Milos Travel Guide – Essential information for visiting Milos Island in Greece

This Milos travel guide is a must-read for anyone planning a vacation on this beautiful but often overlooked Greek island in the Cyclades. Start planning your Milos holidays now, with what to do, where to stay, getting to Milos, and more! 

A travel guide to Milos island, Greece

Milos Island, Greece

It is no secret that Santorini is too busy and Mykonos too expensive. Fortunately, there are a couple of dozen more inhabited Cycladic islands to choose from.

Many of them have retained their unique charm and authentic appeal. Milos is one of those islands, and it has recently become an up and coming destination.

Looking out over Kleftiko bay in Milos greece

Boasting more than 70 amazing beaches, Milos island is compact enough to get around easily. At the same time, it has enough to do to keep most people occupied for a week or longer.

This Milos travel guide is broken down into sections designed to give you the essential information, with links to further articles which dive deeper.

Deep Dive Milos Guides

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About Milos, Greece

Milos is one of the Cycladic islands of Greece. It is located almost halfway between Athens and Crete in the Aegean sea.

With around 5,000 permanent inhabitants and an area of 160 square kilometres, it is the fifth biggest island in the Cyclades after Naxos, Andros, Paros and Tinos.

Milos island has something of a laid-back feel. This is perhaps to do with the fact that mining has been the main economy driver here, for at least the last 100 years or so.

Tourism is starting to give mining a run for its money, but thankfully not in the form of “mass tourism”.

Milos island is quiet and laid back - that's why I like it!

You won't see tour buses crammed with photo-snappers on their conveyor-belt tour of Europe. Instead, the Greek island of Milos attracts people with a spirit adventurous enough to organise their own flights, ferries and accommodation.

It's popular with couples and young families, and the total absence of nightclubs pumping out loud music is a welcome relief.

In short, Milos is the perfect destination for a relaxing holiday, while offering plenty of options for exploration. That's why I liked it!

Dave Briggs in Milos

Milos Island Map

Below is a map of Milos which you can zoom in and out of. Milos is indicated by the red marker.

You'll see that the island is shaped a little like a horseshoe. Almost all the accommodation is located on the eastern (right hand) side of the island. The west side of Milos is remote, wild and rugged.

A lot of mining goes on in many areas of the island. When planning your Milos holidays, you will need to decide how much exploring you will want to do.

The eastern side of the island should be your main point of focus, especially if you only have a few days. Still, there is a lot to explore on the western side as well.

Best time to visit Milos

The tourist season in Milos roughly lasts from May to October. In between these times, some months are better than others for visiting.

We have visited Milos twice, in mid June and late September. The weather was lovely on most days, and the sea warm enough to swim in. In my opinion, these are the best months to visit Milos, as tourist numbers are lower than during peak season.

The white moon rocks of Sarakiniko beach in Milos Greece

In June, the days are much longer, as sunset is between 8.30 and 9 pm. The sun is stronger, and there is generally little to no wind. The sea is not as warm as later in the year, but it a lot clearer.

On the other hand, September is generally a little cooler, and you are less likely to get a sunburn. However, you may experience some of the last meltemi winds. In addition, the sun sets much earlier, so there is considerably less daylight.

Like most places in Greece, I would suggest avoiding August as a time to visit Milos. Things can become crazy busy during this month, and accommodation can be hard to find or just very expensive.

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Getting to Milos

There are two ways to travel to Milos, which are by ferry and by air.

If you are planning to fly from outside Greece, you will need to catch a short connecting flight from Athens airport to Milos. Check your options at least a couple of months in advance, in order to get information on the best prices.

There are two carriers operating the route: Olympic Airways / Aegean Airlines, and a smaller company called Sky Express. There aren’t too many Athens to Milos flights per day, so it’s best to reserve your spot early.

We have used ferries both times we went to Milos. As we are bringing our own vehicle, this is our preferred way of travelling to Milos.

We recommend Ferryhopper for checking ferry schedules and booking tickets online.

How to get to Milos by ferry

During summer, there are several ferries per day from Piraeus, the Athens port, to Milos. Most of these ferries are likely to stop at Serifos and Sifnos on the way to Milos, but occasionally there are direct routes.

