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A short update on this day of the bike tour from Alaska to Argentina. Today, I cycled from San Simeon to Morro Bay.

Cycling to Morro Bay

(Blog post written October 25 2009 – Cycling from Alaska to Argentina)

Continuing my bike tour through California, I'd spent the previous night in San Simeon.

A bit of a late getaway, which meant cycling when the day was hotter – and boy was it hot! I had initially decided on a 50 mile day, but decided that because of the late start, I’d do a shorter one and stop at Morro Bay instead.

It’s got a nice hiker/biker site right by the bay and well away from any traffic. I visited the natural history museum, and then spent most of the afternoon putting some thought into the Mexico section of my trip, which will begin in about 7 days.

About 40 miles tomorrow and I’ll stay the night at a Warmshowers host. Hopefully, the town will have a decent bike shop so that I can stock up on spares for the rest of my trip.

Bike Touring in California - The view over Morro Bay

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