Best Beaches In Milos Greece (Updated for 2024)

The best beaches in Milos include Sarakiniko Beach, Paliochori beach, Agia Kriaki, and Achivadolimni beach, but there's nearly 70 other amazing beaches to choose from!


A guide to the best Milos beaches to enjoy when island hopping in Greece

With a unique landscape and over 70 stunning beaches, Milos is a Greek island yearning to be explored!

Milos Greece Beaches

I’ve visited Milos island in Greece many times over the years, partly to continually update my Guide Book To Milos (2024 paperback version now available!), and partly because I love the beaches in Milos so much.

This volcanic island has a magnificent, distinctive coastline, with rocks and cliffs of every colour. This is also reflected in the beaches of Milos, where you go from the extremes of the white moonscape of Sarakiniko Beach, to the long, sandy Achivadolimni beach.

As for Thiorichia beach, a wild beach in front of an abandoned sulphur mine – well, it doesn’t get any more unique than that!

A view over Thiorichia beach in Milos

The best way to explore Milos, and get out to some of these beaches is to rent a car, or for really off the beaten path adventures, an ATV. Some beaches and bays for swimming in Milos can only be reached by a boat trip like the famous Kleftiko Bay.

While a few beaches on Milos are organized meaning they have sunbeds and umbrellas, you might still want to carry your own beach gear with you. Often the best beaches in Milos are the more isolated ones, which means they have little shade. You can buy cheap parasol umbrellas at the convenience stores in the main towns.

beautiful beaches in milos

Originally, this blog post was pretty extensive listing all the beaches to be found on Milos. People prefer shorter reads on the internet nowadays though, so I’ve recently updated and narrowed it down to 12 of my favourite Milos beaches. You can always check out my guidebook if you want the complete list!

Best beaches in Milos

The list of Milos island beaches below are they key ones to see when exploring the island. Click on the links to be taken to their full description:

  1. Sarakiniko – Probably the most famous beach in Milos thanks to its white, rocky lunar landscape 
  2. Kleftiko Bay – An excellent place to go swimming and snorkeling, but you’ll want to take a boat tour to reach here!
  3. Agia KyriakiA long, quiet beach with a few trees and a couple of tavernas
  4. ThiorichiaThe most unusual beach in Milos, thanks to fascinating setting with the old sulphur mines
  5. Achivadolimni – The longest beach in Milos, which is usually sheltered from the winds
  6. FiropotamosA small beach close to an amazing rocky setting
  7. Paliochori BeachOne of the most popular beaches, about 10kms from Adamas
  8. Kastanas – a remote, little visited beach with colourful pebbles
  9. Firiplaka Beach – Stunning volcanic yellow, pink, and white painted cliffs are a unique backdrop to the shallow green-blue water.
  10. Provatas Beach – Beautiful as long as the hotel there hasn’t gone crazy with the umbrellas (see description)
  11. Tsigrado Beach – If I’m honest, I find this overated but people seem to like the novelty of climbing down a ladder to get there.
  12. Kapros and Papafragas Beach – 10 km east of Plaka, Papafragas has a natural sea arch and feels like your own private swimming pool!

1. Sarakiniko Beach Milos

Located on the north of the island, just a short drive away from the main port town of Adamas, Sarakiniko beach is one of the most famous and photographed beaches in Milos.

The combination of bone-white, hollow rocks and dark blue Aegean Sea water is extremely attractive.

Sarakiniko beach on Milos is often described as one of the most beautiful beaches in Greece. Is it the best beach in Milos to spend your time on though? This guide will help your draw your own conclusions.

Sarakiniko mostly consists of rocks and cliffs, and the landscape is lunar-like. It feels like being on another world!

There is a small sandy beach, and overall shade is very, very limited. As the sun reflects off the moon-like white rocks of Sarakiniko Milos, make sure you bring sun block and a hat with you.

A photo of Sarakiniko beach in the afternoon

If you happen to be here on a full moon night, Sarakiniko is extra beautiful! It's a really unique landscape, and definitely worth going out to see when you visit Milos.

