Cycling in Croatia | Route Maps, Vlogs, and Essential Information

I spent nearly two weeks cycling in Croatia during my 2016 Greece to England bike trip. During that time, I followed the beautiful coastline, cycled across a handful of the countless small islands, and was rewarded with stunning views. Here are my route maps and vlogs from cycling across Croatia, along with information that might be useful if you are planning your own bicycle tour there. Cycling in Croatia Is Croatia in the Balkans or not? Opinion is divided, but my view is that it is a cross-over country. I think it combines western European traits with a Mediterranean flair. For the … [Read more...]

Virtual Reality: Tourism And Technology Will Converge According to JustFly

Virtual Reality has gone from a science fiction day dream, to a very real reality in 2016. With peripherals like Oculus Rift, PS VR, and the HTC Vive either out now or coming soon, consumer VR adoption is sure to be on the rise. Most excitingly, it may revolutionise the travel industry. Imagine seeing the Axropolis in Athens as it used to be? It may soon be possible. Virtual Reality and Travel With the proliferation of this exciting technology, and the general pattern of components becoming cheaper over time, VR is projected to become a household item sooner than we think as prices … [Read more...]

Bicycle Touring Budget for June 2016 | Cycling from Greece to England

Here's my bicycle touring budget for June 2016, as well as an end of month round up. This month has proven to be slightly more expensive than May, but it was only to be expected. Still, I think that you will be surprised at just how inexpensive bicycle touring is. If you are looking for a cheap way to travel around the world, read on to find out how much I spent in June cycling across Europe! Bicycle Touring Budget for June 2016 When I started the cycling trip from Greece to England, I didn't really have a budget in mind. I knew that I probably wouldn't be doing much wild camping, and I … [Read more...]

2 Days in Bratislava | See the Highlights of Bratislava in 48 Hours

A guide on what to see and do with 2 days in Bratislava. Finally, Bratislava is appearing on the radar of people seeking interesting weekend breaks in Europe. The Old Town section is packed full of historic buildings, museums, shops, restaurants and bars, and it has an easy, laid-back vibe. Best of all, you can see all of the main highlights of Bratislava in 48 hours, at a relaxed, unhurried pace. Read on to find out more...   What to See with 2 Days in Bratislava Bratislava is the capital of Slovakia, and is located next to the River Danube. Just 70 kms away from Vienna in … [Read more...]

Bicycle Touring in Montenegro | Cycling from Greece to England

I spent just under a week bicycle touring in Montenegro in May 2016. My route followed the Montenegro coastline as part of a longer cycling trip across Europe. Read on to discover what I thought, the exact route I took, and to watch the daily vlogs made on the road! Bicycle Touring in Montenegro Montenegro was a country I had never visited before, and knew little about. I am embarrassed to say, that I still know little about it! I was under some pressure to meet several deadlines and appointments during my cycling trip. For this reason, my experience of bicycle touring in Montenegro was … [Read more...]