Cycling in Croatia | Route Maps, Vlogs, and Essential Information

This guide to bike touring Croatia should help you plan a bicycle trip in Croatia, whether for a few days or a few weeks.

Dave Briggs talks about his bicycle touring budget for May 2016.

Bike Touring Croatia

Croatia is a beautiful country with a long Adriatic coastline, medieval walled cities, and plenty of islands to explore. It's a great place for a cycling holiday, whether you're looking for an easy coastal ride or something more challenging in the interior.

In this guide, you'll find:

– Route ideas for bicycle touring in Croatia

– Essential information on accommodation, food, and drink

– Cycling tips and advice

– My own experience bike touring in Croatia, including videos

Cycling Croatia – Quick Info

Here's some quick information about Croatia and what it is like bikepacking there which may help you plan your cycling trip:

– Geography: Croatia has a long coastline on the Adriatic Sea, as well as over 1000 islands. The interior is mostly hilly, with some mountains in the south.

– Climate: Croatia has a Mediterranean climate, so expect hot, dry summers and mild winters.

– Language: Croatian is the official language, but English is also widely spoken.

– Currency: The Croatian currency is the Kuna (HRK).

– Accommodation: Budget places to stay from 20 Euros per night. Campsites from 10 Euros per night.

– Food and drink: Traditional Croatian food is hearty and filling. Prices range, but you can get a filling meal for less than 15 Euros.

My experiences Cycle Touring Croatia

I spent nearly two weeks cycling in Croatia during my 2016 Greece to England bike trip. Here's my bike touring videos and cycling tips for Croatia.

During my time cycling in Croatia, I followed the beautiful coastline. Occasionally, I cycled across a handful of the countless small islands.

My bike touring trip through Croatia was rewarded with stunning views, and I won't lie the odd disappointment. 

Here are my route maps and vlogs from cycling across Croatia, along with information that might be useful if you are planning your own bicycle tour there.

What is Croatia like for cycling?

Is Croatia in the Balkans or not? Opinion is divided, but my view is that it is a cross-over country. I think it combines western European traits with a Mediterranean flair.

For the cyclist, this means good roads, friendly people (well, south of Dubrovnik at any rate!), and countless mini-markets to stock up on supplies.

Although the road system that follows the coastline is not really designed with cyclists in mind, drivers for the most part give cyclists room as they pass.

Dubrovnik - Is beauty only skin deep?

Bike Touring in Croatia

Bicycle touring in Croatia is not a novelty. Dozens of companies offer guided cycling trips along certain sections of the coastline. So, if you don't feel up to cycling in Croatia independently, you could always book an organised cycling vacation.

For me though, the beauty of bicycle touring is being able to set your own pace and itinerary. It is an ideal way to see any country, and especially Croatia.

Croatia Bike Tours: All you need to know about cycling in Croatia. Useful route maps, daily vlogs, and other essential information you might need to help plan your own bicycle tour in Croatia.


Best time to bike tour in Croatia

I toured through Croatia at the end of May and the beginning of June. The idea was to avoid the insane heat of late July and August, and also dodge the tourist crowds.

This worked perfectly for me, and I would certainly suggest that this is the best time of year to go cycling in Croatia. Touring at this time of year will also avoid some of the price hikes which occur, especially for accommodation.

When it came to route, I for the most time followed the coastline from South to North. There are of course plenty of other routes, and a lot more country to choose from! You can find out more here about my Greece to England cycling route.


Route Maps and Vlogs from Cycling in Croatia

Here then, I include the cycling route in Croatia, as well as the daily vlogs I kept during my trip. I really recommend that you watch the vlogs if you are planning on cycling in Croatia.

Not only do they showcase the scenery and road conditions you might encounter, but they also include my thoughts on each day, as well as a running commentary. If you are after further travel inspiration for Croatia, this 2 week itinerary is excellent further reading.

Cycling from Greece to England Vlog Day 19 – Herceg Novi to Dubrovnik

For a full route map, click here >>

Time off in Dubrovnik

Cycling from Greece to England Vlog Day 23 – Dubrovnik to Neum

For a full route map click here >>

Cycling from Greece to England Vlog Day 24 – Neum to Makarska

For a full route map click here >>

Cycling from Greece to England Vlog Day 25 – Makarska to Split in Croatia

For a full route map click here >>

Cycling from Greece to England Vlog Day 26 – Cycling from Split to Camping Tomas

For a full route map click here >>

Cycling from Greece to England Vlog Day 27 – Camping Tomas to Camping Bozo

For a full route map click here >>

Cycling from Greece to England Vlog Day 28 – Camping Bozo to Kolan

For a full route map click here >>

Cycling from Greece to England Vlog Day 29 – Kolan to Senj in Croatia

For a full route map click here >>

Cycling from Greece to England Vlog Day 30 – Senj to Ogulin in Croatia

For a full route map click here >>

Cycling from Greece to England Vlog Day 31 – Ogulin to Big Berry Campground in Slovenia

For a full route map click here >>

For the second part of the route map click here >>

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  1. Hi Dave,

    We 3 girls planning to cycling in Croatia for 20 days in coming mid June. I just wondering if this is possible to carry 3 bikes when taking bus. We will ride from Dubrovnik to Zagreb

  2. Hey Dave. I enjoyed your video blog and notes about Croatia. Heading there in Sep. Thanks for making the effort to post.

    • hi. just noticed you had planned to cycle tour croatia in sept. past. love to hear how it went. planning to go there sept 2020. apprecaite it. all the best

      • I got injured just before the trip and couldn’t do the bike ride. Disappointed but had a good look around Bosnia and Croatia. Didn’t really appeal to me for cycling due to the narrow roads with heavy traffic, and so many hills! If I go again, I’d plan to ride quiet roads, or even island hop – one of those cruises that carries bikes and visits islands. Or rail trail


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