How to get from Mykonos to Milos by ferry

Between April 1st and October 16th, there are two ferries a day sailing from Mykonos to Milos operated by SeaJets.

Ferries from Mykonos to Milos in Greece leave from Mykonos new port as shown here

In this Milos ferry travel guide I'll show you where to find updated schedules for the ferry to Milos from Mykonos.

Mykonos Milos Ferry Route

The two popular destinations of Mykonos and Milos are often visited on the same vacation by people Greek island hopping. Whilst they are not the two closest neighboring Cyclades islands, they make a nice combination especially for people who love beaches.

As you might expect, the two Greek islands are well connected by ferry services.

During the summer and tourist season, there are two ferries a day crossing between Mykonos and Milos. In the high season month of August, there may be additional services added to the ferry schedule.

You can find regularly updated ferry schedules for the Milos route on Ferryhopper.

Operators and Ferry Schedules Mykonos to Milos

Between April the 1st and October the 16th, the SeaJets ferry company offers two ferries from Mykonos to Milos a day.

Their first trip departs Mykonos at 11.05, but it is a slower crossing that takes 6 hours and 5 minutes.

The second Mykonos ferry to Milos is much quicker, leaving at 16.50 and taking just 3 hours and 15 minutes to make the journey.

The price for both crossings is the same at 108.78 Euro, so go for the second Mykonos Milos ferry if you can. Keep in mind that in high season, tickets can sell out for this trip, so book well in advance!

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Traveling from Mykonos to Milos in off season

Outside of the peak season, and especially in winter, you may find that there are no direct ferries to Milos from Mykonos.

If you are planning to travel during this period, you may need to change vessel at another island such as SantoriniSyros, or Ios.

Outside of the peak season, and especially in winter, you may find that there are no direct ferries to Milos from Mykonos. If you are planning to travel during this period, you may need to change vessel at another island such as Santorini, Syros, or Ios.

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How much does the ferry from Mykonos to Milos cost?

As a guideline, passenger tickets on the Seajets ‘Superjet' and ‘Seajet 2′ boats start at 108.70 Euros in 2023 (up 40 Euros from 2020!!). Visit Ferryhopper to see if there are other ferry operators available and for updated ticket prices.

A photo of the Seajet 2 ferry in Greece that travels from Mykonos to Milos island

Mykonos to Milos Distance and Time

The distance between Mykonos and Milos Island is 116 km or 72 miles. The quickest ferries can travel from Mykonos to Milos in 3 hours and 15 minutes. Travel times for the slower boat from Mykonos to Milos can be almost double that. Indirect ferries from Mykonos island to Milos will add on both time and distance.

Flights from Mykonos to Milos

Both Greek islands have airports, but there is not a direct flight between Mykonos and Milos. If for some reason you didn't want to take a ferry, you'd have to fly back to Athens from Mykonos, and then take another flight to Milos airport from there.

Where do ferries depart from in Mykonos?

Although Mykonos has two ports, the smaller ‘Old Port' is not in use for Greek ferries. The ‘New Port' of Mykonos is located about 2 km north of Mykonos Town. This is where all ferries from Piraeus and the Greek islands arrive and depart.

The summer months can see a huge amount of people traveling between the Greek islands. My suggestion, is to arrive at the ferry port an hour before departure to Milos, especially if you have to pick up a paper ticket.

Where do ferries arrive in Milos island?

The ferries from Mykonos will arrive at Adamas port in Milos. If you just plan to stay on Milos for a few days, Adamas may be the best area to find a hotel, especially if you want to take the Kleftiko Bay boat tour in Milos (which is a must really!).

The route our Milos sailing tour followed around the Greek island of Milos

Important Information About Ferries to Milos

The Greek ferry network is a complex system. Ferry schedules alter in different seasons in accordance with demand, and there are dozens of different ferry companies.

Find out more here when planning trips in the Cyclades group of islands: Ferries in Greece

For example, in the summer there will be frequent direct ferries between Mykonos and Milos. In the winter, there may not be direct boats at all in some years.

A sunset meal by the sea in Pollonia Milos Greece

Another thing to keep in mind, is that ferry routes and schedules in Greece are often not published very far in advance. This can present problems if you are trying to plan getting from Mykonos to Milos for dates months away, as you might not find ferries for the dates you selected.

My advice in regards to the Mykonos to Milos ferry route, is to start looking at ferries on Ferryhopper a couple of months in advance. During the tourist season there will be direct ferries to Milos from Mykonos, but they might not show if you are researching in November.

Note: There is always a massive strike on the 1st of May in Greece, and ferries do not run this day. Alter your Milos travel plans accordingly!

A map of the beaches in Milos

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How to get from Mykonos to Milos in Greece

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