How to get around Santorini – Everything you need to know

In this guide on getting around in Santorini, I'll cover all the transport options such as using the buses, hiring a car, using an ATV and taking an organized bus tour. 

A guide to getting around Santorini in Greece

Choosing the best way to see Santorini

There are many ways to explore Santorini, from renting a car for self-guided exploration to catching a bus tour that takes you through the island's most popular attractions during the day or at night.

Personally, I think that if you have more than a couple of days on the island, driving around Santorini is the best way to go. There's plenty of places to hire vehicles, and it gives you the ultimate flexibility.

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driving in Santorini

If you don't feel like renting a car in Santorini, then using the Ktel bus service to travel between places like Fira and Oia or to get to the coastal resorts is a cheap way to see the island.

This travel guide to getting around Santorini gives you all the information you need to work out which method might be best for you.

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Vehicles for hire in Santorini

Santorini Transportation Options

These are the basic options and most popular choices available to most travelers looking at getting around in Santorini:

First though, it might be a good idea to take a closer look at Santorini and then ask yourself a few questions.

How big is Santorini?

Santorini is a relatively small Greek island, and it is about 16km long and about 12km at its widest area. The total area is around 76.19 km². Driving from one end to the other takes around 40 minutes. 

The two main towns of Oia and Fira will be where most tourists spend their time, especially on stays of just a night or two. While you can actually hike between Fira and Oia town (and it's very rewarding!), you'd want to take a bus or taxi back on the return journey.

Do you need a car in Santorini? – If you're staying for a night or two, you probably don't need to consider hiring a vehicle in Santorini at all.

Are you spending longer in Santorini?

If you're staying longer than a couple of nights, you'll want to see more of the island. It's at this point a hire vehicle or other transportation options start to make a little more sense.

For example, the ancient site of Akrotiri is at the south of the island, and Santorini's best beaches are located to the east.

In addition there's some very interesting villages in the middle. You can't really walk to these from Fira or Oia, so you'll need to use some form of transport.

If you do decide to get a car rental, you also have more flexibility on where to stay in Santorini.

Getting around Santorini by car (best option)

Renting a car is the best way to travel in Santorini. It's not only fun driving somewhere new, but it also allows you to visit some of the island's less touristy areas and experience the true essence of this beautiful island.

When you drive around Santorini, you'll also get to spend exactly as long as you want in each place without worrying about bus timetables.

-Rent a car in Santorini

The ferry port in Santorini has a number of car rental businesses. Many car hire companies will also have pickup locations in Fira, Oia, or the airport, and there are perhaps a dozen companies from which to rent a car in Santorini Greece.

Car rental in Santorini ferry port

If you plan to travel in high season (July/August/September), I'd suggest reserving one well in advance of time. I recommend Discover Cars for this.

-Driving in Santorini

The roads are generally very good with only one or two smaller roads being gravel surfaces. When compared to other parts of Greece, driving around Santorini is relatively tame.

Driving on a dirt road in Santorini

-Parking in Santorini

Parking can be a bit of an issue in Fira and Oia, so I suggest that you take advantage of accommodation on the cheaper side of the island near Perissa where you can more easily park closer to your accommodation at the end of the day.

I highly recommend Booking as they have more rooms, hotels, apartments and villas available in Santorini than AirBnB.


– You'll have a car to explore the island with.

– You'll be able to visit some of the less touristy parts of Santorini.

– You can plan your own itinerary and stay as long or short in each place you want without worrying about bus timetables.


– It's more expensive than other options

If you've never hired a car in Greece before, read my tips on renting a car in Greece.

Getting around Santorini by scooter/quad/ATV

Scooters, quads, and ATVs are also popular ways to get around the island using your own means. The reason I don't think they are as optimal as hiring a car, is that they are slightly more dangerous, and you end up exposing yourself to the sun for many hours per day.

An ATV for hire in Santorini

If you have a tendency to get sunburn, you might want to think twice about heading out on a quad on day one when you visit Santorini!

Quad bikes and ATVs cost almost as the same a a car rental, and sometimes more in August. Scooters are more budget friendly.


– You'll get to see more of the island.

– They can be slightly less expensive than cars.

– Easier to drive on the narrow roads of Santorini


– It's more dangerous than other options.

– You're exposed to the sun for many hours per day, which can lead to sunburns if you have a tendency towards that

– Limited availability in peak season

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Getting around Santorini by bus

If you want to get around Santorini without a car, the public buses might be a good option.

Buses in Santorini are a cheap and easy way to move around the island. Tickets prices for local bus trips in Santorini range from 1.60 Euro to 2.20 Euro depending on the start and end point. You can reach and then explore all the big towns and main attractions in Santorini by bus.

The Santorini bus route

If you're travel itinerary is a simple one involving just a couple of bus trips in Santorini per day, then it can be a viable way to get around the island. 

A photo of the Santorini buses

When traveling in the off-season, the buses are an excellent way to get from place to place in Santorini. During my last visit to Santorini in March 2023, I used the buses extensively to get to places like Kamari, Perissa and the airport.

Keep in mind that in peak months such as July and August, the buses may be too full to get on, meaning you may end up waiting around for the next one sometimes.

Main Bus Station in Santorini

The main bus station of Santorini is located in the island's capital Fira. All journeys begin and end in at Fira bus station, and you may need to get connecting buses depending on which destinations you want to visit.

