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Dave Briggs visiting an island in GreeceDave Briggs
Dave is a travel writer based in Greece. As well as creating hundreds of guides about traveling in Greece, he's also cycled around much of the world. Follow Dave on social media for travel inspiration from Greece and beyond:

21 thoughts on “Thank you for subscribing!”

  1. Hi Dave

    I live in Germany and want to visit Greece for 7 days, We have a direct flight to Corfu from Nuremberg , not Athens so is it ok we skip Athens ? I heard there is nothing much to see in Athens anyways ?
    We are family of three and we love beaches and want to see some of historical Greece too.
    Reading your comments which islands we should visit to make the most from our 7 day itinerary?
    Which ones are the Cyclades islands ?
    Reading your comments it seems
    Crete and Rhodes are best islands.
    Naxos ?
    Off course Mykonos and Santorini are in our list . Can you please guide me for the best 7 days itinerary? And fir ferry booking , how many days advance booking we have to do ? Or we can just do same day ?
    Thanks so much


    • Hi Shilpa,
      As you’re flying in to Corfu, you might as well stay there and divide your time between Corfu and Paxi perhaps. Although there is enough on Corfu that you could stay there quite happily for the week.
      If you try to get to the Cyclades, it will cost you the same as the flight you got from Germany already – if not more money.
      If you do decide to go to Crete or Rhodes, you would need to fly Corfu to Athens, and then another flight to the island you want to go.

  2. Hi David , Hope you are doing well.
    My first time going to Greece, I’m going solo, Will be there for 14 days .
    What would you recommend.
    Thank you so much , Have a wonderful day.
    Alicia Lilly.

    • Hi Alicia,
      I would suggest putting together something based on your interests.
      If those are ancient sites for example, you might go to the Peloponnese.
      If you just want beaches, then perhaps the Cyclades are better.
      Also budget and the type of traveler you are play a factor.
      Take a look at this post for a starting point: 14 days in Greece

  3. Hello. My daughter and I are planning a trip to Greece late September or beginning of October.
    I’m interested in Athens and possibly vdoing the day trips to islands.
    How long would you suggest to spend in Athens?

    • Hi Nilda,
      It depends a lot of what you would like to see and do in Greece.
      Actually, Athens is a great place to be based to see a lot of the highlights of mainland Greece.
      For day trips to islands though, you’d really be looking at the closer islands such as Hydra.
      As you’ve subscribed, you’ll get a lot more information over the next days that might help you decide what to see and do.
      Also feel free to join our Facebook group to ask any questions you may have: Real Greek Experiences

  4. Hi Dave I’m planning on going to Greece with my 10yo girl , is it a good choice to stay in Crete and then Athens before we heading back to Jakarta ? This is gonna be our first trip to Greece

    • Hi Maya!
      Great to hear you have a first trip to Greece planned.
      Personally, I love Crete as it’s one of my favourite islands.
      To be honest though, it really depends what you are looking for out of your vacation in Greece.
      I see you’ve signed up for my guides, which I’ll send out over the next days.
      Hopefully, that will add to your planning!

  5. My husband & I are planning a trip to Greece in October. Starting with an 13-14 day organized tour and then we will be travelling on our own to Naxos and staying there from October 21 through October 24 and will probably be flying to save on time.

    Do you know of any day trips between Naxos and Mykonos (that even would include Delos) that run that late in the season? Thanks!

  6. Good Morning Dave
    I will be visiting Greece in September 2019.Spending 1 night in Piraeus Then 7 day Cruise on Celestyal Cruises. Then back to Piraeus for 1 night. Then ferry to Paros for 4 nights then back to Piraeus 2 nights.
    on my last full day in Greece I would like to travel to Hydra.What is your suggestion ,the ferry to Hydra or a cruise that takes in 3 islands.I am a Solo Senior traveler What I would really like to do is take an early ferry to Hydra Take a boat Taxi to a beach for a while then spend the rest of the day in town.Is that doable or am I stretching it too far. I know the 3 Island day cruise is an option but do you spend enough time in Hydra to really enjoy it.Your input would be appreciated Thank you

    • Hi Jean,
      It sounds like you’re the adventurous type, so I’d recommend the Hydra only option. The 3 island trip wouldn’t give you too much time on Hydra.
      Wishing you all the best with your trip to Greece!
      I’ve got a little information on Hydra here to get you started – Hydra Day Tours.

  7. Hi Dave….Me and 3 of my friends planining to travel first in Sanotorini and for 2 days in Athens….First time visiting both places….Please let us know First is Santorini where to go and visit then after visit in Athens for 2 days and coming back to Santorini and stay 4 more days….Ehat are the best places to visit….Thank you

    • Hi Rita,
      Sounds like a great trip to Greece you have planned!
      You’ll get all the information you need over the next few days in the emails I’ll be sending you.
      Two great starting points are 2 days in Athens itinerary and my Santorini guide here.
      If i understood you though, you are planning to go to Santorini – Athens – Back to Santorini? Not sure I see the logic there, but maybe I misunderstood!

  8. Hi, my name is Clara my husband and I planing to go to Greece for 10 days in early October. We planing to stay 2 in Santorini. What to see in Santorini.
    Than I you

  9. I am planning my second trip to Athens, the first one being in 1968. So you can see that I am in my mid 70s and will be lacking the stamina I had on the previous visit. I have read your excellent blog especially 2 days in Athens. We will be there for 3 nights..

    My plan is to start early at the Acropolis museum and then the Acropolis and its various sites. I then plan to go to the Ancient Agora and then on to Monastiraki Square for lunch shopping and the Flea marked. Home on the metro. Day 2 would be Hadrians Arch, temple of Zeus, Plaka then on to Syntagma Square for lunch and Changing of the Guard. Back on the metro again. I am looking at about 6 hours on the go each day, Do you have any comments or embellishments?

    We also plan to spend 7 nights in Crete and 2 on Santorini. Do you cover these areas or is it just Athens

    Regards David

    • Hi David,
      I hope you are well.
      Great to hear you are returning to Athens after so many years – I think a lot will have changed, but the historic centre is if anything easier to get around.
      Your plan for sightseeing in Athens sounds very good. I would take lunch in the Plaka area on day one though, as you will be there after leaving the Agora.
      Day 2 – Plaka is out of sequence, so move that into day 1 if possible. In your day 2 itinerary, you could also include the Panathenaic Stadium.

      On to Crete and Santorini – I’ve many articles on those areas. Here’s two starting points for you – Santorini and Crete.
      You’ll get plenty of information through the email sequence as well – drip read over a few days so as not to overwhelm you!
      Have a great time in Greece

  10. My family loves to travel. Planning to go to Greece for 5 days, Albania for 3 days, and Romania for 5 days in April. Your guide to Greece is very helpful. If I have any question I will email you. Thank you.


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