Dance of Joy, Dance of Glee – My baggage turned up!

The first few days of my cycling trip along the Pan-American highway didn't go to plan, as my bags had been lost in transit. Was today the day they would turn up?

Fairbanks in Alaska

Blog post written Sunday July 19th, 2009

Chase those bags… Again!

I woke up early, and got straight on the phone to BA, who after ten minutes, identified my bag as being somewhere between Seattle and Fairbanks. Incredibly helpful stuff.

I had pretty much resigned myself to having to re-buy all my kit, a prospect I wasn't looking forwards too, so with a sigh, I put the phone down and went into the bathroom.

As I picked up my toothbrush, I noticed a handwritten note underneath it which read ‘Dave, Your bag is at the airport, we'll pick it up tomorrow.'

I have two special dances that I reserve for situations such as this, the first one is my ‘Dance of Joy', and the second one is my ‘Dance of Glee', neither of which make me look like a special needs case on acid I might add.

Anyhow, after breakfast, Chase took me down to the airport where I was reunited with my bag — never leave me again!!!

Yes – My bag and gear arrived!!

After sorting through my kit, I took a cycle down to the tourist information centre, and picked up a handy leaflet on the Dalton Highway.

One of this little gems more insightful suggestions says – ‘If a grizzly makes physical contact, play dead. If a black bear attacks, fight back.'

I am glad that I am now fully informed, and will make sure that the next time a 400 KG bear charges at me, I will identify its species.

On leaving the visitors centre, I decided to go to the Antique Automobile museum. Its not something that I would normally visit, but was really interesting. As well as a world class collection of cars, there were some great period photographs from the 1900's – 1930's which showed cars being used in the Fairbanks region.

At night, Chase and Phyllis cooked up a marvelous salmon dinner – They really are great!!

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