Bus tickets for trips in Santorini are bough onboard the bus, even when the bus leaves Fira main station. A ticket seller will walk down the aisle selling the tickets as the bus leaves.

Allegedly, they are supposed to have tap and pay machines so you can use your card – I've yet to see one in action on a Santorini bus! So, make sure you have cash to buy the bus ticket.

The information desk and office at Fira bus station

The bus company that runs services on Santorini is called KTEL. KTEL buses have a website where you can see schedules here: Ktel Santorini.  Also, ask your hotel for a bus schedule or advise on getting around Santorini by bus.


– Cheapest way to get around Santorini and easy to use.

– Buses go to all the big towns and main attractions in Santorini.

– It's a viable option for simple itineraries with just a couple of bus trips per day.

– In peak months, buses may be too full to get on, meaning you might wait around sometimes.


– Slow service (if you take the bus, you'll be waiting in line).

Getting around Santorini by taxi

In my opinion, taxis in Santorini do have their uses in some circumstances. For example, taking a taxi from the airport to your Santorini hotel can make sense as it means you don't have to crowd on to a bus.

The same applies to taking a taxi from the Santorini ferry port to your hotel. Outside of this though, Santorini taxi services start to get a little expensive.

The reason, is that there are only a limited number of taxis on the island. This means that even short trips by taxi in Santorini involve long waits for a ride and an expensive taxi fare.

If you want to pre-book a taxi in Santorini, I recommend using Welcome.


-Taxi is a quick and easy way to get from one place to another.

-You can pre-book taxis (but there is no UBER in Santorini)

-It's the best option if you have lots of luggage.


-The cost of taxis can add up quickly over time, especially if you're using them often during your stay on Santorini.

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Getting around Santorini on an organized tour

If you don't want the hassle of driving yourself around Santorini, perhaps an organized tour might be a better fit. You'll get to see a lot of the island depending on the itinerary, and you'll also have the benefit of a tour guide explaining everything along the way.

A winery in Santorini

The most popular organized bus tour in Santorini is the Traditional Santorini Sightseeing Bus Tour with Oia Sunset. During the day, you can explore the Akrotiri excavation site, see the Red Beach, taste the island’s distinctive wines and marvel at a spectacular Oia sunset.

There are other tours available such as photography, wine tours, and bicycle tours in Santorini. Check out Get Your Guide and Viator to see which ones take your fancy!


– You'll get to see a lot of the island depending on the itinerary.

– You'll have a tour guide explaining everything along the way.

– Ideal for solo travelers who will find it the most cost effective

– Great for people who don't want to hire a vehicle in Santorini


– It's not as flexible as other options, meaning you can't explore Santorini on your own terms at all times.

– It's more costly if you are a group of 2 or 3 people when compared to hiring a car.

Getting around Santorini by foot

The two main towns of Fira and Oia in Santorini are largely traffic free, which means that the only way you'll be getting around them is on foot. As they are built on the beautiful caldera, keep in mind there may be more steps and stairs than you are accustomed to!

Hiking from Fira to Oia. The views are truly spectacular.

There is also a very nice hiking route from Fira to Oia which follows the Santorini caldera. This scenic walk takes about 3-4 hours, and there's some lovely views and stops along the way.

Unlike other Cycladic islands, Santorini does not have an extensive network of dedicated hiking trails, but does have small local tracks to some places of interest.

Walking around Santorini in the heat of summer is tougher than you might imagine. Wear light, loose fitting clothes, a hat, and plenty of sunblock!

A hiking route signpost in Santorini

There are a number of hiking trails on Santorini, connecting the main places of interest. Another nice walk to try, is the hike from Kamari to Ancient Thera and then on to Perissa.

Onward Travel

As Santorini is located in the Cyclades islands of Greece, you'll need to leave the island either by ferry or flight. 

Many people find that island hopping from Santorini is a fun way to see more of the neighbouring islands. You can easily book ferry tickets for onwards travel at: Ferryhopper

FAQ About Getting Around in Santorini Greece

Some of the most commonly asked questions about getting around the small island of Santorini include:

Are taxis in Santorini expensive?

There are just 25 taxis on the entire island of Santorini. When you plan a trip with your taxi, it is important to negotiate the price because prices are not set by meters. Taxi fares from the Santorini airport are 35€ to 40€ for Oia, 20€-30€ for Fira. Expect to pay out 30 Euros per ride to other places.

Is it worth renting a car in Santorini?

If you are staying more than a couple of days, you will get the most out of Santorini if you rent a car because then you can go where and when you want to and your own pace.

Can you get around Santorini without a car?

It is possible to get around Santorini without a car, but it is the most expensive way to do so. There are very few taxis on the island (there are 25) and they charge for a set fare, so it may be cheaper to take a bus ride if you want to explore and see more of the beaches.

Is there public transport on Santorini?

The main bus station is in Fira. All bus routes begin and end in Fira. If you can't get a bus directly to where you need to go, you would need to swap in Fira. Tickets must be purchased from your driver before departure. .

Is there Uber in Santorini?

No, there is no UBER in Santorini or any other ride sharing apps or companies. Your hotel may recommend a specific driver, and there are less than 30 taxis on the island.

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I hope you found this Santorini travel guide on how to get around the island useful! If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.

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