We have used the Speedrunner 3, operated by Aegean Speedlines, and also the Champion Jet 2, run by SeaJets, to travel between Athens and Milos. Both of these ferries are great, and they will get you to Milos in anywhere between 3 to 4 and a half hours.

On our trip to Milos we also took the car, so we pre-booked our tickets to be guaranteed a place. I definitely recommend booking your tickets at least a week in advance, and definitely more if you are travelling in peak season. Yes, the ferries do get sold out on occasion!

For more information, check out this deep dive travel guide on how to get to Milos from Athens.

If you're considering island hopping onward travel, take a look at this guide to ferries from Milos to other Cyclades islands.

Where to stay in Milos

Where you choose to stay on Milos may in part be determined by how you intend to get around the island. If you have your own transport, then you can really stay anywhere. That said, be prepared for lots of driving, as the road network is pretty extended, and there are many dirt roads.

If you aren’t planning to hire your own transport, you can use the Milos island bus service to get around. In this case, it makes the most sense to stay in the port of Adamas, or maybe the resort town of Pollonia.

Accommodation in Milos is mostly on the east side of the island. I’ve written this in-depth article with more information: Where to stay in Milos.

Where I stayed in Milos

During my vacation in Milos, I have stayed at three different places on the island. One was an apartment in Pollonia, another near the famous Sarakiniko beach, and the last one in Adamas port.

All of these were in the 40-45 euro a night price range and had fridges. Two of them had a kitchen, and the other did not.

I was happy with all three places, and so I will share the information with you!

Pollonia Milos Hotels

Pollonia is something of a developing area on the island, which has a hint of the upscale about it. There is accommodation to suit every budget though, from hotels to apartments.

The Mrs. and myself stayed in a small apartment about a 5 minute walk along the beach from Pollonia. You can find out more about it on Tripadvisor here – Polyegos View.

Staying near Sarakiniko Beach

If you are looking at where to stay in Milos, Sarakiniko Rooms is another good choice.

The second apartment I stayed at in Milos was just a short walk from the famous Sarakiniko Beach. This place didn't have the kitchen, but had a nice outdoor area and a generally good vibe. The owner was super friendly as well!

You can find out more about it here – Sarakiniko Rooms.

Accommodation in Adamas Milos

During our latest trip to Milos island in September 2020, we stayed at Veletas rooms by the port of Adamas. This spacious apartment had a fully functional kitchen. It was on the basement level and didn’t have a view, but I don’t think many apartments in Adamas do.

Getting around Milos in Greece

Your Milos transport options include car, ATV, bus, and motorbike. You can also hire a bicycle if you wish.

Having taken our car from Athens to Milos on the ferry, my experience is mainly of using the car to get around. This gave us maximum flexibility, and there wasn't a day we didn't use it.

Driving in Milos island greece

We did the maths on paying extra to take our own car on the ferry from Athens to Milos as against simply hiring a car on Milos, and found it cheaper.

Most people planning a Milos holiday are probably not going to have their own vehicle though, and will rent some form of transportation when on the island. Here's how to get around in Milos.

Rent a car in Milos island

The best place to rent a car is at Adamas port, Milos. There are several local car hire companies to choose from. As Adamas port is small, you can walk around and ask for prices.

On our first visit there, it seemed that most people had gone for Nikos cars. During our second visit, another company called Matha was probably the most popular.

If you are travelling to Milos during peak season, it’s best to book your rental car in advance. American drivers should note that most cars in Greece are stick shift, and not automatic.

Before deciding on what type of car to rent, you should have an idea of what roads you need it for. Milos has a super long network of dirt roads, some of which are in pretty bad condition.

A normal car won’t be able to go on many of these roads, and the insurance won’t cover you in case of a breakdown. If you are planning to fully explore the island, the best option is to rent a small 4WD.

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Rent an ATV in Milos

Another idea is to rent an ATV in Milos. These will take you places that normal cars can't, and there are plenty of them for hire on Milos.

The more powerful ATVs are ideal for reaching beaches down rough dirt tracks, of which there are plenty.

Renting an ATV in Milos is an excellent way of reaching some of the more remote beaches which are located at the end of rough tracks.

That said, driving an ATV is very different to driving a car or a motorbike. If you haven’t driven one before, rent it for at least a few days, so that you get the chance to get used to it.

