Greece Eurovelo Route 8 Maps and Route Suggestions

The Eurovelo Route 8 can start or end in Greece. Here, we've put together some useful maps and route suggestions for the Greek Eurovelo route.

Dave Briggs cycling in Athens

Cycling EuroVelo in Greece

The EuroVelo 8 bike tour can start or end in Greece. We have set up the route with Athens as the starting point heading north with an intentional meandering path that takes in some key highlights including Athens, Delphi, and Meteora.

The Greece route winds through the birthplace of western civilization. This Mediterranean oasis has blue waters accentuated by ridges of mountains, loads of ancient olive trees, and white Orthodox church buildings and monasteries which contrast beautifully with the landscape.

Greece is a land of temperate climate with a usually gregarious, passionate people.

The below maps are at a 1:50,000 scale allowing a good amount of detail to be seen. These maps can be downloaded on a phone or mobile device or printed.

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We provide some notes on highlights along the way. These notes and route input include feedback from national Greek friends and our adventure cycling friend, Dave Briggs. Thanks to you all!

Have fun planning your next bike touring adventure and even more fun out on the road.

EuroVelo 8 – Map start in Athens –

Thebes was a land that was a strategic spot on the ancient map. Because of this, it was a place with a history of conflict. One of those conflicts includes Alexander conquering this key region of old.

The flat lands and rolling hills at this point begin to turn more mountainous. This comes at a good time a few days into the journey with biking legs ready to go.

Delphi is another ancient city with well preserved stadium and temples. It is worth a good look-around if you are seeing the sites along the way. It also has some affordable accommodation in the town. More here: Best Hotels In Delphi Greece

The beginning of switchbacks indicate steeper climbs at this point. The mountains here hit a high point for the Greek part of the EuroVelo 8 journey at 1280 meters or 4200 feet.

Gravia is a historic town. The Inn here is famous for a feud with the Ottoman Empire several centuries ago.

Lamia is an ancient town with a story and a beautiful river view.

The towering rocks of Meteora are worth checking out. Whether taking a day or two to explore or just taking it in from the saddle, you will want to take a few pics and enjoy the unique beauty that is Meteora.

This area has the “cursed” road. It is a treacherous stretch where there have been a number of deaths because of high speed turns with little visibility.

Because of a nearby tollway, the road is not nearly as busy or as cursed. But, it is good to know the history and take some precaution as you enjoy the winding mountain road here.

Another ancient city, Ioannina dates back to the 6th century has an ancient theater and medieval fortress that are worth checking out. It is a good spot to stop off before heading on into Albania for the next leg of the EuroVelo 8 bike tour.

Please share with the bike touring community your highlights, recommendations for the Greek route of the EuroVelo 8.

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