Milos to Kea Travel Information: Ferries, Connecting Routes, Schedules

There are currently no direct ferries connecting Milos and Kea island in Greece. To travel between Milos and Kea, you'd need to go via a third island such as Syros or Tinos.

Traveling from Milos to Kea island in Greece by ferry

How to get from Milos to Kea

Not all Greek islands in the Cyclades connect directly with one another, and that is the case with Milos and Kea. It's a shame, because when looking at the map, you'd think a ferry from Milos would have to go via Kea in order to get back to the ports in Athens.

The reason is that Kea is only really connected with Lavrio port in Athens. As a consequence, only a limited number of ferries from other islands will head this way, as Lavrio is a small, very minor port when compared to Piraeus or Rafina.

It doesn't mean it's impossible to travel from Milos to Kea though. It just means you'll have to go via a third island first, and swap ferries there.

Ferries from Milos to Kea via Syros and Tinos

If you ever need to go via a third island in the Cyclades to reach a destination, it always pays to look at going via Syros first. Syros is the capital island of the Cyclades, and has ferry connections with pretty much every other island in the chain (well, more or less!).

This is the case with Kea. So, an obvious route to take would be to get a ferry from Milos to Syros, and then swap boats for another ferry from Syros to Kea.

An alternative option, would be to take a ferry from Milos to Tinos, swap vessels, and then take another ferry from Tinos to Kea.

You should note that just because it is possible to get ferries from Tinos and Syros to Kea, it doesn't mean they will line up perfectly with your other ferry trip. There may be some waiting time involved, and perhaps you may even need to stay a night on either Syros or Tinos.

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Kea Island Travel Tips

A few travel tips for visiting Kea island:

  • For rooms to rent in Kea, I recommend looking at Booking. They have a great choice of apartments in Kea and areas to consider staying include Otzias, Ioulida, and Korrisia. If you are traveling to Kea in the height of the tourist season, I advise reserving places to stay in Kea a month or so in advance.

  • The easiest way to get hold of ferry tickets in Greece is by using Ferryhopper. I suggest you book your Milos to Kea ferry tickets in advance, especially during the peak travel season. Ferries from Milos to Syros or Tinos depart from Adamas port.

Milos Kea Ferry Route FAQ

Questions about about traveling to Kea from Milos include:

How do you get to Kea from Milos?

In order to sail by ferry from Milos to Kea you would need to go via another island first such as Syros or Tinos. There are no direct ferries sailing to the island of Kea from Milos.

Is there an airport on Kea?

The Greek island of Kea does not have an airport. The nearest airport to Kea is Athens International Airport.

How long is the ferry crossing from Milos to Kea?

With no direct ferries going to Kea from Milos, it is hard to calculate the exact travel time. If connections line up perfectly, it could be 6 hours or less. Same day travel times of 14 hours are not unheard of if you need to wait a few hours between ferries. In the worst case, you may need to stay over night on Syros or Tinos.

Where do you get ferry tickets to Kea?

Ferryhopper is perhaps the easiest site to use when it comes to booking Ferry tickets online. Although I suggest you book your Milos to Kea ferry tickets in advance, you might also prefer to use a travel agency in Greece when you have arrived.

How to travel by ferry from Milos to Kea in Greece

No Milos Kea direct ferries

Summing up – There are no direct ferries between the Cyclades islands Milos and Kea. If you're looking at ferry travel from Milos to Kea, be prepared for a few connections and possible overnight stays on either Syros or Tinos.

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