Milos Activities

Make your next vacation to Milos the most memorable ever by choosing one or more of these Milos activities during your stay.

Activities to do in Milos island in Greece

Activities In Milos Island Greece

When planning your holiday in Milos, you’ll want to balance out some beach and chill time with unique activities.

Here's some of the best activities to try when you visit Milos:


Activities To Do In Milos


Milos Island Attractions

The top 10 attractions to see when visiting Milos Island, Greece are:

  1. Take A Sailing Tour Around Milos – A fantastic way to explore the island's unique coastline and inaccessible beaches.
  2. Take A 4WD Tour Of Milos – Offers a deep dive into the island's terrain and mining history.
  3. Sarakiniko Beach – Famous for its moon-like landscape and white rock formations.
  4. Kleftiko – Known for its stunning rock formations, cliffs, and sea caves, accessible by boat.
  5. Milos Mining Museum – Provides insight into the island's mining heritage.
  6. Thiorichia Beach – Notable for its historical sulfur mines and unique setting.
  7. The Town of Plaka – A picturesque town offering incredible views and traditional architecture.
  8. The Venetian Castle in Plaka – Offers panoramic views of Milos and a glimpse into its historical defenses.
  9. The Catacombs of Milos – Among the most significant early Christian catacombs, revealing the island's religious history.
  10. Trypiti (Tripiti) Village – Known for its traditional windmills and charming ambiance​​.

Travel Tips For Exploring Milos Greece

  1. Transportation: Renting a car or scooter is recommended for flexibility and ease of exploring the island's diverse landscapes and beaches.
  2. Accommodation: Consider staying in the port town of Adamas for convenient access to transportation and amenities.
  3. Beach Visits: Visit the unique beaches like Sarakiniko for its moon-like landscape and Kleftiko for its crystal-clear waters.
  4. Cultural Sites: Don't miss the Catacombs of Milos and the ancient theater near Trypiti.
  5. Boat Tour: Taking a boat trip is a must to access secluded beaches and witness the island's stunning coastline.
  6. Local Cuisine: Enjoy the local Greek cuisine, especially fresh seafood at the island's tavernas.
  7. Sunset Views: Head to Plaka for breathtaking sunset views.
  8. Hiking: Explore the island's natural beauty on foot, with several hiking trails offering scenic views.
  9. Museums: Visit the Milos Mining Museum to learn about the island's geological and mining history.
  10. Slow Down: Embrace the relaxed pace of island life and enjoy the laid-back atmosphere.

The famous Kleftiko Bay in Milos Greece

What is Milos Greece known for?

Milos, Greece, is famed for its stunning lunar landscapes, unique beaches like Sarakiniko, rich mining history, and the discovery of the Venus de Milo statue.

Is there much to do in Milos?

Yes, Milos offers diverse activities: exploring extraordinary beaches, boating around sea caves, visiting quaint villages, and experiencing its rich geological history.

How much time do you need in Milos, Greece?

Ideally, spend at least 3-4 days in Milos to enjoy its beaches, cultural sites, and natural landscapes, allowing for relaxation and exploration.

Does Milos Greece have nightlife?

Milos has a modest nightlife scene, with relaxed bars and tavernas mainly in Adamas and Plaka, offering a laid-back evening experience.

What type of boat trip can you do in Milos?

Milos boat tours vary from specific tours to see places like Kleftiko and the sea caves, to ones that will take you around the entire island. You can also take a day trip to nearby Kimolos island on the regular local ferry.

Signposts on a hiking trail in Milos

Greece Milos

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