Cycling from Twin Harbours to Bruceport County Campground

The first night's sleep in the makeshift shelter I had to construct, and then I cycled from Twin Harbours to Bruceport County Campground.

The night in the shelter

(Blog post written: Sept 26 2009)

Arriving at Twin Harbours the previous night, my tent poles all snapped. This meant I had to put up a temporary shelter for the night in the campground. Pretty sure I got some strange looks from other people!

I slept well, and it didn’t rain during the night. Probably just as well, as the temporary shelter I constructed due to the pole failures would be about as waterproof as a sieve!

During the night, I realised that the tent was now finished. Whilst it might be possible to get poles shipped out to me, I simply didn't have the time to wait for them.

The only real option was to just carry on along the cycling route, and then buy another tent from a store when I found one.

Welcome to the D-Ment

So, I decided until that happened, I might as well give my new sleeping system a name.  The full title was Dave's Makeshift Tent… or the D-Ment for short!

So, if you see the D-Ment mentioned in future blog posts, you'll know what it means.

The D-Ment - Dave's Makeshift Tent

Sleeping in the D-Ment was no different than sleeping in a regular tent. Well, it was a little more coffin like I suppose.

Packing it away was relatively easy, and it was on with the day's cycling.

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Cycling to Bruceport

Today, I set my destination as being Bruceport. There were more easy roads, with a tailwind helping along for good measure.

I called it a day at Bruceport County campground, which had 10 dollar hiker/biker sites good showers (in which I did my laundry), and a covered area with electricity where I recharged all my gear.

The D-Ment went up easily, and I forgot to mention that I purchased an additional tarp to use as a ground sheet.

The big test for the D-Ment will of course be when it rains, but I’m not particularly praying for that event to happen!

At the campground, two Canadian cyclists who I met briefly at the last camp ground showed up, who are cycling to Mexico.

Looks like we will be leapfrogging each other for a few more days yet. Tomorrow should be my last day in Washington State before I enter Oregon.


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