As Sarakiniko is one of the most popular and easily accessible Milos beaches, it gets quite busy at most times of the day. If you want to avoid some of the crowds, try visiting early in the morning or late in the evening. Still, you can’t be guaranteed that no other people will be around.

Swimming at Srakiniko Beach in Milos island Greece

There was a small canteen in the parking area when we last visited, but bring your own drinks and snacks just in case. There’s a small parking lot at Sarakiniko, and also buses run between here and Adamas.

Read my full guide to Sarakiniko Beach, Milos island here.

2. Kleftiko Beach

Kleftiko beach is one of the most famous spots in Milos and, arguably, the whole of Greece. Strictly speaking, Kleftiko Milos is not a beach, but it would be silly of me not to include it on this list of beaches in Milos beach you have to visit.

Kleftiko is a secluded bay with a lot of spectacular, iconic white rocks rising up from the sea. It’s the perfect place to go swimmin and snorkeling when in Milos!

Swimming at Kleftiko beach, Milos

The easiest and most popular way to get to Kleftiko is by boat trip. You will find plenty of excursion options sailing from either Adamas, Agia Kyriaki or Kipoi, with most of them leaving from Adamas.

Some of these tours last a few hours, while other take up a full day as they stop at many other beaches on the way. The tour is probably going to stand out as one of your most memorable experiences while on holiday in Milos. Do book early if you are visiting in the summer high season though.

Sailing boats in Kleftiko bay in Milos greece

Kleftiko Bay Hike

Now, although I did say you can only reach here via a boat trip, you can in fact hike to Kleftiko Bay if you are feeling adventurous. I’ve previously hiked this path, and it was a really good alternative way of seeing Kleftiko Bay for free!

You do need a vehicle to get you to the start of the Kleftiko hiking trail though, and it’s about a 45 minute drive out of Adamas, over unsealed roads to the south of the island. The beginning of the hiking path is roughly two kilometres after St John’s monastery, up on the mountain. There’s a rough parking area where you can leave your car.

The road to the monastery is generally in good condition, but the part to the beginning of the hiking path is rather rough.

Looking down on Kleftiko beach Milos from the hiking path

The hike to Kleftiko beach took us around around 40-50 minutes to get to Kelftiko, and the same coming back. The trail is easy to follow but it gets quite steep in places, so I recommend hiking shoes.

In fact, what many people don’t realize is that Milos has a species of red viper whose bite can be deadly, so all in all it’s best to wear closed shoes. Bring water, snacks and snorkeling gear.

We've a guide here: Hiking to Kleftiko Bay.

3. Agia Kyriaki Beach

While Agia Kyriaki does not have the grandeur of Kleftiko and Sarakiniko, I honestly think this is one of the more relaxing beaches on the island. It’s probably because Agia Kyriaki beach lacks perfect Instagram moments, and that keeps people away.

Located over on the south coast of the island, and about a 15 minute drive from Adamas, Agia Kyriaki is quiet, shallow, and sandy, and it hasn’t been too crowded on any of the times I've visited.

Agia Kiriaki beach in Milos Greece

There are a few trees that are perfect to provide shade, though they probably won’t be enough in July or August when it gets busier with tourists, so bring your own shade just in case. You can normally rent sunbeds and umbrellas at the front of the tavernas on the beach if you find the sun too much.

If it is busy when you get there, walk further along Agia Kiriaki beach, and you will find a few small, secluded coves.

4. Thiorichia beach

One of the most interesting spots to relax on the beach and take a swim in Milos is Thiorichia beach on the southeast of the island. It’s about a half hour drive away from Adamas, but you’ll have to use your own wheels (preferably an ATV) to get here.

In this area, there used to be sulphur mines, which were in operation from the 1890s to the 1960s. Apart from all the mining constructions, there were also little apartments for the mine workers to live in.

Abandoned sulphur mines acted as an incredible backdrop for Thiorichia beach in Milos, Greece

Over the decades, there was less and less need for sulphur from Milos, and the mines eventually closed down. The last person recorded living there was in 1971.

