Cycling from Corinth to Nafplion – Day 2 Hercules Bike Tour

On the second day of the Hercules Bike Tour in the Peloponnese of Greece, I cycled from Corinth to Nafplion. Here's some of the updates from day 2 of my bike tour in Greece.

Day 2 Hercules Bike Tour

I felt pretty fresh in the morning, and was looking forward to the ride to Nafplio. It would be a shorter day than the first, but cycling in Greece is always a challenge!

I also had a stop planned at the archaeological site of Mycenae, so it would certainly be a busy day!

Cycling to Mycenae

When visiting archaeological sites in Greece with the bike, I have been used to being able to leave it just inside the complex locked to a fence. This was not the case in Mycenae though.


It certainly wasn't through lack of trying, but I just couldn't seem to be able to persuade the staff that it would be safer and easier on the inside than outside. So, I had to lock the bike to the fence outside, and hope that my bags would still be on it when I came back!

Visiting Mycenae in Greece

This was my second time of visiting Mycenae in Greece. It was no less impressive the second time around! As a defensive hill fort, it represents not only the heart of an ancient civilisation, but also perhaps provides a link between my bike tour and the 12 Labours Hercules myth. I explain a little more in my vlog from the day which is underneath.

Interested in visiting Mycenae? Of course, you can visit Mycenae on a bicycle like me! Your other two best options would be to visit as part of a Greek road trip, or as a day trip from Athens.

Cycling to Nafplion

After leaving Mycenae behind, it was then time to cycle on to Nafplion. Again, I was staying in very cheap accommodation, and would be in town for two nights.


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