How to get from Milos to Kimolos by ferry

It’s easy to travel between the Greek islands of Milos and Kimolos by ferry. This guide shows you how to get to Kimolos from Milos.

The local Milos to Kimolos ferry docked in Psathi, Kimolos

Milos to Kimolos ferry

Milos and Kimolos are perhaps two of the closest neighbours in the Cyclades islands. In fact, they were once joined together but became separated after an earthquake nearly 2000 years ago.

Because they are so close together, it is entirely possible to visit Kimolos on a day trip from Milos. I’d suggest staying longer on Kimolos if you can though, as it’s a charming island and a touch more authentic than the more well known Milos.

The route between Milos and Kimolos is one of the easiest to plan and get tickets for. In addition to 4-5 local ferries per day in the summer (the Osia Methodia), there are also larger ferries which connect the two.

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Where to buy Milos Kimolos ferry tickets

Usually, I would recommend Ferryhopper as your source of updated information for ferry routes and ferry tickets in Greece.

In this case though, it’s probably just as easy to buy a ferry ticket on the day before you want to travel from any travel agent in the main towns of Milos such as Adamantas, Pollenia, or Plaka.

Milos to Kimolos Day Trip

If you plan to visit Kimolos on a day trip from Milos, you could take the first boat out, and then catch the last boat back. If you are reading this in your own country, you can check out the Osia Methodia ferry schedules, itineraries and fares here: Kimolos Link.

Taking the Osia Methodia Milos to Kimolos local ferry

Note that car hire companies are reluctant for people to take cars on ferries to different Cyclades islands.

When visiting Kimolos, it would be easier to travel as a foot passenger and then hire a car on arrival. In high season, you might want to pre-arrange a hire car organised in Milos.

Local Kimolos ferry vs bigger ferries

If the weather is good, the local ferry that travels between Milos and Kimolos island is the best and cheapest option. Leaving from the smaller Milos ferry port at Pollonia, the journey to Psathi in Kimolos takes barely half an hour.

Passengers should aim to be at the port 20 minutes or so before the departure time.

If the weather is bad though, this smaller local ferry crossing may not run. Keep an eye on the weather reports!

If you can only take the larger conventional ferry, it’s unlikely you can visit Kimolos on a day trip, and should stay at least overnight. Check out Ferryhopper for details of the larger ferries.

Note that the larger ferries leave from Adamas port in Milos island, and so the journey time is almost double to Kimolos than the smaller local ferry service.

Here's a few commonly asked questions about the ferry that goes from Milos to Kimolos.

The Osia Methodia ferry waiting to be boarded

Where does the ferry from Milos to Kimolos arrive?

The larger and local ferries from Milos to Kimolos arrive at Psathi port in Kimolos after leaving from Pollonia. Psathi is the only port in Kimolos.

How long does it take to get from Milos to Kimolos?

The local ferry route takes about a half hour to sail from Milos to Kimolos. The larger ferries leaving from Adamas Port take around an hour.

How much does the local Milos to Kimolos ferry cost?

The local ferry from Milos to Kimolos is one of the cheapest in Greece. When I used this ferry service in the summer of 2020, the cost for a foot passenger was 2.40 Euro and a car cost 9.60 Euro.

Which ferry services operate the Milos to Kimolos route?

The local ferry operator is Blue Gem, and they have one boat called the Osia Methodia which runs between Milos and Kimolos. In late summer 2020, Zante Ferries and Blue Star Ferries were among the ferry companies also operating the route between Kimolos and Milos.

How frequent is the Milos to Kimolos ferry?

During the summer months, you can expect 6-7 boats per day on the Milos to Kimolos ferry route. The local service offers 4-6 crossings per day, and the larger boats offer additional choices at a frequency of 1-2 ships per day.

Where does the ferry to Kimolos leave from in Milos?

Ferries to Kimolos leave from both Pollonia and Adamas ports in Milos. You’ll need to make sure which port your Milos Kimolos boat leaves from when buying your ticket.

Is there an Athens to Kimolos ferry?

During the summer months there is typically one ferry per day leaving from Athens to Kimolos. The ferries leave from Piraeus port. You can find out more here – How to travel from Athens to Kimolos.

Where to stay in Kimolos

There are plenty of places to stay in Kimolos, including hotels, apartments and AirBnB's. In September of 2020, we stayed by Aliki, one of the Kimolos beaches at a place called Thalasea Kimolos.

The swimming pool at the Thalasea Kimolos Hotel

Take a look at the map below to find hotels in Kimolos.

Things to do in Kimolos

Milos has a much higher profile as a destination than Kimolos, but many travelers find they prefer Kimolos out of the two.

Kimolos has a much more authentic feel than Milos, is far more laid back, and a lot quieter!

Dave and Vanessa from Dave's Travel Pages in Kimolos, Greece

When planning what to do in Kimolos, you might consider some of the following:

You can read our full travel guide here: Things to do in Kimolos Greece.

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How to travel from Milos to Kimolos on the local ferry in Greece


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