Prices vary widely, and you will generally get a better price if you need the ATV for several days. Ask around and see what you come up with.

Use the Milos Island bus

Milos has a regular bus service which connects all the main points of the island. Generally speaking, Pollonia seems to have fewer connection times than Adamas Port or Plaka, but this might change from time to time.

Most bus stops in Milos, Greece have a timetable which is reasonably easy to work out.

Check the bus timetable for Milos a few days ahead of your visit. If you plan to stay in Milos and use the bus as your primary form of transportation, it won't take too long to get your head around it!

Taxis on Milos

Milos also has a number of taxis, which operate 24/7. You'll see signs for these in many places, including the beaches which have bus connections.

My guess is, that each year, there are plenty of people who either miss the last bus back to where they are staying in Milos or want to spend longer at the beach!

If you are visiting in peak season, it’s best to arrange your taxi transportation in advance. Your hotel should be able to help.

To get an idea of prices and itineraries, you can visit this website.

Cycle around Milos island

Sadly, I didn't have the chance to take my bike to Milos, so couldn't try out the cycling for myself. Certain mountainous areas of the island will definitely be a challenge, especially for inexperienced cyclists.

Still, there are also flat and paved routes, such as the road from Adamas to Achivadolimni. There are plenty of places to hire bikes in Milos.

In addition to simply getting around Milos on the normal road system, there are also a few circuits that have been devised for both hiking and cycling on Milos.

You can find out more information about the Geo Experience tracks here.

Best things to do in Milos

So, time to see what you can do during your Milos holidays! Here's some information to get you started.

Beaches in Milos

As previously mentioned, Milos has over 70 beaches. From the iconic Kleftiko Beach and Sarakiniko beach, to smaller more intimate beaches, you can stay on Milos a month and still not visit them all!

Visiting the beaches in Milos is one of the many things you can do during your Greek island vacation.

Some of the best beaches in Milos can only be reached via dirt tracks. For the most part, a standard car will make the journey, although there were one or two we didn't feel confident our jalopy would manage!

My favourite beaches in Milos included Ag. Kryriaki, Paleochori, and ‘Sulphur Mine' beach. Look here for my complete guide to Milos beaches.

Visiting the sulphur mine beach n a tour of milos greece

If you decide to reach the beaches by land, be prepared for some long drives. It’s totally worth driving around Milos though, as you’ll get to see all the diverse, colourful landscapes.

Note: Kleftiko is arguably the most famous beach, and many people say you can only reach it by boat tours. During our second trip to Milos, we managed to hike to the famous Kleftiko caves. Read more about it here: Kleftiko hiking

Sailing trip around Milos

A Milos island catamaran tour is the perfect way to see the island from a unique angle.

Some of the beaches in Milos island can only be reached by the sea. The best way to get to them? A sailing trip around Milos!

The island is stunningly beautiful, and viewing it from the sea is a real experience you are unlikely to forget. I wrote about my recent experience here – Milos boat tour on a catamaran.

There are all types of sailing trips around Milos available, ranging from half-day to full day.

During my vacation in Milos, I took a catamaran cruise around Milos island on a day trip. We visited many of the key places including Kleftiko, and sailed around the entire island.

You can check out reviews of the Milos island sailing trip on a catamaran here – Milos sailing tripadvisor reviews.

4WD Trip around Milos

In a way, it's surprising that it has taken so long for 4WD trips around Milos to arrive on the scene. After all, the boats can't sail during windy days, so how else can you see the remote parts of the island?

During my time in Milos, I took a day 4WD trip around Milos which had a focus on the island's connection with mining. It was a fascinating tour, revealing a side to Milos island I probably would not have been aware of otherwise.

I'll go into more detail about the Milos 4WD tour in the future, but for now, you can see some reviews on TripAdvisor.


The view out over Plaka in Milos.

The main town of Greek islands is often called or referred to as the “Chora”. On Milos island, that town is Plaka, and it’s up on a hill.

Some people choose to stay in Plaka. If you don’t, you will need to park your vehicle in the spacious parking lot and then go on foot.

Like most of the main towns on the Cyclades, Plaka in Milos has narrow cobbled streets, and side alleys just begging to be explored. There are plenty of shops here for anyone wanting to buy a souvenir or two, and a few restaurants and cafes.

