Iceland Quotes And Captions

A collection of Iceland quotes, proverbs and sayings to get you in the mood for a big Icelandic adventure in the land of fire and ice!

Iceland quotes for travel inspiration

Volcano Puns And Captions About Iceland

I'm in lava with Iceland!

Iceland is magma-nificent!

I erupt into joy every time I visit Iceland!

Iceland is a crater place to visit!

Volcano spotting in Iceland is a lava-ly way to spend your vacation

Iceland's volcanic activity really rocks! It's a molten-hot tourist attraction.

Exploring Iceland's volcanoes is a tectonic-ally awesome adventure. It's off the Richter scale!

Visiting Iceland's volcanoes is a rock-solid decision. It's a perfect blend of seismic and scenic!

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Quotes About Iceland

As I prepare for my 6 week cycling trip around Iceland, what better way to get into the mood than to read some quotes about this fascinating country?!

I decided to put them all the quotes about Iceland in one place on this page, so other people could also enjoy them!

As we all know, Iceland is a country that is famous for its natural wonders, Viking heritage, literature, and music. With stunning landscapes that include waterfalls, glaciers, hot springs, and geysers, Iceland has become a popular destination for travelers seeking adventure and breathtaking scenery.

The country's rich history, dating back to the Viking Age, is reflected in its numerous museums and cultural sites that preserve its heritage.

This collections of Icelandic quotes pulls inspiration from all aspects of Iceland. Like all good quotes, many of these Iceland sayings may have meanings that go deeper than just applying to life in Iceland itself.

That said, let's kick off with a few more travel related ones!

Iceland Travel Quotes: Motivation to Explore the Land of Fire and Ice

‘I’ve walked a lot in the mountains in Iceland. And as you come to a new valley, as you come to a new landscape, you have a certain view. If you stand still, the landscape doesn’t necessarily tell you how big it is. It doesn’t really tell you what you’re looking at. The moment you start to move, the mountain starts to move’.

– Olafur Eliasson

“There is no animal more perceptive than the Icelandic horse. It is not stopped by snow, by storms, by rough roads, by rocks, glaciers, or anything else. It is brave, sober and sure-footed.”

– Jules Verne

“Iceland, I’m in love with that country, the people are incredible.”

— Kit Harington

“In Iceland, you can see the contours of the mountains wherever you go, and the swell of the hills, and always beyond that the horizon. And there's this strange thing: you're never sort of hidden; you always feel exposed in that landscape. But it makes it very beautiful as well.”

– Hannah Kent

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“The Icelanders are the most intelligent race on earth, because they discovered America and never told anyone.”

― Oscar Wilde

“The problem with driving around Iceland is that you’re basically confronted by a new soul-enriching, breath-taking, life-affirming natural sight every five goddamn minutes. It’s totally exhausting.”

― Stephen Markley

Ice Caves, Iceland

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Iceland Captions: Inspiring Words for Your Icelandic Adventures

“Iceland is not a destination. It is an adventure.” 

“Iceland is a land forged by fire and ice.” 

“Iceland is like no other place on earth.” 

“Iceland is a symphony of nature's elements.” 

“Iceland is where nature paints its most beautiful masterpiece.” 

“Iceland: where fire meets ice and dreams come to life.”

“In Iceland, you can see the Earth breathing.”

“Iceland is a place where the past and the future coexist.” 

“Iceland is not just a destination; it's an experience that stays with you forever.” 

“Iceland is a reminder that magic is real.” 

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Icelandic Sayings: Proverbs And Words of Wisdom from Iceland

A bad rower blames his oars.

You can’t complain about the sea if you suffer shipwreck for the second time.

A good beginning makes a good ending.

You will reach your destination even though you travel slowly.

A man too busy to take care of his health is like a farmer too lazy to plant his field.

A man yearns for his paradise but it could become his hell.

The generous and bold have the best lives.

Let him who has enough be satisfied.

Men do not limp while their legs are the same length.

More flies mean more food.

Much always longs for more.

Mediocrity is climbing molehills without sweating.

My enemy isn't the one who harms me, but the one who makes me evil.

Need is a bad negotiator.

Iceland cycle ride

Icelandic Sayings about Life: Insights from Icelandic Culture

“That's the difference between Icelandic women and American women, he insists….'American women are likely to sit there and listen to the crap the male is talking about.”

― Joanne Lipman

“The winters are too long, and there's only one airline, so it's difficult to escape when you feel frustrated or claustrophobic. The audience for our films isn't very large, so it's difficult to support an industry. But, Iceland is beautiful. Sometimes it's hard to imagine living anywhere else.”

– Baltasar Kormakur

“There’s no one on the island telling them they’re not good enough, so they just go ahead and sing and paint and write.”

-Eric Weiner

“I feel like the people from Iceland have a different relationship with their country than other places. Most Icelandic people are really proud to be from there, and we don’t have embarrassments like World War II where we were cruel to other people.”

– Bjork

Iceland Quotes for Instagram

“Few people take an interest in Iceland, but in those few the interest is passionate.”

-W. H. Auden

“I was so fortunate; in the years that I was in ‘Thrones,’ we were able to shoot in Iceland. I think some of my favourite memories would have to be isolated out there, surrounded by nothing but snow and ice.”

– Rose Leslie

“I still don’t know why, exactly, but I do think people can have a spiritual connection to landscape, and I certainly did in Iceland.”

– Hannah Kent

“I'm still blown away by how desolate Iceland can be, how deserted it is. It's very often like living on the moon.”

– Olafur Darri Olafsson

“In Reykjavik, Iceland, where I was born, you are in the middle of nature surrounded by mountains and ocean. But you are still in a capital in Europe. So I have never understood why I have to choose between nature or urban.”

– Bjork

“We have very good fish in Iceland.”

– Hafthor Bjornsson

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