussa

Livadi is where we stayed last time we were in Schinoussa. We loved the area, and would probably stay here again!

Notos Studios

Notos Studios offer a range of rooms, studios and villas with different features. Attention has been paid to detail and aesthetics, and all rooms feature private balconies, kitchenettes, air conditioning and ceiling fans. Transfer to and from the port as well as supermarket delivery are also available.

Info on Booking: Notos Studios
Reviews on TripAdvisor: Notos Studios

Website: http://www.notostudios.gr/
E-mail: info@notostudios.gr
Mob: (+30)6976-638075

Schinoussa Guesthouse

Schinoussa Guesthouse is located right on the sandy Livadi beach. The hotel offers free private parking and transfer service from Mersini port. The spacious apartments have kitchenettes with all amenities and free WiFi.

Info on Booking: Schinoussa Guest House
Tripadvisor reviews: Schinoussa Guest House

Website: https://www.schinoussa-guesthouse.com/
E-mail: info@schinoussa-guesthouse.com
Tel: (+30)22850-74023
Mob: (+30)6945-777636

Seaside Schinoussa

Seaside Schinoussa offers five spacious apartments right on Livadi beach. All of them have a kitchen, free WiFi and air conditioning.

Website: https://www.seaside-schinoussa.com/
E-mail: seasideschinoussa@gmail.com
Mob: (+30)6944-913211

Livadi Rooms

Livadi Rooms offer rooms and studios right on the beach. All rooms have WiFi, a fridge, a TV and a safe. The studios include a kitchenette, and are suitable for up to four people. Baby cots are available.

TripAdvisor reviews: Livadi Rooms

Website: https://livadischinoussa.gr/en/accommodation/studios
E-mail: http://www.livadirooms.gr/en/contact/
Tel: (+30)22850-71995, (+30)210-9610465
Mob: (+30)6945-936377, (+30)6948-111022

Tholari Studios

This is where we stayed when we last visited Schinoussa. Tholari Studios were pretty amazing and great value. The rooms were clean, and the views from the balcony were awesome! We had a free pickup and drop off to the port, and the owners even stopped so we could buy a few heavy things from the supermarket in Chora!

Website: https://tholaristudios.com/en/
E-mail: tholari.studios@gmail.com
Tel: (+30)22850-71936, (+30)210-9925796
Mob: (+30)6974-246591

Hotels near Almyros / Bazeos Beach Schinoussa

These hotels are closer to the eastern beaches. If you are a morning person, you could see the sunrise!

Anatoli Studios

Anatoli Studios is right on Bazeos / Vazeo beach. They also have a swimming pool for those windy meltemi days! Anatoli Studios features a garden, a children’s playground, a bar and a restaurant. The spacious rooms are all air-conditioned and they also have a fan, a fridge, a TV and a safe. Free transfer from and to the port is available, as is parking if you have your own vehicle.

Info on Booking: Anatoli Studios
TripAdvisor reviews: Anatoli Studios

Website: https://www.anatolistudio.com/en/
E-mail: info@anatolistudio.com
Tel: (+30)22850-76032
Mob: (+30)6932-371036

Fontana Apartments

Not much information is available online for Fontana apartments, but you can reach them on their FB page.

Mob: (+30)6937-778666

Hotels near Lioliou Beach Schinoussa

If you are after complete peace and quiet, you could stay here. Note that the beach gets quite popular during the day!

Lioliou Beach Hotel

Stay here if you want to get away from it all. The newly refurbished hotel has different types of rooms, ranging from double rooms to apartments spread on two floors. All rooms have balconies, air conditioning, a fridge and a safe. There is an onsite restaurant offering Mediterranean cuisine.

Tripadvisor reviews: Lioliou Beach Hotel

Website: http://www.lioliou-beach.com/en
E-mail: info@lioliou-beach.com
Tel: (+30)22850-71575, (+30)22850-71562
Mob: (+30)6976-818683

Isavella’s Apartment

A guesthouse that can accommodate up to 6 people, Isavella’s Apartment is ideal if you are looking for privacy. It offers all amenities, including a washing machine.

Info on Booking: Isavella's Apartment
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/isavella.maurakh

Hotels in Messaria Schinoussa

Messaria is the definition of a small authentic Greek village. In fact, calling it a village might be an overstatement!

Hotel Harama

Hotel and Restaurant Harama is great if you want to spend a few nights in quiet surroundings. It’s a family business offering genuine Greek hospitality and yummy homemade food! Free WiFi, air conditioning and a fridge are available in every room. The hotel is just a short walk away from both Chora and the northern beaches of Schinoussa.

Info on Booking: Hotel Harama
TripAdvisor reviews: Harama Guest House

Website: https://www.haramahotel.gr/
E-mail: haramarooms@hotmail.com
Tel: (+30)22850-76015

Hotels in Mersini Port Schinoussa

If you prefer to stay closer to the port, there are a couple of places. The bay is very protected, and it’s only a short walk to Chora and Tsigouri.


Mersini Hotel constantly gets great reviews, as it seems to exceed people’s expectations. Rooms are minimally designed, and they all offer free WiFi, private balconies, a TV, a fridge and an espresso coffee machine.

Info in Booking: Mersini Hotel
TripAdvisor reviews: Mersini Schinoussa

Website: http://www.mersini.gr/
E-mail: info@mersini.gr
Tel: (+30)22850-71159
Mob: (+30)6938-934364

Notos Villa – Between Mersini and Chora

The owners of Notos Studios in Livadi beach also offer this property, a short walk from both Mersini and Chora. The location is as quiet as it gets, and there are three individual apartments with all amenities. The views towards Mersini Bay are something you will remember for a while!

Info on Booking: Notos Villa
TripAdvisor reviews: Notos Villa

Website: http://www.notostudios.gr/
E-mail: info@notostudios.gr
Mob: (+30)6976-638075

Where to stay in Schinoussa Island Greece

If you're looking to escape the hectic pace of city life, Schinoussa really is a beautiful location to get away from it all. The Cycladic architecture, unhurried vibe, and beautiful beaches make it a perfect Greek island escape!

Have you visited Schinoussa and stayed at scenic guest houses you would recommend? Do you have an tips you'd like to share about holidaying in the Aegean Sea or questions to ask?

Please leave a comment below, and I'll get back to you!

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