How to keep valuables safe at the beach

What do you do with your valuables when at the beach? Here's some handy tips and tricks to keep your belongings safe!

How to keep your valuables safe at the beach


Keeping your belongings safe on the beach

One of the best things about taking a vacation, is all that great beach time! The sand, the sun, the sea, all of that fun stuff! But, the one thing that can be a hassle to deal with is how to keep your valuables safe while at the beach.

It's always concerning where you should leave your car keys or phone when going swimming. You don't want to lose your keys in the water, and you also don't want to leave them on the beach. Maybe if someone sees your phone laying around, they'll take it. So, how do you keep these valuables safe?

This is where this handy guide comes in! I've put together some tips and tricks to help you take care of all of your stuff when at the beach. So let's dive right it!

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Ideas on Ways to Keep Your Valuables Safe at the Beach

Before we start, it's important to decide what you really need to take with you to the beach. You should always remember to not bring anything with you that isn't needed for swimming or resting on the beach. That way nothing gets stolen because it was never even brought there in the first place!

If your hotel room has lock boxes or a safe, you might want to leave valuable possessions there.

Of course, you have to bring some things to the beach, and perhaps some of those have value to you. What should you do with them?

Sit close to the Lifeguard tower if there is one

Perhaps the Mrs has an ulterior motive for choosing to sit us near to the life guard tower when on the beach – who knows?! Regardless, it's probably a good move when it comes to keeping our valuables safe.

The life guard has a clear view of most people in the swimming area, meaning they'll be able to spot anyone creeping close to your stuff when you go swimming. This could potentially stop any would-be thieves from getting into your stuff and taking it away.

Be Careful Where You Place Your Bags

There's not always a life guard tower of course, especially on some of the more off the beaten path beaches we go to in Greece. This is why you need to be mindful of where you place your stuff.

Don't just dump it on the beach and dive straight into the sea. Instead take an interest in who is around, and to get a feel for the beach before going swimming. Mindless security isn't very good security after all, so you don't want to become an easy target for beach thieves.

Keeping things safe at the beach

Take Your Valuables With You In A Waterproof Dry Bag

If you have valuables that you need to bring to the beach with you, like a phone or tablet then take them in the water with you. However, not everyone wants one of those floating inflatable plastic bags that are around nowadays. If this is the case, then why not get something else?

For example, an alternative could be a waterproof dry bag. This can be used either in the sea when snorkeling and diving underwater, or it can also be used on land while going for a swim! Dry bags are handy for keeping your valuables safe during swimming as well as providing some extra buoyancy – ideal if you don't have any flotation devices on hand.

Wear a Waterproof Waist Pouch

If a drybag seems too inconvenient, then perhaps a waterproof waist pouch might be a good option when going to the beach. This is a bag that you wear around your waist and have all of your valuables inside it.

The pockets are waterproof so nothing gets ruined by either getting wet or from sand if there's any present. It's ok to use with just keys and a phone, but any more than that, and it would be better to use a drybag at the beach.

Beach Towel with Zip Pocket for Valuables

If you only have keys and a little money, perhaps you might look for a beach towel with a hidden zippered pocket. Thieves might be tempted to pick up bags and walk away with them, but towels are rarely taken during a beach theft.

Bury your valuables in the sand

This seems a little bit extreme to me, but it could work. If you bury your bag in the sand, and then cover it with another layer of sand you'll hide valuables. Perhaps no one will even spot it!

This might work if you are the first person on the beach, but might look a little obvious if the beach is busy and you dig a hole to bury your stuff! It goes without saying that if you want to do this, you should have a waterproof drybag.

Dave Briggs working at the beach

Ask someone to keep an eye on your stuff

If you have some reliable looking friendly neighbours on the beach ,you could ask them to keep an eye on your stuff. This is a good option if there are people around that can be trusted, but only do this with people that you know couldn't possibly steal from your bag – families are a good choice.

Take it in turns at the beach

If a group of you has gone to the beach, perhaps you can agree to take turns being the one who has all of the valuables in their bag. By doing this, it means that someone is always on keep an eye on things, and your stuff shouldn't be at risk when you are swimming!

