A Guide to the Museum of Greek Folk Art Athens, Greece

The museum of Greek Folk art is one of the lesser known museums in Athens. Here's what you need to know to visit the Greek Folk Art Museum.

The Museum of Greek Folk Art Athens, Greece

During my research into the different Museums In Athens, I discovered that many museums actually had more than one building.

This is the case with the Museum of Greek Folk Art in Athens. Below, I have described the different buildings which are annexed underneath this umbrella organisation. 

The Museum of Greek Folk Art in Athens

In some ways, it is hardly surprising that tourists in Athens become confused when visiting ancient sites and museums.

For example, anyone looking for the Museum of Folk Art might believe that there was only one building. Wrong!

There are actually at least 10 buildings. To add to the confusion, some of these are no longer open, and one is under construction. Confused yet? I know I was as I researched these museums!

However, I believe I have finally come to a fully comprehensive list of the separate buildings which are included under the title of The Museum of Greek Folk Art Athens.

These are listed below, along with whether they are currently open to the public or not.

Note – If you think that there is a building to add or take away from this list, please leave a comment below so we can talk!

The Buildings of the Museum

According to the Greek Ministry of Cuture, Education, and Religious Affairs Website, the Museum of Greek Folk Art consists of seven buildings. This is wrong though. There are at least 10 buildings that I know of (and would love to know if there are more!)

1. The Museum of Greek Folk Art Gift Shop

(Picture at top of page). This gift shop is not actually attached to a museum at all. Instead, it can be found down a Monastiraki side street at Adrianou 43-45.

It sells a range of goods which are inspired by the various aspects of the museums different collections. Here, you can find books, candles, cd's and wooden carvings.

The lady working there was quite helpful, and she may be able to explain more to you about the museums various annexes.

The Bath House of The WInds Museum in Athens. Discover one of the little known gems of Athens with Dave's Travel Pages. Please click through to read more.

2. The Bath House of the Winds

This is the only remaining public bath house of Athens. This annex is located at 8 Kirristou Street in Plaka, Athens. You can read about it here – The Bath House of the Winds Museum.

Objects on display at the Museum on 22 panos Street in Athens. m and and Tools exhibition.

3. The Museum at 22 Panos Street

This museum hasn't even really got a proper name! Sometimes known as the Man and Tools Museum, sometimes as the House on Panos Street, it houses an interesting permanent exhibition entitled Man and Tools.

The theme is based around the relationship between man and tools, and how tools were important to pre-industrial society. Located at 22 Panos Street in Plaka, Athens, you can read more about it here – The Museums at 22 Panos Street.

4. The Tzisdaraki Mosque

Opposite Monastiraki Metro Station used to house the traditional pottery collection of V. Kyriazopoulos. For the time being, this is now closed.

5. The Museum of Greek Folk Musical Instruments

music museum in Athens

This does not appear on the government website, nor on the main pages of the Museum of Greek Folk Art Website. It does though, feature on a buried page of that same website which discusses the closure of the Central Building (which I will write about later).  

This is a great little museum, which has a full range of traditional Greek musical instruments on display, alongside recordings of folk songs from all over the country.

You can read more here about The Museum of Greek Folk Musical Instruments.

6. The ‘Old' Central Building

This is located at 17 Kydathinaion Street in Plaka, Athens. The public area is now closed, as a new Central Building for the Museum of Greek Folk Art is being built.

7. The ‘New' Central Building

The current opening date for the new central building of the Museum of Greek Folk Art is 2017. The building will be on the block formed by Areos, Adrianou, Vrysakiou and Kladou streets.

Additional Buildings

8. There is a building at 8 Thespidos street where the office of the museum curators and researchers are. Not open to the public.

9. Another building at 19 Sotiros street houses the storerooms.

10. The final building for the Museum of Greek Folk Art is at 3 Ragava Street,  and contains the conservation laboratory.

As I mentioned, if you believe that any more buildings should be added to this list, please let me know by leaving a comment below.

Museum of Greek Folk Art Athens

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