How to get from Santorini Ferry Port to Santorini Airport

The quickest way to travel from Santorini's ferry port to the airport is to take a pre-booked taxi. Other options include regular taxis, buses, and shuttle buses.

How to travel from Santorini ferry port to the airport in Santorini

Traveling from Santorini ferry port to the airport

Santorini airport has many summer flight connections to European cities as well as Athens. This means that ending a Greek island hopping trip in Santorini can make a lot of sense for people wanting to explore the Cyclades of Greece.

As such, a lot of travelers plan to arrive by ferry boat in Santorini ferry port and then make their way to the airport for their flight out. Sounds easy, right?

Well, yes and no!

There is no direct bus from the ferry port of Santorini to the airport (you have to swap buses in Fira), and taxis are few and far between. If you want to get from Santorini ferry port to Santorini airport it pays to plan ahead.

This article describes your transportation options, and which one might be best for you. Whatever method you choose, allow at least 3 hours between your ferry arrival time and your flight out of Santorini airport. Maybe four hours if you are visiting Santorini in August. Better safe than sorry!

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Pre-book a taxi from Santorini Ferry Port to the airport

The easiest, hassle-free way to travel from Athinios ferry port to Santorini airport is to pre-book your taxi. Due to the limited number of taxis on Santorini and the sheer volume of visitors, this is all but essential to guarantee you get to the airport on time.

Yes, it is going to cost you more money – somewhere along the lines of 55 Euro. But, the driver will meet you at Santorini ferry port and guide you through the chaos and into the car in double quick time.

You can pre-book a taxi from the ferry port of Santorini here: Welcome Pickups

(The ferry port is listed as Santorini-Athinios Port (New Harbor) and the airport as Santorini International Airport JTR)

Shuttle Bus from Santorini Ferry Port to Santorini Airport

Another good option, particularly for solo travelers, is to pre-book a seat on a shuttle bus service. Again, this is not a cheap option, but takes the hassle factor out of traveling to the airport to catch your flight.

Expect ticket prices to be around 40 Euros. You can find out more here: Santorini Shuttle To Airport

Taxis from Santorini Ferry Port to Santorini airport

If you don't want to pre-book a taxi ride, then you might be able to take a taxi from the queue in the airport. I say might, because the handful of taxis that may (emphasis on may) be waiting at the ferry port will be quickly snapped up.

Taxis in Santorini don't run on meters, so you'll need to get the price off the driver before you agree to the ride. Prices for a ride in the peak summer season are likely to cost 40 – 50 Euro.

Just know this: if it’s peak summer season (July and August), then don't expect a taxi from Santorini ferry port – you should pre-book!

Santorini airport terminal

Take a look at the map: Santorini port to airport

Buses from Santorini Ferry Port to Santorini JTR

The bus is another option that's available to get from Athinios ferry port to Santorini airport. Only use the buses to get to the airport if you have plenty of time.

The reason, is that buses do no run directly from the ferry port to the airport. You will need to take a bus from Santorini Athinios ferry port to Fira, and then get another bus from Fira to the airport.

Fira bus station

Buses are waiting after each ferry arrival, )on the left as you get off the boat) but expect them to be quite crowded. You will need to buy a ticket, either from the driver or once on board. Luggage gets put underneath the bus.

Tickets cost between €2.00/person to €2.30/person – it seems to change year on year! It's payable in cash only, and the trip takes about 20 minutes to Fira

From Fira, you'll need to take another bus on to the airport. Ticket prices are between 1.60 and 1.80 (again, it seems to change a lot!). This ride can take 10 -25 minutes depending on traffic conditions.

Dave's Santorini Ferry Port Tips

It's hard to explain the sheer chaos of peak season tourist numbers at the small Athinios ferry port. So take my advice: pre-book a taxi from the ferry port directly to the airport if you can. Only use the buses if you have plenty of time and patience!

At least one person reading this will be thinking of walking up from the ferry port to flag down a taxi or take a bus on the main road. In one word, don't! It's a long, steep, dusty walk up from the ferry port, and you won't enjoy it. It's bad enough driving it!

Santorini has two ports. The ferry port is also known as Athinios Ferry Port. The old port, also known as Skala, is where the cruise ships dock. If you are arriving by ferry in Santorini, you will arrive at Santorini Athinios Port.

Not sure where to look for ferry timetables or buy tickets? I strongly recommend Ferryhopper as your starting point.

Santorini ferry port – airport FAQ

Some commonly asked questions about getting to the airport from Santorini ferry port.

How far is it from Athinios Port to Santorini Airport?

The distance between Athinios Ferry Port and Santorini Airport is about 10 kms, or just over 6 miles. Depending on traffic conditions, it should take around 20 minutes in a taxi.

How do I get from port to airport in Santorini?

The transport options to get from Santorini Ferry Port to the Airport include bus, taxi, and shuttle bus. The easiest and stress-free way to make the trip is to pre-book a taxi.

How much is a taxi from Santorini Airport to ferry port?

A taxi from Santorini Airport to ferry port will cost between 40 and 55 Euros. It may vary slightly depending on traffic conditions and the time of day and whether the taxi is pre-booked or not.

How much is airport shuttle in Santorini?

The airport shuttle from Santorini Ferry Port to Santorini Airport costs about €40 per person. It can be a good choice for solo travelers in Greece.

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