Traveling from Naxos to Antiparos by ferry (Greek Island Hopping)

As there are no direct ferries from Naxos to Antiparos island in Greece, you'll need to go from Naxos to Paros first, swap ferries, and continue to Antiparos. It's pretty easy, and this guide has all the travel information you need to know.

Naxos to Antiparos island in Greece by ferry

Antiparos island in Greece

The Greek island of Antiparos is located in the Cyclades group, and has a population of about 1200 people. Although it’s become a popular tourist destination, you can still experience plenty of peace and quiet here.

It also offers several activities for visitors to enjoy during their holiday on the island, especially for beach lovers!

Typically, people tend to end up in Antiparos after having spent some time on the large neighbouring island of Paros. If you want to skip Paros, and get to Antiparos directly from Naxos, here's how.

How to get from Naxos to Antiparos

Although the Greek islands of Naxos and Antiparos are quite close together, you can not take a direct ferry between them. Instead, you'll need to go via the island of Paros first. 

The first stage of the journey is easy, as there are between 5 and 7 ferries from Naxos to Paros each day, with the journey time taking as little as half an hour. Find out more here – Naxos to Paros by ferry.

You can check ferry timetables and book tickets online for this stage of the Naxos Antiparos ferry journey here: Ferryscanner

Parikia (Paros Island) to Antiparos

Once in Paros, you'll then need to take another ferry on to Antiparos.

Things get a little more complicated at this point. I've summarized the process below, but I also have a dedicated guide here – Paros to Antiparos by ferry.

The Naxos to Paros ferry will take you to the ferry port in Parikia, which is the main town in Paros.

Once there, ask if the Express Panormitis Antiparos is running from Parikia to Antiparos. If it is, this small passenger only ferry is the best way to get to Antiparos. There's normally 8 crossings a day.

If this small ferry isn't running, you will need to get from Parikia to Pounda Port. (Important note: NOT Punda Beach!).

You can take a bus or taxi to Pounda Port (there's frequent buses a day – ask when you arrive). The ferry from Pounda to Antiparos leaves over 30 times a day – and this is the ferry you'll need if you're traveling with a car.

Note that tickets for neither the Parikia to Antiparos or Pounda to Antiparos ferry connections can be bought in advance. You have to buy them before boarding.

Bottom line – Start the trip from Naxos as early as you can, and then you'll have a better choice of onward ferries to Antiparos from Paros.


Antiparos Island Travel Tips

A few travel tips for visiting the island of Antiparos:

  • Arrive at Naxos Port at least a half an hour before the ferry is due to sail to Paros.

  • If you are traveling with a vehicle to Antiparos, you'll need to drive to Pounda when you arrive on Paros in order to take the car ferry to Antiparos.

  • For where to stay in Antiparos, have a look at Booking. They have a great range of hotels in Antiparos and areas to consider staying include Antiparos town, and Agios Georgios. If you are traveling to Antiparos in the the months of July, August, and September, I advise reserving apartments in Antiparos a month or so in advance.

  • One of the best places to look at ferry schedules and to book tickets online is at Ferryhopper. I think it's better that you book your Naxos to Antiparos ferry tickets in advance, especially during the peak months of summer.

How to take a trip from Naxos to Antiparos FAQ

A few common reader questions about traveling to Antiparos from Naxos include:

How can you get to Antiparos from Naxos?

To make the journey from Naxos to Antiparos you would need to go via another island first such as Paros. There are no direct ferries sailing to Antiparos from Naxos.

Is there an airport on Antiparos?

The Greek island of Antiparos does not have an airport. The closest island to Antiparos with an airport is Paros which has flight connections with Athens. 

How many hours is the ferry from Naxos to Antiparos?

With no direct ferries going to the Greek island of Antiparos from Naxos, it is hard to calculate the exact travel time. If connections line up perfectly, it could be 4 hours or less. In the worst case, you may need to stay over night on Paros.

Naxos to Antiparos by ferry

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