How to get from Ios to Sikinos in Greece

This guide shows you how to travel from Ios to Sikinos in Greece. These two Greek islands are close neighbors, but you'll need to know how and where to get a ferry.

Taking the ferry from Ios to Sikinos in Greece

Ios to Sikinos Ferry

Sikinos is the closest island to Ios, and the ferry crossing takes barely half an hour.

The different ferry operators and schedules change from year to year. In my experience it is best to use this site: Ferryhopper.

On Ferryhopper you can see the different departures for any dates you have in mind. It also provides the easiest way to book ferry tickets for Sikinos online.

Ios Sikinos Ferry Operators

When we traveled to Sikinos from Ios, we used the Blue Star ferry as the timing was better and we could also take our car on the ferry.

Zante ferries were also running a boat from Ios to Sikinos later in the evening.

Another Greek ferry company called Santorini Maistros also runs crossings on the Ios Sikinos ferry route. In the high season summer months, there may be 6 ferries per week.

For the latest ferry schedules on the Ios Sikinos route, check out Ferryhopper.

Ios Sikinos Ticket Prices

The ticket prices for the journey to Sikinos from Ios are among the cheapest in Greece. For the 2022 travel season, July ticket prices to Sikinos started from just 4.50 Euro per person!

Note: In some cases you can travel from Ios to Sikinos with a ferry e-ticket. Some companies may require you to pick up tickets at the port. Always make sure to check you booking for more details.

Additionally, you will also have to ‘check-in' online 48 hours before, particularly if using Blue Star Ferries.

Ferries depart from the Port of Ios

There is only one ferry port in Ios island, and it's the one you will have initially arrived at to get to Ios in the first place. It's downhill from the central Chora, and walkable in about 10-15 minutes.

The gate at Ios ferry port in Greece

If you prefer, you can take a taxi, and public transport may also be available. Check with your hotel before you go.

Ios Port is only a small place (unlike Piraeus Port in Athens!), and so it's pretty simple to work out where you need to be.

Keep in mind that ferries in Greece don't hang around when they reach islands. They have a tight schedule, and some island stops are literally just a few minutes. Make sure you've not decided to use the loo when the ferry arrives, as you may miss it altogether!

That said, ferries to the smaller islands often arrive late. Our boat from Ios to Sikinos in August was about an hour late, and according to the locals it is a typical thing.

Normally, it's recommended to get to the port about an hour before the ferry to Sikinos from Ios is due to leave. Personally, I'd say arriving 15 minutes before is fine.

Ferry crossing from Ios to Sikinos

The half an hour boat ride between Ios and Sikinos islands is one of the shortest in the Cyclades. You'll barely notice you were aboard before you are due to get off again!

The ferry crossing from Ios to Sikinos in Greece

Still, if you are crossing on a particularly windy Meltemi day, you might still want some sea-sickness tablets with you just in case.

Greek ferries have toilets and other facilities, but you'll probably need no more than just a bottle of water before you arrive in Sikinos.

Where to stay in Sikinos

There's two main choices of area to stay in Sikinos after you've arrived from Ios by ferry. These are the port area (Alopronia), and the Chora.

Alopronia is perhaps the best area to stay in Sikinos if you don't have your own transport. Staying here means you won't have to carry your bags too far.

Chora is a better choice if you have your own transport, the only issue may be parking. Sikinos Chora also has a supermarket and a couple of tavernas to eat at night.

If you do stay in Alopronia, you can get to Chora in Sikinos by walking or if you are lucky flagging down a ride. There may also be buses running depending on seasonal demand. Check with your hotel for more information.

Here's a map showing the Sikinos hotels you can choose from:

Keep in mind that Sikinos does have more hotels and places to stay, just that not all of them appear on Booking. Check our travel guide on things to do in Sikinos island for more details.

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How to get from Ios to Sikinos island in Greece by ferry

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