Sarakiniko Beach: A Guide To The Most Photographed Beach In Milos Island, Greece

Sarakiniko beach in Milos is a strong contender for being one of the most beautiful beaches in Greece. Here's a guide to Sarakiniko Beach Milos, and how to enjoy yourself when there.

A complete guide to sarakiniko beach in milos, greece

Sarakiniko in Milos Island

Santorini and Mykonos may be the headline stealers when it comes to the Cycladic Greek islands, but Milos is growing in popularity year on year.

Part of this popularity is due to Milos’s Sarakiniko Beach, which is one of the most photographed beaches in the Cyclades.

With its captivating moonscape features of white smooth rocks and cliffs backed by a blue sea, Sarakiniko is instantly recognisable. The natural arch bridges and cliff-diving spots, as well as its epically Instagrammable nature make Sarakiniko a must see when visiting the Greek island of Milos.

The white moon rocks of Sarakiniko beach in Milos Greece

I’ve been to Sarakiniko Beach half a dozen times or so during my trips to Milos when researching for my Milos Island Travel Book (now available on Amazon!). I created this guide to everything you need to know about visiting Sarakiniko beach so you can have a great day out there.

Finding the best Instagram spot in Milos Sarakiniko beach

Sarakiniko Beach Guide

If there's one beach everyone wants to visit when spending time on the Greek island of Milos, it's Sarakiniko Beach. There are a few things to know before you go about ‘Moon Beach’ though, which will make your time there more enjoyable.
The first thing, is that Sarakiniko isn’t the typical beach you may have in mind. While it does have a sandy (well, gritty) part to it at the end of the big inlet, this area is quite small. For the most part, the ‘beach area’ consists of layered white volcanic rocks offering plenty of platform areas to lay down.
This means that unless you arrive at Sarakiniko super-early in the morning, you will need to use these tiered rocks to lay out your towel to sit on if you want to tan and swim. You might want to bring more than one towel if you have bony bits – the white rock formations are pretty to look at but not so comfortable to lay on!
Swimming at Sarakiniko moon beach Milos

Finding Shade At Sarakiniko

Shade is almost non-existent at Sarakiniko. I think I remember seeing a tiny bush on the pumice sand area, but it might have been an illusion! In general, you will be quite exposed to the sun when spending time at Sarakiniko beach.

If you are used to bringing your own sun umbrella to the beaches in Milos, you won’t find anywhere to put it into the ground as the rocks are solid. Additionally, Sarakiniko is not organized with tourist facilities like many beaches in Greece, meaning there are no sunbeds or shade to rent. (Let’s hope it stays this way!).

Note: You might have heard there are some old abandoned mining tunnels at Sarakiniko you can go in to escape the sun. There are some there, but this doesn’t really work out!

So, when going to Sarakiniko, you will need to bring plenty of sunblock and a hat. Those lunar white rocks become very reflective in the hot sun of Greece, and it is easy to get burned even from rock reflections at Milos.

Sarakiniko beach on Milos is often described as one of the most beautiful beaches in Greece. Is it the best beach in Milos to spend your time on though? This guide will help your draw your own conclusions.

While I’m talking about things to bring to the beach at Sarakiniko, you will also want plenty of water and some snacks. There may now be a snack van that operates in the parking lot, but don’t rely on it being there. If you want to spend any decent amount of time enjoying Sarakiniko, having your own water is essential.

How to get to Sarakiniko Beach Milos

Sarakiniko beach in Milos is located roughly between Pollonia and Plaka, and on the opposite side of the coast from the port town of Adamas.

As many holiday-makers in Milos choose to rent an ATV or rent a car, there is a large car parking area for their vehicles. The parking lot at Sarakiniko beach is easily accessible by vehicle, with no serious stretches of rough road unlike some other beaches in Milos.

For people without their own wheels, a local bus service picks up and drops off a couple of times a day running between Adamas and Sarakiniko. Ask your hotel for up to date information as the public bus system from Adamas to Sarakiniko does not run all the way through the year. They have a website (Milos Buses), but it’s still best to check locally.

Sarakiniko Beach in the evening light on Milos, Greece
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What is there to do at Sarakiniko Beach?

People seem to split their time pretty evenly between taking photos of the lunar landscape and white cliffs, and swimming at Sarakiniko! Rarer are people who stretch out in the sun to tan – it’s just too hot because of the heat reflection.
By the way, in order to access the sea at Sarakiniko, you have a couple of choices. You can choose a spot to cliff-dive or cliff-jump into the water, or you can walk around to the end of the inlet where the ‘sandy’ part is, and walk in from there.

Some people recommend water shoes for Sarakiniko beach – I can’t say I have ever needed them, but each to their own! If you have a snorkel, it’s definitely worth bringing so you can see the rock formations from an underwater perspective.

