Cycling from Playa Sunzal to Zacatecoluca in El Salvador

On this day of my Pan American bike tour, I cycled from Playa Sunzal to Zacatecoluca in El Salvador. Here's my bikepacking blog post from the day.

A morning stroll on the beach before heading of on the bicycle from Playa Sunzal to Zacatecoluca in El Salvador

An early start cycling

(Blog post written March 18 2010 when cycling from Alaska to Argentina)

After a quick stroll on the beach, I set off at just gone 07.00. The cycling was fairly simple, apart from where the road detoured around a collapsed bridge.

El Salvador is constantly hit by natural disasters, and cleaning up is an ongoing process for some of the infrastructure.

A bridge out in El Salvador

Towards the end of my cycling day, the combination of hills and heat became a little tiring, but I still made it to the town of Zacatecoluca at just gone 12.00.

Hotel Royal King was just on the left as I approached the town, so I went in to check it out. They wanted 17 dollars for the room, with the added bonus that there was also a swimming pool.

This would normally be out of my price range, but Carmen had kindly donated some more money, with the explicit instructions that it should be spent on a place like this.

So that’s what I did ! I have to say, that an afternoon swim is an ideal way to cool down after a days cycling!

Hotel with swimming pool in El Salvador

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