Today, you can see what is still standing from both the mines and the houses. If you like abandoned places, you really must visit Thiorichia. Just be extra careful if you are going inside caves or crumbling buildings.

As for the beach itself, it could be best described as yellow. There is no shade or canteen, so if you decide to stay here for a few hours, be prepared.

You can get here either by boat, ATV or 4WD. Be warned though, the road is very VERY rough!

If you have a normal car or quad, leave it a couple of kilometres away, and then walk down to the beach, as the dirt road is steep and badly kept. In fact, this was the only route in Milos where my Starlet didn’t make it – and I have the repair bill to prove it!

5. Achivadolimni Beach, Milos

Achivadolimni Beach is around 1,5 kms long, which makes it the longest sandy beach on the island. It is easily accessible via a paved road, and there are a few points where you can leave your car and get to the beach.

Achivadolimni Beach, Milos - The longest sandy beach on the island of Milos

The shallow waters of Achivadolimni Beach make it ideal for families with small children, who will enjoy swimming, sunbathing and relaxing. On some years, this is an organized beach, and there are sunbeds and umbrellas to rent, but not always. If you visit and find any, drop a comment at the end of the post and let me know!

The right side of Achivadolimni Beach is a designated nudist area, again this may change in the future.

6. Firopotamos Beach

Firopotamos beach was one of our favourite spots on the island. It’s actually a small settlement with a few fishermen’s houses that have been transformed into rooms to let, and a small beach right in front. There is an impressive church, lovely views and an overall dramatic landscape.

People swimming at Firopotamos beach in Milos island

The beach is surrounded with trees and is suitable for everyone with a small, shallow bay that is great for children. Firopotamos is an ideal spot for swimming and snorkelling on most days, as it’s fairly sheltered.

Firopotamos beach has more of a locals feel to it than some of the other beaches in Milos.

7. Paliochori Beach, Milos

Paliochori (Paleochori) is a long sandy beach on the south coast of Milos island, and also one of the nicest. Its multi-coloured rocks give hint to thermal activity, and contrast beautifully with the crystal blue waters.

Paliochori beach itself is very easily accessible. As such, it’s pretty popular – anyone spending more than a few days in Milos will go to Paliochori beach at some point.

Paleochori Beach, Milos - A long stretch of beach facing on to the wonderful Greek sea

There are rooms to let, sun loungers and umbrellas and a couple of restaurants / cafes. Sirocco restaurant is considered one of the best places to eat in Milos, so check it out. Watersports are also available.

For more privacy, you can walk to the far-left end of Paleochori beach, and climb over the rocks. If you are planning to spend a few hours here and don’t want to rent umbrellas, consider bringing some shade, as there is none.

8. Kastanas Beach

Over on the east coast of Milos, Kastanas Beach is quite remote, and ideal for people who want peace and quiet, without the crowds. It’s only a small stretch of beach, but very relaxing and a good place to swim.

It’s about a 25 minute drive out of Adamas, so not too many people seem to want to venture out to Kastanas Beach, and those who do are mostly locals. Come early, as the sun disappears earlier than on other beaches on the island.

Kastanas Beach in Milos Greece

I loved Kastanas beach, which is really a series of a few tiny beaches. The colourful pebbles and cool rock formations make it one of the most unique landscapes on the island.

Access was pretty easy, through a dirt road in good condition, and the beach has a lonely, hidden gem feel to it.

If you decide to come out here, note that this spot is popular with naturists and also spearfishing divers. In fact, snorkeling is really nice here, and the water was crystal clear when we visited.

9. Firiplaka Beach, Milos

Fyriplaka beach is one of the most picturesque beaches in Milos, and is located on the south of the island about 20 minutes drive out of Adamas. It’s a long, sandy, shallow beach, surrounded by impressive volcanic rocks.

It might come as a surprise, but there is a beach bar with sun loungers and umbrellas on one side of Firiplaka beach. As a result, this beach is quite popular. If you walk along the coastline, there are much quieter areas towards the right-hand side of the beach.

