Milos to Naxos ferry guide: Schedules and Island Hopping Info

There is one daily ferry from Milos to Naxos during the summer, with an additional boat operating the Milos Naxos ferry route once per week.

How to travel to Naxos from Milos island in Greece

Naxos island in Greece

Wondering which island to visit after Milos? Naxos has plenty of things to see and do, and is a good vacation destination for families, couples, and groups of friends.

As the largest island in the Cyclades, it has great infrastructure, but never feels over-touristy in the way that places such as Mykonos and Santorini can do.

Getting to Naxos from Milos is fairly straightforward, and during the summer you can expect at least one ferry per day. Unfortunately, although both islands do have airports, they only connect with Athens so you can't fly from one island to the other.

Ferries to Naxos from Milos

During the height of summer, there is one high speed ferry per day from Milos to Naxos operated by SeaJets. This is supplemented by a slower, once a week conventional ferry that operates throughout the year which is operated by Blue Star Ferries.

SeaJets operate the fastest ferry from Milos going to Naxos, which takes around 2 hours and 25 minutes. This is the more expensive option, but you will be saving valuable vacation time by taking the quicker boat.

The slow ferry sailing to Naxos from Milos island takes around 6 hours and 5 minutes. This normally operates throughout the entire year, and has slightly cheaper prices.

Milos Naxos Ferry Route Tickets

The easiest way to book ferry tickets online is by using Ferryhopper. There, you'll be able to find the latest timetables and travel times for this Milos ferry to Naxos.

Keep in mind that some ferry routes between popular destinations in the Cyclades group can sell out during high season. I recommend you book online a month or so in advance.

As Milos to Naxos ferry timetables are only uploaded a couple of months in advance, you might want to check out to research which boats ran in the previous year.

If you want to see what other islands you can visit after Milos, take a look at this guide to Ferries from Milos.

Naxos Island Travel Tips

A few travel tips for visiting the island of Naxos:

  • There are lots of different areas you can stay in Naxos. Many travelers may prefer to be based in the Chora where many of the main attractions, tavernas and nightlife can be enjoyed. I personally prefer the Agios Prokopios area, as I normally travel with a car and so can easily drive to different areas on the island whenever I like. For where to stay in Naxos, take a look at Booking. I've previously stayed at a very affordable self-catering place you can check out here: Aggelos Studios.

  • One of the best places to look at Naxos ferry schedules from Milos and to book tickets online is at Ferryhopper. I think it's better that you book your Milos to Naxos ferry tickets a few weeks in advance, especially during the peak travel season. You can also leave it until you are in Greece and use a travel agency, but keep in mind that ferries in August can sell out as more people travel in that month. If you're looking to do this trip in reverse, go over to my guide on Naxos to Milos ferries.

What to see in Naxos Greece

There's lots of things to do in Naxos ranging from hiking to watersports, exploring archaeological sites and of course getting in some beach time.

I have some dedicated travel guide to Naxos that you might be interested in reading:

How to go to from Milos to Naxos FAQ

Readers sometimes ask these question about traveling to Naxos from Milos include:

How can you get to Naxos from Milos?

The quickest way to make a journey from Milos to Naxos is to take a direct ferry. There is normally at least  1 ferry per day during the tourists season, and an additional ferry one time per week on Saturdays sailing to the Cyclades island of Naxos from Milos.

Do Milos and Naxos have airports?

Although the Greek islands of Milos and Naxos both have an airport, flying from between Milos and Naxos is not something you can do. Their airports currently only have connections with Athens.

How many hours is the ferry from Milos to Naxos?

The ferries to Naxos from Milos take between 2 hours and 25 minutes and 6 hours and 5 minutes. Ferry operators on the Milos Naxos route may include SeaJets (the fastest crossing) and Blue Star Ferries.

How do I buy ferry tickets to Naxos?

The best place to look at tickets for the ferry from Milos to Naxos is Ferryhopper. They normally update the schedules a couple of months in advance, and it is easy to see and compare ferry ticket prices to the Greek islands.

Ferries from Milos to Naxos in Greece

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  1. Hi Dave,
    We will be needing to travel between Milos and Naxos in mid-late September this year. Traveling with 2 kids both under 10yrs old.
    Do you think the ferry service would be too rough for them (at the moment, only the high speed catamaran ferry is showing on the schedule) and would it be better to fly, despite the annoying need to have to swap planes in Athens airport?


    • Hi Simon,

      The stronger winds blow through the Cyclades during August, so any winds would be milder in September.
      SeaJets is really the only option (unless a Blue Star happens to sail on the day you need), as flights would eat up your vacation time.
      I think for a shortish journey of a couple of hours the kids would be fine. Lot’s of ginger before the sailing perhaps!

  2. Hi Dave, When you say summer or shoulder season for ferries are you meaning May? Is May classed as a shoulder season? If so, then do I need to think more strategically about ferries from both Milos to Naxos, and Milos to Syros?
    We’re thinking of flying into Santorini, a ferry to Milos, then a ferry to Syros then on to Athens all in May. Is this doable or should we leave Syros and go to Naxos, would that be easier?

    • Hi Jo,

      May is shoulder season for weather (a bit chilly for extended sea swims), but ferries should be up an running just fine by then.
      I think it all sounds doable – just depends on the exact ferry times of course.
      Partial ferry schedules for 2023 may be released now. More ferries are added to routes in March/April.

    • Hi Rachel – None that I am aware of. I think the distance would be too much for this in one day. You could try getting in touch with some yacht charter companies (just google yacht charter naxos) to see what they say – would be interested in hearing what you come up with!


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