Santorini to Syros Ferry Travel Guide | Tickets, Times, Services

During the summer there can be 2 or more daily ferries from Santorini to Syros. This Santorini to Syros ferry guide shows how and where to get tickets.

Taking the Seajets ferry from Santorini to Syros in Greece

Traveling to Syros island in Greece

Many people do not realise that despite Santorini being the most famous island in the Cyclades, it's actually Syros which is the island chain's regional capital.

As such, Syros is well connected with Athens and the other islands in the Cyclades, including Santorini.

Even in the winter low season there are ferry services from Santorini to Syros every day or two.

Most people of course travel in the summer, and you can expect more frequent ferry services with at least 1-2 ferries per day between the two islands.

You should keep in mind though, that Santorini and Syros are not very close together, so you'll need to allow for travel time. This map shows why.

Syros island is the capital of the Cyclades islands in Greece

How to get from Santorini to Syros

Even though Syros island has an airport, flying between Santorini and Syros is not an option. If you prefer to fly from Santorini to Syros you'd need to go via Athens and make a connection, should flights be available.

The best way for most visitors to get from Santorini to Syros is by ferry.

During the the busiest months of summer, there might be up to 1 or 2 ferries per day from Santorini to Syros. These ferries to Syros from Santorini are operated by SeaJets and Minoan Lines.

Ferries to Syros from Santorini

The quickest ferry journey from Santorini going to Syros takes around 3 hours and 40 minutes, with the slow ferry sailing to Syros from Santorini island taking around 5 hours and 30 minutes.

Ferry companies that operate the Syros ferry route include SeaJets and Minoan Lines. Sea Jets have a daily itinerary, but Minoan Lines may have cheaper tickets.

There will most likely be a couple of stops at other islands in the Cyclades along the way. Potential stops include Ios, Naxos, and Paros. You won't need to swap ferries though.

Book Ferry Tickets Online For The Syros Route

While you can use local travel agencies to organize your ferry tickets from Santorini to Syros, it's actually easier nowadays to book them online.

I find that Ferryhopper is a good website to use when booking ferry tickets online, particularly in the peak season. It's also the best place to find ferry schedules and up to date travel information about taking ferries in Greece.

Keep in mind that the faster ferry crossings will normally have higher ticket prices, and that some months have higher ferry tickets prices than others.

Syros Island Travel Tips

A few travel tips for visiting Syros island:

  • Ferryhopper is the best site for checking out ferry timetables and ticket prices for the boats sailing from Santorini to Syros island.

  • The port in Santorini can be reached by public transport or taxi. Try to be there an hour before, especially if you are collecting your Syros ferry tickets from the port. There are a couple of nearby cafes where you can have a coffee while you wait in the shade.

  • Welcome is an easy way to pre-book taxis from your hotel in Santorini down to the port in order to catch the ferry from Santorini to Syros.

What to see in Syros Greece

I've a full guide here on things to do in Syros island, Greece. A few bullets points of what to do in Syros include:

  • Enjoying the sunset on a beach in Syros
  • Take a walk around Ano Syros (Upper Syros)
  • Check out the Archaeological Museum in Ermoupoli
  • take photos of the Vaporia neighbourhood
  • Chill in front of the neoclassical buildings in Ermoupoli
  • Visit the Apollon Theatre
  • Full Guide: One Day in Ermoupoli sightseeing

How to make the journey from Santorini to Syros FAQ

Questions that people ask about traveling to Syros from Santorini include:

How do I get to Syros from Santorini?

If you want to take a trip from Santorini to Syros the best way is by ferry. There are 1 or 2 ferries per day sailing to the island of Syros from Santorini during the summer depending on seasonal demand.

Is there an airport in Syros?

Although Syros has an airport, flying from between Santorini and Syros is not something you can do. If you want to fly from Santorini to the Cyclades island of Syros you'd need to go via Athens, swap planes, and then fly back out to Syros.

How many hours is the ferry from Santorini to Syros?

The ferries to the Greek island of Syros from Santorini take between 3 hours and 40 minutes and 5 hours and 30 minutes. Ferry operators on the Santorini Syros route may include SeaJets, and there will be stops at other islands along the way.

Where can I buy tickets for the ferry to Syros?

The best place to look at Greek ferries online is Ferryhopper. I think it's a good idea that you book your Santorini to Syros ferry tickets as far in advance as you can. if you prefer to be more flexible, you could also wait until you are in Greece, and use a travel agency.

Greek Island Travel Guides

Still planning out the best ferry routes in the Cyclades? You might also find these other guides helpful:

This article should have all the information you need to get from Santorini to Syros. remember, it's a good idea to book your ferry tickets in advance. The best way is online via Ferryhopper which offers up-to-date information about the various ferries and routes available for travel between islands in Greece including Santorini and Syros.

If you prefer not to use an online booking service like Ferryhopper, there are also local ticketing agencies who can help with making arrangements on your behalf.

Have any questions or need more information on the Santorini ferry to Syros? Drop a comment below, and I'll do my best to answer!

How to get from Santorini to Syros in Greece

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