A view of Firiplaka beach in Milos

Like many beaches in Milos, Firiplaka is suitable for everyone, including families. The water is crystal clear, and unless you get winds coming from the south, you can easily spend the whole day here. 

You can reach Fyriplaka through an easy dirt road. You will leave your car or quad at the top of the cliffs before walking down to the sand itself.

At Firiplaka beach you will also find an outdoors company, Milos watersports, who offer guided kayaking trips around the coast, towards Tsigrado and Gerakas. 

10. Provatas Beach, Milos

Provatas is the only beach in Milos that constantly receives the prestigious blue flag award. It is also home to a 4-star hotel. To us, this looked a little out of place, but the hotel seems very nice nevertheless. Provatas Beach is located in the south of Milos, and is about a 15 minute drive.

There were way to many umbrellas on Provatas beach for my liking

Provatas beach itself was full of umbrellas and sun loungers back in 2018 when I first visited as you can see in the picture above.

It was very different in 2020, when the hotel didn’t open as you can see in the beach photo below. It’s a nice sandy beach, and is quite popular as access is very straightforward.

Provatas beach in Milos greece

All in all, Provatas Beach wasn't really my cup of tea when the umbrellas were up. 

There’s a new umbrella concession law being introduced in Greece in 2024. Hopefully, by reducing the maount of umbrellas they are allowed to put out, it will bring some sort of balance so that people can see the beauty of Provatas beach in MIlos and still have some shade.

11. Tsigrado Beach, Milos

With its massive cliffs and amazing waters, Tsigrado is another one of Milos’ famous beaches. You can combine a visit here with Firiplaka beach.

Accessible through an easy dirt road and then a bit of hiking, you will have to climb down on a rope or ladder to reach the beach itself. Some of the boats that tour around the island might make a stop here.

In all honesty though, apart from the novelty of getting down there on the rope ladder, I don't think the beach itself is very special. 

Needless to say, there is no canteen here, so make sure you bring water and snacks for the day if you decide to go.

12. Kapros and Papafragas Beach

These two spots are not exactly what you’d call sandy beaches. They are a series of impressive sea caves and rock formations, among which you will find some very small strips of sand. They are best visited on a calm, bright and sunny day.

Kapros is easily accessible, while Papafragas beach can be reached through a very steep path. Getting there is definitely not for the faint hearted! People with younger kids should give this one a miss as it's not family friendly to get there.

Papafragas Beach Milos

These beaches are inaccessible on days with strong north winds. In our experience, even on non-windy days, you may find a lot of rubbish in the sea, as the beaches are pretty enclosed. While they are very picturesque, I personally wouldn’t see the point in swimming here.

Right next door, you can check the few remains of the ancient town of Filakopi. Even though this is a very important archaeological site, it’s not always open to the public.

Some of the findings are presented in the Archaeological Museum in Plaka, which is probably the best place to visit if you want to find out more about it.

Map of Milos Beaches

You'll find maps like these all over the island when you visit to you can more easily located the best Milos beaches when you're there.

A map of the beaches in Milos

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Beautiful Beaches Milos FAQ

Adventurous travelers who want to check out all the gorgeous beaches the Cyclades island of Milos has to offer, often ask questions such as:

Is Milos or Santorini better?

While Milos has far better beaches and feels more natural and wild, Santorini does offer some stunning views and beautiful Cycladic settings. In a perfect world, you should visit both during a vacation in Greece!

Does Milos have sandy beaches?

Milos has some incredible beaches, many of which are sandy. Achivadolimni beach is the longest beautiful sandy beach on the island, and is a nice family-friendly choice for swimming and sunbathing.

Is Milos very touristy?

The island's magnificent beaches undoubtedly attract a large number of visitors each year. Nonetheless, Milos is less touristy than Mykonos or Santorini. Visit in September for even fewer people and great weather!

Is Milos island safe?

Milos is a very safe destination, with little to no crime. Visitors should be aware though that driving on some of the unsealed roads on quads will require extra care and vigilance.


The ultimate guide to the best beaches in Milos. With over 70 amazing beaches to choose from, the Greek island of Milos is perfect for beach lovers!

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