Walking through Plaka in Milos island in Greece

Plaka is also one of the best places in Milos to watch the sunset from. The views from the top of the Kastro were particularly stunning. Looking out over the island brings everything into perspective.

Visit the museums in Plaka and Adamas, Milos

Apart from the views and cobbled streets in Plaka, you should also visit the Archaeological Museum. Among other exhibits, you will see an impressive replica of the Aphrodite of Milos statue, which can be seen in the Louvre.

In addition, don’t miss the small but very intriguing Sand Museum. This is a small museum / gallery, tucked away in a narrow alleyway in Plaka.

The owner has been collecting sand from all around the world – if you are vising from a country with interesting sand, feel free to bring him some! His website is under construction, but you can get in touch at

The Milos Mining Museum Building

While in Adamas, make sure you visit the Milos Mining Museum. This will bring into light the mining industry in Milos, and how it’s developed over the centuries.

If you go early in your visit, you can then look out for all these unique rocks and minerals that exist all around the island. 

Finally, if you are interested in Greek Orthodox icons and artefacts, you should definitely visit the impressive Ecclesiastical Museum inside the church of the Holy Trinity.

It helps if you can read Greek, but some of the icons are stunning regardless. 

The Catacombs and Theatre

Just underneath the town of Plaka are two of the more significant archaeological spaces on Milos. These are the catacombs used by early Christians, and the recently renovated theatre area.

The catacombs of Milos are where some of the early Christians on the island were buried. Today, you can spend a short time in there accompanied by a site guard, who limits the time spent underground to 15 minutes. This is an interesting, and perhaps a little spooky, place, and you will probably love seeing the sunshine again.

The newly opened ancient theatre in Milos

The theatre up above the catacombs has been recently renovated. It gives a good indication of how it must have looked in the past, and is free to enter and explore. Its position on the side of the hill is really lovely.

From the theatre, you can then walk or drive down to the fishing village of Klima.

Fishing Villages of Milos

The pretty fishing village of Klima is perhaps one of the most photographed places on Milos island, Greece.

One of the unique features of Milos are the fishing villages built in bays all around the coastline. These small settlements are characterised by their colourfully painted doors, and the “boat garages” that are underneath each one.

The best-known fishing village in Milos is Klima. You can reach this either by driving down here, or by walking down from Plaka or the theatre underneath.

You may be surprised to know that some of these fishermen’s houses have been transformed to modern rooms to rent. While the location is very unique, I wouldn’t necessarily want to stay here myself.

On windy days, the waves will literally come knocking on your doorstep! Still, it’s an unusual, if pricey, option for accommodation in Milos.

Where to eat on Milos

And finally, no vacation in Milos would be complete without visiting a restaurant or two. In our experience, you'd have to try pretty hard to find a bad meal. All of the tavernas and restaurants we visited were way above average.

Whether you prefer sticking to traditional tavernas specialising in local food or want to try more upscale restaurants, you'll certainly eat well. Here's some of our favourite places to eat on Milos, where a couple can easily eat for 35-40 euro, with little space left for dessert.

Oh! Hamos (Adamas)

The Oh Hamos restaurant if often considered one of the best places to eat in Milos by locals and visitors alike.

Ask anyone on Milos about places to eat, and it won't be long until Oh! Hamos is mentioned. They have a great selection of slow cooked oven dishes, including hearty meat dishes but also vegetarian and vegan options.

The setting right on Papikinou beach is very pleasant, and you can watch the sunset here. When you've finished your meal, take home a recipe postcard or two before you leave!

Note – there are often long queues to eat here in peak season. Try different times of the day – maybe around 5pm is your best bet.

** Find out more here **

Bakaliko tou Galani, Triovasalos

This small place came highly recommended by locals, and it was one of our favourite places to eat in Milos. They offer a variety of small, inexpensive dishes, that are all fantastic.

We came here after hiking to Kleftiko Bay, so it was a very well-deserved meal! Try the grilled mussels and the special kavourmas dish, but really everything on the menu was excellent.

Medusa, Mandrakia

This is a great fish taverna right on an impressive setting by the rocks. We loved our fish dishes, and were very amused with the owner’s stories. Don’t forget to ask him about the time he met the King of the Netherlands!

