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Dave Briggs visiting an island in GreeceDave Briggs
Dave is a travel writer based in Greece. As well as creating hundreds of guides about traveling in Greece, he's also cycled around much of the world. Follow Dave on social media for travel inspiration from Greece and beyond:


12 thoughts on “Thanks for Subscribing!”

  1. Hi Dave, my husband and I are planning an early break in Haraki on Rhodes in April. We are not really beach people but love to explore the Greek islands by car. Will there be many taverners or cafes open ( we are knocking on a bit so need lots of refreshment stops ! ) We like to stroll down for a meal in the evenings after a day exploring. Is it too early in the season for Haraki do you think ? Rhodes is a bit to big for our tastes really.

    • Hi Aileen,
      I was last in Rhodes in April 2022 – it was towards the end of the month (20th onward), and enough was open for us. We were in Pefki, not too far away.
      I’m not exactly sure of Haraki, but my assumption is there will be at least a few places open there if your hotel/apartments are open.
      Choice might be limited to a couple of tavernas perhaps if you are there very early in April.
      I found it a nice time to visit – good especially for driving around, and the obvious tourist attractions weren’t too busy.

  2. Hi Dave, we are 2 couples who would be coming to greece mid Aug for 10-12 days. We are thinking of cruising but not sure if the islands they take you is a better option then spending island hopping instead. Which islands do you recommend if you had 10 days?

    • Hi Jackie,

      Mid- august is peak season for Greece. I never really recommend the cruises, but in this case, it might be your best option!
      The reason, is that it’s all organised and you don’t have the headache of trying to book accommodation in 3 or 4 different places and organizing ferries etc.
      If you did decide to go it alone, take a look at the Dodecanese islands for that time of year.
      Rhodes, Symi, Nisyros and Kos would be a nice itinerary

  3. Hi Dave,
    Myself, my 22 year-old daughter; plus boyfriend, plus my 17 year-old boy who is coming from Brazil (our native country) to visit us in the UK in July, are planning to go to Greece in mid July this year. We want to stay in a fairly quiet and traditional town, close to ancient places (really old ones) for a bit of history, nice quiet beaches and get to know the locals. Where would you suggest? Many thanks,

    • Such a tough one to answer!
      The highest concentration of ancient sites is in the Peloponnese region. A town you could stay at would be Nafplion.
      Getting to know the locals? – Maybe not so much as July is tourist season.

      Another option could be Naxos island – not so many ancient sites, but you’ll feel more of the real Greece there. Great beaches there as well.

  4. We(myself and my husband) are planning for a week in Greece and a week in turkey during last week of December or first week of January for our honeymoon. Please do suggest what would be best itinery and how the weather would be during winters.

    • Hi,

      The weather during this time would be cold, maybe rainy, and with short daylight hours.
      Also, some places may be closed if you travel 25 and 26 Dec, and also closed on 1 Jan
      In short – not the best time to visit Greece.
      However, if you combined Athens (3 days), and Rhodes (great castle in the old town, and various side trips you could take) you would make the most of what there is.
      Unfortunately at this time of year there’s no point in spending time on beaches.
      Summary – Look into Athens (with day trip to Delphi), and Rhodes to put together an itinerary.

  5. Dave, For high school graduation, I promised my granddaughter a trip to where Mama Mia was filmed. We live in Denver. We are looking at 8 to 10 days. Would you suggest flying into Athens then visit the Northern Sporades island group? My granddaughter is 18 and her mother (my daughter age 46) is going with us. I am pretty active for 73. Suggestions?
    Forgot to mention in my comment, we are looking at May of 2023 for our trip.

    • Hi Susan,
      You could split your time across a couple of islands (Skopelos and Skiathos for example) and maybe a night or two in Volos.
      The only thing to keep in mind, is in May, the seas around that part of Greece are not quite warm enough for extended swims.

  6. We [mother and daughter{48} are wanting to come to Greece, Sept 2022. We have allowed approx. 2 weeks. We like archeological sites as well as seeing the islands. Interested in Naxos and Paros and maybe Santorini for the islands. How would you suggest doing this? Would you tour Athens first then perhaps go to the islands or the other way round? Would you suggest tour for around Athens

    • Hi Valerie,
      I generally recommend to get a flight out to your first island after first landing in Athens. In your case, this would be to Santorini. You would then leave Athens for last, as this means you don’t run the risk of ferry problems on the day you want to fly home!
      When looking for ferry routes to and from island, use: Ferryscanner
      My suggested route would be Santorini > Paros > Naxos > Athens. You could fly from Naxos to Athens, or take a ferry.
      Most of the historic center of Athens is easily walkable. 2 or 3 days would be enough to see the main historic sites. If you wanted to stay longer, you could take a side trip to Delphi (which I love!).
      In the emails you’ll receive, you’ll get a better idea of what to see and do. Drop me a message in a week or so with any specific questions!


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