Syros to Santorini Ferry Travel

There is at least one Syros to Santorini ferry per day in the summer months. On some days, two ferries sail the Syros Santorini route in Greece.

A Blue Star Ferries vessel arriving at the ferry port in Santorini, Greece

How to get from Syros to Santorini

If you've decided you want to visit Santorini directly after Syros, you should be aware that Santorini is perhaps the furthest Cyclades island from Syros.

You can still get from Syros to Santorini in under 4 hours by ferry in the summer though, and the prices for foot passengers can be quite reasonable.

I've seen ticket prices for Santorini ferries leaving Syros as low as 30.0 Euro for off-season travel on the Syros Santorini route. You should expect to pay more than that in the high season, particularly if you are traveling on a SeaJets high speed ferry from Santorini to Syros.

You can see which ferry companies operate the Syros Santorini ferry route on the days you want to travel at: Ferryscanner

A quick note on flying: Even though Syros and Santorini both have an airport, flying between Syros and Santorini is not something you can do. 

Syros Santorini Ferry Route (Summer)

During the height of the tourist season, there is one ferry per day, and on a couple of days a week, 2 ferries per day from Syros to Santorini. These ferries to Santorini from Syros are operated by SeaJets, Minoan Lines, and Blue Star Ferries.

The quickest ferry from Syros going to Santorini takes around 3 hours and 10 minutes. The slowest summer vessel sailing to Santorini from Syros island takes around 3 hours and 45 minutes.

You can compare prices and travel times for each ferry company offering a crossing at: Ferryscanner

Syros to Santorini in Winter

You can still travel between the Cyclades islands of Syros and Santorini by ferry in the off season. Some of the restaurants and hotels may be closed in Santorini in the off season, but there is still plenty to do. Take a look here: Santorini in Winter.

During the winter months, that slower ferry crossing from Syros island to Santorini can be over 6 hours.

As might perhaps be expected, the faster ferry crossings are also normally more expensive. The easiest way to book ferry tickets online is by using Ferryscanner.

A view of Santorini in Greece

Santorini Island Travel Tips

A few travel tips for visiting the Greek island of Santorini after Syros:

  • Ferries depart from the ferry port at Ermoupoli, Syros. Ferries arrive at Athinios port, a few kilometres from Fira in Santorini. You'll need to take a bus or a taxi out from the port to wherever you're staying in Santorini, as it would be a hot, sweaty, dusty walk trying to get out of the port on foot (it's at the bottom of a hill!).

  • I've a guide here on Where to stay in Santorini that goes into detail on the best areas to choose a hotel. For hotels in Santorini, I suggest looking at Booking. They have a great selection of apartments in Santorini and areas to consider staying include Perissa, Imerovigli, Monolithos, Firostefani, Kamari, Fira, and Oia.

  • If you are traveling to Santorini in the peak months of summer, I advise reserving places to stay in Santorini a month or so in advance. Looking for a bit of a treat? Try a Santorini hotel with a sunset view.

  • Ferryhopper is perhaps the easiest site to use when it comes to booking Ferry tickets online. Although I suggest you book your Syros to Santorini ferry tickets in advance, especially during the busiest time of summer, there are plenty of local ticket and travel agencies on each Greek island where you can book tickets in person.

I've a lot of travel guides about Santorini you can check out which may help your vacation planning:

How to make the journey from Syros to Santorini FAQ

Some commonly asked questions about traveling to Santorini from Syros include:

How can I get to Santorini from Syros?

The best way to make the trip from Syros to Santorini is by ferry. There is one ferry per day, and on a couple of days a week, 2 ferries per day sailing to the island of Santorini from Syros.

Is there an airport in Santorini?

Although the Cyclades island of Santorini has an airport, taking a plane between Syros and Santorini is not an option. Syros airport only connects with Athens.

How many hours is the ferry from Syros to Santorini?

The ferries to Santorini from Syros take between 3 hours and 10 minutes and 3 hours and 45 minutes during the summer. The travel time can be a couple of hours longer in the winter. Ferry operators on the Syros Santorini route may include SeaJets and Blue Star Ferries.

Where do I buy ferry tickets to Santorini?

I find that the Ferryhopper website is the best place to book ferry tickets online. Although I suggest you book your Syros to Santorini ferry tickets in advance, you could also use a local travel agency in Greece.

Which ferry operators sail between Syros and Santorini?

Sea Jets, Minoan Lines, and Blue Star Ferries all offer direct ferries from Syros to Santorini. The frequency of ships will vary depending on the season.

Exploring Santorini in Greece

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