Hanabi (Pollonia)

Hanabi is a new Sushi restaurant in Milos, serving traditional Japanese and Signature dishes.

In my opinion, Greek cuisine is the best in the world, but if you want a change, the first Sushi restaurant on Milos could be just what you are looking for!

Hanabi is situated in Pollonia, and has a great selection of Japanese and Signature dishes as well as cocktails.

Impressive service and a nice setting round things off nicely, and Hanabi makes a good restaurant for your ‘treat' meal during a vacation in Milos.

** Find out more here **

If you have any questions about planning a trip to Milos, or would like to share travel information, please leave a comment below. It would be much appreciated!

Day Trip to Kimolos

I touched briefly on day trips in Milos, but thought I would mention one more. Kimolos is the closest island to Milos, and is just a half hour away on a local ferry so make a good day trip.

Here, tourism is really low key, and there is a true authentic feel to the island.

Dave Briggs at Skiadi rock in Kimolos island Greece

While generally, I would say to consider planning 3 or 4 days in Kimolos, it is perfectly possible to see the highlights on a day trip from Milos island.

Take a look here: How to get to Kimolos from Milos, and Best things to do in Kimolos.

Greek islands near Milos

Milos is the perfect island from where to continue your Greek islands hopping adventures. Some of the Greeks islands you can visit close to Milos include Kimolos, Folegandros, Sifnos, Serifos, and Paros.

Milos Greece Travel FAQ

Readers planning a trip to the beautiful island of Milos often ask questions similar to:

Where did the travel guides stay in Milos?

The Guides stayed in a small fishing village of Klima where the boat houses have been converted into boutique accommodation.

Can you get around Milos without a car?

Yes, you can explore Milos without a car if you either use the public bus service, take guided tours to some areas, or use the hiking trails. Taxis in Milos can also help you to see more of the island.

How long do you need in Milos?

Aim to spend at least three days in Milos in order to appreciate the charming towns, fantastic landscapes, and amazing Milos beaches.

Is Milos too touristy?

Like many Greek islands, Milos can be very busy during the peak month of August. Outside that though, it is large enough to easily absorb the visitors that make the journey, and does not feel too busy at all.

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Milos is the Greek island you've been waiting to hear about! Find out all about it in this Milos travel guide.

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    So, this time, I will go to less touristic islands. 🙂
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    • Hi,
      Unfortunately the two boats that typically make trips on this route (Artemis and Zante Ferries) have not go their schedules updated yet!
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      I have more hope that Artemis schedules will be updated at the end of this month

  2. I’m visiting Milos this fall and found info great! I do have a question though – is it difficult to find parking in Adamas? Can you park on the street or how do you know where you can and cannot park? Thanks!

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    I am traveling to Milos end October and I find your article very useful!
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    • Hi Rita – Difficult to plan as it is right at the tail end of the season.
      Personally, I would find the sea too cold for extended swims at the end of October. Fine though for jumping off a boat for 5 or 10 minutes if you’re thinking of taking a boat tour.
      The winds are not as strong as during the summer – unless it is a storm day.
      In short – At the end of October you could have an incredible day with warm sun, or it could rain and be overcast all day. Difficult to say!

  4. Hi, I’ve read one article that says Milos is lovely quiet and then one article that Milos is the “best party island”! We are going in June and have been spoilt in Kefalonia staying in local villages with no English speaking folk and only goats for neighbours! Please can someone help by clarifying, is Milos lively or quiet? Thank you

    • Hi Ellen,
      I would not call Milos a party island!
      At the same time, it is not as quiet (in terms of lack of tourists) as it once was.
      It’s a balance of things – but if you are after the ‘local’ feel you probably won’t have the same experience there.
      In June, it is still pre-peak season, and a very good time to go.
      If you are after a more local feel, can I suggest Kimolos (the island next door to Milos). In fact, you could split your time between the two if staying a week or two.

      • Hi Dave

        Thanks for this great article! Myself & my hubby are going to Milos & Santorini in July 2023 so are currently looking for up to date info & making our accommodation bookings currently.

        My husband is a very experienced driver & scooter / ATV driver. We are on strict budget (exchange rate is bad for us) so would like to know if we can do Milos by scooter? or would ATV be a better option? (Are the roads really that bad??) And how far in advance should we be booking one? Can you please recommend good affordable company for us to contact for hire?

