Naxos To Iraklia Ferry Guide

Traveling from Naxos to Iraklia island in Greece by ferry is fast and easy, with the quickest Naxos Iraklia ferry taking just an hour. Here's all the information you need about taking the ferry between Naxos and Iraklia islands.

Naxos to Iraklia Ferry Services

Island hopping to Iraklia from Naxos

The island of Iraklia is one of the ‘Small Cyclades' islands, and is the closest one to Naxos. It makes a natural next stop on a Greek island hopping trip after Naxos around this part of the Cyclades, and it's also one of the easiest and cheapest islands to get to.

You can find the latest ferry schedules for crossings between Naxos and Iraklia at Ferryscanner.

Once you're on Iraklia, you can expect a quiet, laid-back island that seems worlds away from other big name destinations such as Mykonos. It even makes Folegandros look busy!

I have to say that I really enjoyed visiting Iraklia. So much, that I ended up co-writing a travel guide to the island! You can find it on kindle here: Schinoussa and Iraklia in Greece – Greek Islands Travel Guide.

Naxos to Iraklia ferry timetables

During the peak travel season, there is at least one ferry every day, and on Tuesdays and Thursday two ferries per day from Naxos to Iraklia.

Two ferry companies operate ferries to Iraklia from Naxos. These are Blue Star Ferries and Small Cyclades Lines (Express Skopelitis).

Small Cyclades Lines sail every day of the week. Blue Star Ferries offer a crossing on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

The Blue Star Ferries crossing is the fastest one taking just and hour. The Express Skopelitis ferry takes a little longer at an hour and a half.

If you've never been on this tiny ship, the Naxos Iraklia crossing would be a great opportunity to do so!

The Express Skopelitis ferry

Naxos Iraklia Route Prices

The ticket prices for the Naxos to Iraklia ferries are some of the cheapest in Greece for foot passengers.

Blue Star Ferries charge 5.50 Euro for a passenger. Small Cyclades Lines charge 6.50 Euro per ticket.

The easiest way to book ferry tickets online, check travel times, and see the latest price is by using Ferryscanner.

Iraklia Island Travel Tips

A few travel tips for visiting Iraklia:

  • Ferries depart from the ferry port in Naxos Town (Chora) in Naxos. Ferries arrive at Agios Georgios port in Iraklia.

  • For hotels in Iraklia, I suggest looking at Booking. They have a great selection of apartments in Iraklia and areas to consider staying include Agios Georgios, and Livadi. If you are traveling to Iraklia in the busiest time of summer, I advise reserving where to stay in Iraklia a month or so in advance. I've a dedicated guide here – Where to stay in Iraklia

  • I find that the Ferryhopper website is the best place to book ferry tickets online. You could leave booking tickets until a few days before you travel, although I suggest you book your Naxos to Iraklia ferry tickets in advance, especially during the busiest months for travel.

How to take a ferry from Naxos to Iraklia FAQ

A few common questions about traveling to Iraklia from Naxos include:

How do I get to Iraklia from Naxos?

The only way to travel from Naxos to Iraklia is by ferry. There is at least one ferry every day, and sometimes two ferries per day sailing to the Cyclades island of Iraklia from Naxos.

Is there an airport in Iraklia?

There is no airport on Iraklia island. The closest island with an airport is Naxos, which has flight connections with Athens.

How long is the ferry ride from Naxos to Iraklia?

The ferries to the island of Iraklia from Naxos take between one hour, and one hour and thirty minutes. Ferry operators on the Naxos Iraklia route may include Seajets and Small Cyclades Lines (Express Skopelitis).

How do I buy ferry tickets to Iraklia?

The best place to look at Greek ferries online is Ferryhopper. Although I suggest you book your Naxos to Iraklia ferry tickets in advance, you could also wait until you are in Greece, and use a travel agency.

Which ferry companies sail the Naxos Iraklia ferry route?

The direct ferry route between Naxos and Iraklia is operated by Blue Star Ferries who use conventional ferries, and Small Cyclades Lines, who make the journey every day of the week on their much smaller vessel.

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Naxos to Iraklia by ferry

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