Islands Near Andros in Greece You Can Visit After By Ferry

The closest islands to Andros in Greece are Tinos, Mykonos and Syros. In this guide I'll show you how to travel by ferry from Andros to other islands in the Cyclades.

Traveling from Andros to nearby Greek islands by ferry

Andros Island In Greece

Andros is the second largest island in the Cyclades, and one of the closest to Athens. Ferries between Athens and Andros depart from Rafina, a port town located northeast of Athens.

Although Andros is slowly gaining a higher profile with visitors from overseas, Andros remains an unspoiled destination sheltered from mass tourism even in the high season.

It's a good destination to begin an island hopping adventure through the Cyclades archipelago of Greece.

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Best Islands To Visit Around Andros

Whilst the closest island to Andros is Tinos, you can to get all the other Cyclades islands by ferry from Andros one way or another. There will be direct ferries to some islands from Andros Greece, whilst others will involve indirect routes with ferry changes.

The most popular islands to visit after Andros though are Tinos, Mykonos and Syros.

In fact, going from Athens to Andros, Tinos and then Mykonos is a very nice Greek island hopping itinerary that few people think about. You can even fly out from Mykonos back to the UK or other European countries, or to Athens Airport for your flight back home.

In this guide on how to take the journey from Andros island by taking a ferry I'll share my inside tips and advice.

The Aqua Blue ferry docking at Andros island

Ferries from Andros to other Greek islands in the Cyclades

During the height of the tourist season, there will be more frequent ferries from Andros to Tinos, Mykonos and Syros and the other Greek islands in the Cyclades than in the off-season. These ferries will be a mix of direct and indirect crossings.

A direct crossing is a ferry that sails from one island to the other, perhaps with a few stops along the way.

An indirect crossing means that at some point during your journey, you will need to swap ferries. This might involve some waiting around at an island port, or even an overnight stay.

Most people planning an island hopping trip from Andros to more places in the Cyclades will want to take direct ferries to maximize their vacation time.

I recommend Ferryhopper as your go-to place to research schedules and book tickets online.

Island Hopping From Andros in Greece

Here's my dedicated travel guides on getting from Andros to other destinations in the Cyclades:

Note: As a general rule, the faster the ferry, the more expensive the ticket may be. Try using Ferryhopper in order to book ferry tickets online.

Andros Island Hopping Tips

A few travel tips when taking ferries from Andros:

  • Ferries depart from Gavrio Port of Andros, which is almost 30km west of the island's capital Chora.

  • It's better to get your ferry ticket in advance. One of the best places to look at ferry schedules and to book tickets online is at Ferryhopper.

  • Passengers should aim to be at the departure port at least a half hour before the boat is scheduled to leave.

  • Check out my guides to the best hotels in Greece, where you can find specific information on where to stay on different islands in Greece.

How to take the journey from Andros to other Greek islands in the Cyclades FAQ

A few of the questions readers ask about traveling to other Greek islands in the Cyclades from Andros include:

How do we get to other Greek islands in the Cyclades from Andros?

The Greek island of Andros does not have an airport. The only way you can reach other islands nearby, is to take a ferry.

How do we get from Andros to Athens?

There are regular ferries connecting Andros in Greece with Rafina Port of Athens.

How many hours is the ferry from Andros to other Greek islands in the Cyclades?

The closest island to Andros is Tinos, and the travel time is just one hour and 35 minutes by ferry.

How can I buy tickets for the ferry to other Greek islands in the Cyclades?

I find that the Ferryhopper website is the best place to book ferry tickets online. I think it's better that you book your Andros to other Greek islands in the Cyclades ferry tickets in advance, you might also go to a travel agency in Greece after you arrive.

Islands Close To Andros In Greece

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  1. Love your travel pages…advice please…
    Can I use direct ferries in June/ July from Andros to Milos, Tinos and Paxos??
    Maybe also, Anipaxos?
    Any guidance on suggested route from Rafina would be much appreciated, please. We have a 3 week break planned.
    Many thanks…

  2. Hi Dave: thinking about traveling to the Cyclades from Athens early summer ( late May-early June). I am considering checking out Andros. My teenage daughter would like to check out Mykonos, and to complicate matters my wife would like to visit Milos or Naxos or Paros. Can this be done in your opinion? I will be traveling from the USA and have about nine to ten days to allow including touring Athens. Thanks. I

    • Depending on flight availability, one option could be:

      Arrive in Athens. Get flight straight to Milos (2 nights). Ferry to Naxos (2 nights). Ferry to Mykonos (2 nights). Ferry to Andros (2 nights). Ferry to Athens (2 nights and then home flight).
      If you have to cut down time, reduce Naxos to one night. Personally, I’d leave Mykonos out, but I’m guessing that’s a non-negotiable!


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