How to get from Athens to other parts of Greece

This guide on how to get from Athens to other parts of Greece will help you plan your Greek vacation itinerary. Includes Greek ferry routes and popular destinations in Greece.

The Acropolis of Athens in Greece

How to get around Greece from Athens

If you're planning a trip to Greece and want to do it independently, you need to know how to best get around. With hundreds of islands and amazing mainland destinations, working out the best way to get around Greece can be a bit of a challenge!

To help, I've created this shortcut guide on how to get from Athens to other parts of Greece.

Included here are guides on how to get to key destinations in Greece, the best way to travel to Greek islands and more!

Why start from Athens?

As the capital city of Greece, Athens is a primary gateway into the country. With an international airport, and the three ferry ports of Piraeus, Rafina and Lavrio close by, you can reach all parts of the country from this one place.

Driving from Athens to other parts of Greece

Over the five years I've lived in and written about Greece, creating hundreds of travel guides aimed at helping people get around.

On this page, you'll find information about most of the popular routes and destinations, and how to get from Athens to each one.

How to get to and from Athens Airport

Athens airport is an arrival and departure point for many people visiting Greece. These following guides will help you get from Athens airport to central Athens and beyond.

How to get from Athens to the Greek islands

With the major port of Piraeus and a developing port at Rafina, Athens is well connected to the Greek islands on the southern and eastern part of the country. In addition, some islands have flight connections from Athens airport.

Rafina port in Athens has ferries to many Greek islands in the Cyclades

One of the best ways to check on ferry routes to the Greek islands is by using Ferryhopper.

I use this myself, and love how easy it is look for routes and book a ticket online.

How to get from Athens to the Greek islands by ferry

To check on flights, I tend to look at a mix of Google flights and then Skyscanner. I then find that there are cheaper prices available on the airlines own website after I've narrowed down prices.

If you plan to fly to Greek islands, you should check, recheck, and check again the baggage allowances.

It's become common practice to charge extra for checked in luggage these days. This needs to be paid in advance to avoid any nasty surprises when it comes to check in!

How to get from Athens to destinations in mainland Greece

Athens is also the main node in the road network of mainland Greece. I've personally traveled by car, bus, and bicycle (yes, bicycle!) to many areas in mainland Greece.

I've somehow managed to not take a train yet (apart from the suburban in Athens), but there are plenty to choose from.

Driving quiet Greek roads

Visitors should be aware that the national bus network is known as the KTEL system. BUT (and notice the big but!), it's not straightforward to plan a route.

Each area or region in Greece has their own KTEL service, all with different websites, timetables and information.

It can make planning a bus tour around Greece in advance a bit of a pain. It's probably good fun for backpackers though!

Dave Briggs, bicycle touring in Greece as he cycles from Greece to England

Whilst my own preference is to travel by bicycle, 99.9999% of independent travelers in Greece will find it easier to get around by car.

Note that you should prepare yourself for regular toll payments on the new toll roads, unless you decide to take the minor roads instead.

Toll roads in Greece

Check out this guide for tips on driving in Greece.

These guides will show you how to travel from Athens to other parts of mainland Greece using a variety of transport.

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How to travel from Athens to other parts of Greece

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