Photos in a perfect setting at Sarakiniko on Milos Island in Greece

When it comes to photography, there’s an endless amount of opportunity at Sarakiniko to take photos, videos, and create Tik Toks if that’s your thing! I know when I visit Sarakiniko, I always seem to end up with a hundred photos of Vanessa wearing a hat in front of the snow-white rocks when I get reluctantly drafted in to take them!

relaxing at sarakiniko beach milos

Sarakiniko offers different areas to explore, including the beach, natural bridge, and moon cliffs. It's worth exploring different areas to find the spot that offers the most breathtaking views for you. Be careful when cliff jumping though. Choose a safe spot, and avoid jumping from the natural bridge if it's windy or the waves are high.

Sunrise and Sunset Moonscapes At Sarakiniko Beach

Due to its location on the north shore of Milos, Sarakiniko can be a good place to watch both the sunrise and the sunset. The natural bridge formation has great views of the sunrise and sunset in as well as it being an amazing spot for cliff jumping!

Winds at Sarakiniko Bay

What the photos of Sarakiniko you may have seen don’t show you though, is that it can get quite windy there. This is in part due to the seasonal Meltemi Winds that blow through the Aegean Sea, but also due to the exposed nature of the beach at Sarakiniko. As a result, exercise caution when swimming at Sarakiniko in Milos.
The beautiful white beach of Milos contrasted against the stunning blue of the Greek sea.

Essential Tips For Visiting Sarakiniko Beach in Milos

Some of the key points to consider when planning a trip to see Sarakiniko Beach on Milos are:

  • Arrive early – Like REALLY early if you want to see Sarakiniko Beach without a lot of people. Even 09.00 might be leaving it too late.
  • There's not much shade – I spotted 2 trees in a tiny sandy area. If you are determined to spend the whole day on Sarakiniko Beach, you want a sun umbrella. Quite how you set it up with no sand to put it into is a challenge you will face on the day!
  • The white rock beach of Sarakiniko is extremely reflective. Sunglasses and mega-doses of sunblock are essential!
  • It gets crowded quickly. In August, the beach area at Sarakiniko resembles the human equivalent of seal colony!
  • Take plenty of water – There may be a small food truck selling cold drinks in the car park, but don’t rely on it. Take what water you think you'll need, and throw in another bottle just in case.
  • Rent a car or ATV: It’s better than relying on the bus service to Sarakiniko, and you can leave when you want to. Most people would stay for a maximum of a few hours.

A small bay on Sarakiniko beach Milos Greece

Is Sarakiniko one of the best beaches in Milos? Dave’s Opinion

I've spent a total of a month or more on Milos, and have visited Sarakiniko beach many times.

I can confidently tell you that Sarakiniko is one of the most beautiful beaches on the island. It's probably the most photographed spot by people visiting Milos, and mother nature really has gone out of her way to match the white rocks and azure waters perfectly.

As the most stunning landmark in Milos, Sarakiniko is a place you have to see. But, it's not the best beach in terms of relaxing or even comfort. And after midday, the heat gets crazy hot reflecting off all those chalky white rocks!

As such, I personally wouldn't want to spend an entire beach day at Sarakiniko, especially when Milos has some many other great beaches to relax on!

In conclusion

You definitely have to visit Sarakiniko when in Milos – it’s one of the most unique beaches in Greece! Planning to spend the entire day there though is probably not your best option.
Instead, plan to arrive at Sarakiniko Beach Milos early in the early morning (see how I stressed early?!) take your photos, perhaps spend a couple of hours there, but then get ready to move on when the tourist crowds start to build up. I hope that helps!

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everything you need to know about visiting Sarakiniko beach


FAQ About Sarakiniko and Milos

Some of the most popular questions people ask about the popular beach of Sarakiniko and planning the best ways to explore Milos include:

How do you get to Sarakiniko Beach Milos?

Sarakiniko is located closer to Adamas than Pollonia, and is located off the main road between these two towns. Although there is some infrequent public transport, the best way to travel to Sarakiniko is with your own vehicle, such as a hired car or ATV.

Can you swim at Sarakiniko Beach?

White volcanic cliffs and a stunning landscape back a turquoise sea at Sarakiniko Beach on Milos. The moon like surface, sea caves, and rock formations tower over the waves. There's plenty of opportunity to swim at this beautiful beach, and the brave even indulge in a little cliff jumping!

Where should I stay in Milos?

The best areas to stay for most people will be Adamas, followed by Pollonia. There are some accommodation choices in other parts of the island, but they are perhaps not as convenient overall. The Sarakiniko Beach hotels for example are not particularly close to Sarakiniko or anything else either – only stay at them if you have your own transport.

How do you get around Milos?

The best way to see the island of Milos is to hire a vehicle. With a car or an ATV, you'll be able to follow challenging unsealed roads to quiet beaches where you may be the only person for miles around! If you can't drive or don't wish to hire, a bus service does cover key areas on the island, including stops at places such as Sarakiniko.

Is Milos a party island?

Not really. Milos is more famous for its landscapes such as the moonscape of Sarakiniko than its party scene. You will find plenty of places to spend evening over a long meal, a handful of bars and one or two small clubs, but you shouldn't visit Milos thinking it will be party central – Go to Mykonos or Ios instead!

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