        Can we do a private boat trip from
        Santorini to Milos or is ferry the better option? Should we be booking ferry trips far in advance to secure seats?

        We want to do a private boat trip around Milos, this is our romantic adventure bucket list. Can you please recommend who we contact & book through? Ideally looking for something affordable but private.

        Thank you very much

        • Hi Jean,
          So plenty of time to get ready for July of next year. In fact, the ferry timetables are unlikely to be released until April 2023 in any case!
          Santorini to Milos by ferry is the best option. There’s normally at least one ferry every day.
          You can check Ferryscanner once a week to see if and when the timetables for the Santorini – Milos crossing are updated.
          In my opinion an ATV is better than a scooter to get around Milos. It’s not that much more money per day. No need really to book an ATV more than 4 weeks ahead of time.
          I’ve got more info here: ATV rental in Milos
          You mention you’re on a budget but are interested in a private boat trip – to be honest, anything private is going to be very expensive. A shared boat, such as one o the Kleftiko cruises normally is around 150 dollars per person.
          If you want to test the waters and see how much a private trip might cost, contact:

  5. Hi, would you be able to advice whether in September time there are lots of wasps/hornets in Milos like e.g in some of the Ionian greek islinds? I am asking as I have a strong phobia from those :). Thanks a lot !

    • Hi,
      I don’t recall them being a problem in Milos. Like many of the Cyclades, Milos is quite dry and quite a contrast to the green of the Ionians, so I don’t think there are as many because of this.

  6. We have been to Milos for 4 days and loved it. We stayed in Plaka and rented a car. Sarakiniko beach is incredable. If there were not so many other islands to explore I would go back to Milos, if only to go back to Sarakiniko beach. We also did a day long boat trip with Nicholas out of Adamas and it was incredable. A day trip to Milos is not enough time to enjoy the island. My favourite island so far.

    • Hi,
      You can theoretically get from Naxos to Milos and back in a day, but I don’t think you would get to see much.
      Two better options would be the islands of Schinoussa and Iraklia.
      You can check ferry times and book tickets online here: Ferryhopper

  7. Hi Dave.
    We are planning on traveling to Greece May 10th -23rd. We are planning on visiting Crete, Santorini and Milos. Is it best to book the ferry ahead of time?
    We find your pages very helpful.

    • Hi Jeff,
      Apologies for the late reply, as I was away for a few days!
      I’d say to book the tickets a minimum of a month in advance would be best. As a foot passenger, you’d be unlikely to find a place even at the last minute though.
      Ferryhopper is the site to use. By Greek standards, it’s still early in the year, so not all the schedules may be available yet.

    • Hi Kelly,
      Difficult to answer – depends on the weather at the time, your tolerance to water temperatures, how long you want to swim.
      I would say that you probably won’t be spending hours at a time in the water like you can in August/September.
      If the day is a hot one though, the sea would be great to cool off in, but perhaps not extended swims over a half hour.

  8. Hi , just wondering about the bike hire in Milos. Do you know of a web site I can go to? I’m thinking of hiring a bike for several days and if possible an ebike – do you know if they hire these. I’m looking at September 2020.
    kind thanks

    • Hi Leanne,
      I’ve no specific recommendations for motorbike hire, but the first page of Google will give you a fair Idea of what’s available.
      I’m led to believe that e-bike hire is not yet available on Milos, but there is a chance that a company will introduce them in the 2020 season.
      Try googling a company called Milos Travel and shoot them an email – they are very well connected with local businesses, so will probably have more up to date info.
      Enjoy your time in Milos and Greece!

  9. Hi Dave,

    Thanks for this amazing article on Milos.

    We will be there from 31st August until 8th September. For sure we are going to take a full day boat trip. You mentioned that a quad is a good ide for one or two days. Can you tell me what beaches and other sites you suggest to visit with such a vehicle? The base will be Adamas and we would like to see as much as possible.

    Thanks in advance!
    Kind regards,

    • Hi Adam,
      Adamas is a great place to be based. You can check out here for the beaches on Milos: Best beaches on Milos
      How far you can get on the quad will depend on fuel capacity and what they allow. In particular, as about Thiorichia beach, which is the sulphur mine beach – that’s quite a unique one!


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