How to get from Athens to Folegandros by ferry

There is at least one ferry a day sailing from Piraeus Port in Athens to Folegandros island in Greece. Here's more about the Athens Folegandros ferry route.

Chora in Folegandros is where most tourists choose to eat and spend the evening

Folegandros island in Greece

Folegandros has created quite a buzz in recent years as an upcoming destination in Greece. Many people who visit the island straight after Santorini far prefer Folegandros due to its different nature.

Folegandros is developing a reputation as a place to go and enjoy the beaches, and have memorable nights out eating meals in the social atmosphere of Chora, the main town.

The Greek island of Folegandros is the type of place you can enjoy a relaxing vacation, but also find plenty to do. There's some lovely hiking paths to beaches, the Chora is one of the prettiest in the Cyclades islands of Greece, and the sunset view from the Panagia church is amazing!

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How to get to Folegandros from Athens

While many people visit Folegandros directly from other islands of the Cyclades such as Santorini, the Athens Folegandros ferry trip is also a popular way to get there.

During the summer months, different ferry companies offer a ferry trip from Athens to Folegandros, with the most reliable being SeaJets. They offer a daily high speed ferry leaving in the morning that will get you to Folegandros in about 3 hours and 45 minutes. Ticket prices start from 69.70 Euro.

These high speed ferries depart from Piraeus port in Athens. The ferry ride is likely to sell out in the high season, so check the up to date ferry schedule and book tickets online at Ferryhopper.

Zante Ferries Athens Folegandros

Using a slower conventional ferry, Zante Ferries operate a year round service between Piraeus and Folegandros. The problem with Zante Ferries, is that they leave it until the last minute to update the timetables for their ferry routes!

This means, for example, if you wanted to book an island hopping trip with them in March for ferry travel in August you can't, because their timetables aren't live yet.

If you prefer to leave booking your Greek ferries until the last moment though, you will find them cheaper. They normally operate 3 crossings per week from Athens to Folegandros by ferry.


Using the ferry to island hop from Folegandros to other islands in the Cyclades

I recommend using Ferryhopper in order to find what times ships sail, and to easily book Folegandros ferry tickets online.

Ferry Schedules and Travel Times

The travel times from Athens to Folegandros can vary as can ticket prices. A general rule of thumb, is that the quicker the boat, the more expensive the ferry ticket!

The quickest boats such as the SeaJets can take 4 hours and 15 minutes from Athens to Folegandros. The slower boats such as the Zante Ferries service takes around 8 hours or more.

Taking the Folegandros ferry

As Folegandros does not have an airport, flying directly from Athens is not possible. Some people find it convenient to fly into neighbouring Santorini and then take a ferry from Santorini to Folegandros.

It really depends on how much time you want to spend traveling, and what connections are available.

Tips For Traveling To Folegandros

  • Ferryhopper has the easiest platform to use for researching and booking ferry tickets to Folegandros and other Greek islands online.

  • Be at your departure port one hour before your ferry to Folegandros is due to sail.

What to see in Folegandros

The best things to see and do in Folegandros include:

  • Stroll around Chora.
  • Walk up to Panagia church for sunset.
  • Explore the beaches in Folegandros
  • Enjoy a sociable evening in Folegandros Chora
  • Hike to Katergo beach
  • Hike to Livadaki beach

I've a detailed guide here: Best things to do in Folegandros.

Dave hiking to Livadaki Beach in Folegandros

FAQ About Traveling To Folegandros

These are some questions people ask about how to get to Folegandros from Athens.

How do you get to Folegandros Greece?

You can get from Athens to Folegandros by ferry from Piraeus Port in Athens. In the summer, there are on average 3 daily ferries to Folegandros from Athens. Folegandros also has connections via ferry to other islands in the Greek Cyclades.

Can I fly to Folegandros island in Greece?

Folegandros does not have its own airport so you can not fly there. The closest airport is in neighbouring Santorini. Some international visitors may find it more convenient to first fly to Santorini, and then take a ferry from Santorini to Folegandros.

How long does the Athens to Folegandros ferry take?

The Athens Folegandros ferry route can take anywhere from 4 to 8 hours depending on which ferry service you use. Generally speaking, faster ferries are more expensive than slower ferries to Folegandros.

How can I book ferry tickets for Folegandros?

The best website to use for booking Folegandros ferry tickets online is Ferryhopper. It is a well laid out site, where you can see ferry schedules and up to date prices for tickets to Folegandros.

Traveling from Athens to Folegandros island in Greece


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