Keeping your valuables secure at the beach when on vacation

Disguising your valuables in food packaging

One way to hide things such as keys and other small valuables like cash on a beach trip, is to put them in food packages.

Pringles cans are great for this, for example. If someone were to take your bag from the beach, they are unlikely to pick up a small Pringles can sitting on a towel as well.

Get a ‘Beach Safe'

If you're visiting a beach where you can attach the bag to something like a sun lounger, chair, or pole, then a beach safe could be something to consider.

There's a few different types available, and they can be particularly useful if you are a digital nomad with a laptop who wants to work at the beach, but also enjoys your swimming breaks!

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Does the beach have a locker?

In some countries, organized beaches might have a safe and secure locker to leave belongings in. This can be useful if you've taken a lot of valuables to the beach with you.

Leave a bag at a bar or restaurant

If you've just eaten or had a drink at a bar or restaurant, perhaps the staff there could look after your valuables when you go for a swim. This way, you can enjoy your beach time without having to worry about where your stuff is.

Products you might be interested in:

Here are some products that I've found on Amazon that you might be interested in taking with you the next time you go to the beach:

Anti theft beach bags

Waterproof wallets for swimming

FAQ About Keeping Stuff Safe At The Beach

Here are some questions that I've been asked about how to keep stuff safe at the beach:

How do you prevent your stuff from being stolen at the beach?

There are many ways to prevent your stuff from being stolen at the beach. Some involve keeping something hidden, like investing in a waterproof bag or hiding valuables within food packaging.

How do you store valuables on the beach?

You can store your valuables at the beach by using a dry bag or waterproof phone pouch. You can also use an anti-theft beach bag or a locking beach bag.

What do you do with valuables on the beach?

There are a number of different ways in which you can keep your valuables safe at the beach. You can either use a waterproof bag or an anti-theft bag, or you could have a trusted member of the public look after it for you.

What do I do with my money at the beach?

Only take a small amount of money with you that you might need for that day at the beach. You could keep your money in a waterproof bag while at the beach, and take it with you when swimming.

How do you keep your phone safe at the beach?

Invest in a waterproof bag if you own an expensive phone. You can put it in there when going swimming to stop it getting wet. Don't leave your smartphone out of sight, and don't leave valuables such as your keys or cash next to it. Instead, wear a waterproof waist pouch while at the beach or use an anti-theft locking beach bag.

What to do with keys and phone at beach?

If you need to take your phone and keys to the beach, it's a good idea to keep them on you at all times or in a secure bag that you keep within eyesight. Be careful not to expose them to sand, water, or direct sunlight for extended periods of time. Phones can overheat in direct sunlight.

What is a good waterproof beach bag for valuables?

Are you worried about keeping your valuables safe while going for a swim at the beach? Consider using FlexSafe by AquaVault, a personal anti-theft safe bag that can be locked onto fixed objects such as your lounge chair, or boat railing. With FlexSafe, you can enjoy your beach trip with added peace of mind knowing your belongings are secure in this stylish safe for the beach.

Wrapping up…

There are many options for how to keep valuables safe at the beach. The best option will depend on your specific situation. Some options include leaving your valuables in a drybag and wearing them, burying them in sand or a waterproof pocket beach towel, asking a friend or family member to watch your things, taking turns in a group of friends and having someone else look after the things that you leave behind, packing some items in Pringles cans and burying these under the ground, burying your bag at a public locker or storing them with restaurant staff.

Do you have any suggestions or ways that you keep your valuables secure while at the beach? Leave a comment below!

How to keep your valuables safe on the beach when on vacation

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  1. If you bury your stuff make very sure you have marked the spot by viewing scenic markers and also an item on the sand. For example, bury it under your towel in line with a garbage bin. otherwise if you hide it too well you lose it! Also, make sure it is well enough away from a rising tide!
    Shops are good places to leave backpacks provided you buy something there as a reward: “Excuse me, I am travelling but don’t know what to do with my things when I go for a swim. I am going to be about two hours. Would you mind looking after my stuff for when I come back here to buy lunch?”


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