Cycling from Rainbow Adult Park to Burns Lake in Canada

During this day of bike touring in Canada, I left Rainbow Adult Park and cycled a route which eventually took me to Burns Lake. Part of my cycle tour from Alaska to Argentina.

Leaving Rainbow Adult Park

(Blog post written: Sept 2 2009)

There was no one at the Rainbow Adult Park when I left, so I could neither thank anyone or find out more info, so it will have to remain a mystery!!

I left behind a book for the next cyclist, and took a bag which I now use on my handlebars to keep my day snacks in.

I hit Hungry Hill before twelve, and it was early in my cycling day, so although a tough little climb, it wasn't too bad.

Descending into the town of Houston, I located the Tourist Information, and as I cycled up, I spotted another cyclist.

The problem with bike wheels

Jerome was having problems with his rear wheel which was a 700c. He had had a broken spoke, and the problem had grown until his rim had cracked a little around the spoke holes.

I've seen countless numbers of cracked Mavic 700c rims now. It only seems to happen to the Mavic ones as well. This is also exactly what happened to me on my last bikepacking trip, and why for this trip, I chose a Rigida rim instead of a Mavic rim.

And why I chose 26 inch bike wheels. Jerome is now having to have a Rigida rim flown out to him. Ouch – that's expensive!

Little did I know that in a month or two's time I would have wheel problems of my own when a tree got blown down in a storm and crushed my wheel – but that's a story for another day!

Using the bike trailer is good?

It also made me feel good about using the Bob Yak trailer, which rarely happens!! The theory behind the Bob, is that as there is less weight over the rear wheel, the risk of spokes breaking is reduced, and none of these knock on effects occur.

Over Six Mile Hill

After an hour spent in the town, it was time to push on to my destination of Burns Lake. There was a major obstacle in Six Mile Hill, which although the same size as Hungry Hill, was made worse by the blasting sun and humidity.

I eventually reached Burns Lake just gone 19.00, and headed down to the Burns Lake municipal campground where camping was free. As I was eating, a big thunderstorm came over the lake. Its always good fun sitting in a tent when a clap of thunder erupts directly overhead.

Another day of 120 kms done, and I planned the same for the next day. It's a great way to see the world while riding your bike!

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