IntoCircuit PowerMini 3000 Power Bank Review


When Hisgadget got in contact with me, and asked if I would like a sample of the IntoCircuit PowerMini 3000 Power Bank to review, I of course said yes. I love testing out new bits of gear, and seeing how useful they might be for bicycle touring, camping or just every day use. It arrived about 2 weeks ago, and during that time, I have been able to assess its performance and usefulness. The following review of the IntoCircuit PowerMini 3000 Power Bank is my own opinion, and not influenced by the fact I was given a freebie by HisGadget to try (which was very nice of them by the … [Read more...]

Quit My Job to Travel – Decision Time


So, it feels like I am approaching a time when I need to make quite a big decision - Namely, when to quit my job to travel. There are a number of factors behind needing to make a decision, and also that have to be taken into consideration before I do. After all, any decision I make now, could drastically affect my cycling trip around the world for better or for worse. This article then, is as much about getting my own thoughts in order, as it is about letting you know what is going on. Like any good story though, it's probably best to start at the beginning. When to Quit My Job to travel … [Read more...]

Athens TBEX – The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly


I am writing this having just recently returned from the Athens TBEX travel bloggers conference. I've already made a couple of posts about some of the things I did whilst there, and so this is about what I thought to the actual Athens TBEX convention itself. Athens TBEX - The Good One of the great things about these TBEX conferences, is that you get to meet some really interesting people. I must have met dozens, all with their own unique stories to tell. I caught up with old friends such as Maria from, and made many more new ones besides. Perhaps the story that … [Read more...]

Using the Ryanair App

using the ryanair app

On my recent trip to Athens, I decided to give using the Ryanair app a go on the return journey. The reason for this, was due to the fact that Ryanair have a new ticket printing procedure that didn't work out for me. For those that may not know, Ryanair's new procedure is to now offer allocated seating only. The drawback though, is that you can only print off the boarding passes 7 days or less if you want to do it for free. As I had 9 nights in Athens, I was not able to print off my return flight boarding pass. On top of that, the hotel  I was staying in didn't have a printer that worked. So, … [Read more...]

Athens Street Art – A Look at Alternative Athens


During my time in the Greek capital, I have become fascinated by Athens street art. It's certainly not something that was top of my 'Must Do in Athens' list, and to be honest, not something that normally interests me at all. As the days went by however, I found myself drawn more and more towards these urban street murals. What were they for? Who was painting them? What did they mean? Well, whole books have been written on the subject, so I was never going to become an expert. But, it was helpful to get some insight into the Athens Street Art scene by spending a few days with Vanessa … [Read more...]

Changing the Guards in Athens – Evzones and Monty Python

changing the guards in Athens

On my first day in Athens, I happened to time my walk past the Hellenic Parliament to coincide perfectly with changing the guards. In Athens, this is done in front of the tomb of the Unknown Soldier. It's also done with a little bit more style, and dare I say it, eccentric flair than may be seen at other similar ceremonies. Clearly, I couldn't let go of a chance to be cheeky so early on during my time in Athens for TBEX, so I whipped out the camera as quick as I could! Changing the Guards in Athens Before I go on, I should perhaps mention that I was witnessing the regular hourly changing … [Read more...]

Packing for TBEX Athens and a Ryanair Rant


So, it's just a few days before TBEX Athens, and most of my packing is done. I can't wait to get over there, and I've been looking forwards to it for quite a few months now. With this in mind, this brief blog update is going to leave the bicycle touring theme to one side for a while. Instead, I will tell you what TBEX is and what I hope to achieve in Athens. I might also have a little Ryanair rant as well! TBEX Athens 2014 TBEX is a travel bloggers conference which is held twice a year, with one event usually in North America, and one in Europe. This year, the European event is being … [Read more...]

Get Ready For Winter Cycling

get ready for winter cycling

Although we've been blessed with a glorious summer, the daylight hours are getting shorter, and so it's time to get ready for winter cycling. It doesn't matter if you are on a bicycle tour, are a weekend warrior cyclist, or one of the millions of people who cycle to work everyday. These tips on how to get ready for winter cycling apply to all. Get Ready for Winter Cycling Firstly, start checking your bike over. In particular, make sure your brakes are in good working order. They might need tightening, or new brake pads fitting. The brake cables may be frayed, or even worse, a wheel rim … [Read more...]

Creating a Media Kit

creating a media kit

Creating a media kit was something that I had put on the back burner for a while. The reason for this, was that I made the decision to spend a year redesigning and re-positioning my blog into the bicycle touring niche. As such, it seemed pointless to create a media kit until that process was completed. Once the direction of my travel blog was firmly set though, the time seemed right to start working on the kit. What is a Media Kit? So, what is a media kit you might ask. Basically, it is a way of showing potential partners and sponsors what I am about, and how we might work together. By … [Read more...]

Cycling Quotes

cycling quotes life is like riding a bicycle to keep your balance you must keep moving

The aim of putting together these cycling quotes is twofold. Firstly, I hope that they will inspire people to cycle more. Secondly, that they might perhaps start some reflections on life in general. Indeed the act of cycling has often been thought of as a metaphor for life. To me, it's more than that though, especially when it comes to bicycle touring. There is an almost Zen-like quality to bicycle touring, where the journey by bike is just as important, if not more so, than the destination. There is space to clear your head. Time enough to get back that healthy balance of mind and body the … [Read more...]