Best Day Trips In Milos – Boat Tours, Excursions, and Tours

These day trips in Milos are perfect for experiencing this incredible Greek island in the Cyclades. Here's the best excursions, activities and boat tours in Milos Greece.

Milos boat tours to Kleftiko are among the most popular day trips in Milos island Greece

Milos Day Trip Ideas

The Greek island of Milos is gaining a higher profile thanks to its unique landscapes, marvelous beaches, and great food. I've now visited Milos twice, and can't wait to return for a third time!

Milos certainly has plenty to offer, and if you're looking for an indepth guide, take a look at my Milos Island Travel Guide.

In this post though, I want to share with you a selection of the best organised tours in Milos. Adding one of these into your Milos travel itinerary is a good idea if you only have a short time on the island. It's also essential if you want to visit Kleftiko Bay.

Milos Boat Tours

One of the best ways to see the island, is by taking a Milos boat tour. Being able to see the coastline from the sea reveals some amazing views, and is the easiest way to get to places such as Kleftiko Bay.

A milos boat trip is a great way to see Kleftiko bay

I've selected some of the best Milos sailing tours below for you to look at.  

Kleftiko Full Day Sailing Cruise

Kleftiko Bay is a must-see during any holiday in Milos. There are a number of different Milos boat trips to Kleftiko, all offering slightly varying itineraries.

This 10 hour tour starts from Adamas, and will take you to Kleftiko and back on a comfortable yacht. There's time to see other beaches and the fantastic coastline of Milos along the way.

Looking at some of the boat trips arriving in Kleftiko Bay on Milos island in Greece

Highlights of this daily boat tour to Kleftiko in Milos include the snorkeling, underwater photos, and rib boat tour of the caves at Kleftiko. 

Find out more, and book a tour here: Kleftiko Full Day Sailing Cruise with Snorkeling and Lunch

Full Day Sailing Cruise Milos Highlights

If you prefer a more personal experience, but can't quite shell out for a private tour, this small group sailing tour in Milos could be an answer.

The group size is limited to a maximum of 10 participants, and takes you to areas of Milos that are inaccessible by land.

Swimming at Kleftiko Bay in Milos Greece

Obvious highlights of this 8 hour tour that starts and finishes in Adamas are being able to visit Kleftiko Beach, frequent swim and snorkel stops, and a more personalised touch.

Book a tour here: Milos Highlights – Full Day Sailing Cruise in a Small Group

Milos & Poliegos Island Cruise with Lunch

This island cruise from Milos also includes Kleftiko in the itinerary, but adds in a swim at nearby Poliegos island.

With lots of opportunity to take photos of dramatic coastlines and shore areas, swimming and snorkeling, you also get to enjoy the scenic views of traditional fishing villages.

Seeing a sunset in Klima in Milos

The colourful houses of the fishing villages are known as “syrmatas”, and you'll have lots of great photos of villages such as Skinopi, Klima, Areti, and Fourkovouni.

Book a trip here: Milos & Poliegos Island Cruise

Milos Tours

There are other day trip ideas in Milos you can choose from. Here's a few listed below.

Milos Kayaking Tour to Tsigrado and Gerakas Beach

Why not combine sightseeing with a little fun and activity? This kayaking trip certainly has you covered!

Kayaking in Milos greece

During this 3 hour kayaking trip, you'll have an action camera to record whatever takes your interest. Perhaps it will be some sea caves, or remote beaches. You might even be lucky enough to get a sea turtle on film!

Book an excursion here: Milos Kayaking Tour to Tsigrado and Gerakas Beach

Best of Milos Island Tour

If you are not too keen on taking to the water, and don't really want to drive around Milos, this day trip is worth consideration.

During this 8 hour tour of some of the main Milos attractions, you'll be part of a small group numbering no more than 8 people.

Walking through Plaka in Milos island in Greece

Highlights include exploring the almost lunar landscape of Sarakiniko, the Christian catacombs, walking around Plaka, and a couple of beach swims.

For more details look here: Best of Milos Island Tour

Day trips from Milos

Whether you want to go on a sailing trip, see the colourful fishing villages, or explore a part of the island you can't reach yourself, an organized half day or full day tour is a good way to experience more of Milos.

Here's a complete list of the best Milos day tours:

FAQ about Tours in Milos

Here are some commonly asked questions that may help in you Milos trip planning.

Visiting the sulphur mine beach n a tour of milos greece

How many days do you need in Milos?

In my opinion, 3 days is the bare minimum needed in Milos. This will give you an opportunity to take a day trip to Kleftiko Bay, and enjoy the Milos beaches such as the famous Sarakiniko Beach

Can you visit Kimolos on a day trip from Milos?

It's very easy to take a day trip from Milos to Kimolos, as there is a local ferry running between the two close islands several times a day. I've a guide here on how to get from Milos to Kimolos by ferry.

Guide here: Things to do in Kimolos island

What is the best area to stay in Milos?

For stays of just a few nights, Adamas is the best area to stay in Milos island. There's plenty of accommodation choices, and the port is also the departure point for most of the boat tours in Milos. Read more here: Where to stay in Milos.

What is Milos famous for?

Until a few years ago, Milos was best known as being the place where the world-famous Venus de Milo statue was discovered. In recent years though, Milos has become famous as the Island of Colors thanks to its unusual volcanic landscape, sparkling blue waters and colorfully painted fisherman's houses.

Milos is known as the island of colors as can be seen by these cute fisherman's houses

A Guide To Milos Day Trips

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A guide to the best day trips in Milos Greece

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