Cycle To Work Day

cycle to work day

The second National Cycle to Work Day is almost upon us once more. This year, it falls on Thursday 4th September, so mark it down in your calendar! The aim of the cycle to work day is quite simple - To encourage more people to cycle to work. By asking people to pledge miles, and getting the support of employees as well as cycle shops, its hoped that more people than normal will commute to work for that one day. If even a fraction of those people continue to cycle to work after the event, its good news for everyone! Why is cycling to work good news for everyone? I could go into laborious … [Read more...]

Dealing With Aggressive Dogs on a Bicycle Tour

dealing with aggressive dogs when bicycle touring

Dealing with aggressive dogs on a bicycle tour can be a stressful and somewhat unnerving experience at first. The sight and sound of an aggressive dog running up to your bike, barking and snarling makes you realise just how exposed you are on a bike tour. Even if you are cycling with another person, the initial encounters may still trigger a "fight or flight" response. Neither of these reactions is the best way to deal with aggressive dogs on a cycle tour though. A calmer, more thought out approach is always better, and hopefully this article will help you to develop your own strategy in … [Read more...]

Bicycle Touring Navigation – Maps, GPS and Local Knowledge

bicycle touring navigation

If only bicycle touring were as simple as just riding a bike, how easy it would all be! There's more to it than that though, and bicycle touring navigation is one of those things you will need to consider sooner or later. Sure, you have your bike and gear sorted out, but how exactly are you going to find your way around? Getting from A to B is only possible if you know where A and B are in the first place, after all! Well, there are three basic methods to bicycle touring navigation, and these are to use maps, a GPS, and seek local knowledge. Bicycle Touring Navigation - Maps Is it only … [Read more...]

Bike Multi-Tools – Bicycle Touring Gear or Not?

Bike Multi-Tools

When I sat down to write about bike multi-tools, I had every intention of whole-heartedly supporting their use when bicycle touring. However, as I researched and thought more about it, I came to realise that it was not as straight forwards as it at first seemed. In the end, what started off as an article I assumed would be written pretty quickly, took more than 12 hours spread over a week to complete. I either have far too much time on my hands, or I am doing my job properly as a bicycle touring blogger - That's for you to decide! So, let me start off by saying that on previous tours, I … [Read more...]

Flights and Hotel in Athens for TBEX

hotel in Athens

Having just booked flights and a hotel in Athens, I thought I would write a quick update. As I may have mentioned in a previous blog post, this October, I am attending the TBEX travel bloggers conference in Athens. Held bi-anually, with one staged in the Americas and one in Europe, my first experience was in Dublin last year. I came away from there very impressed with the organisation of it all, and filled with new ideas about how to develop this travel blog. The Guinness wasn't bad either! I am happy to say, that almost nine months later, many of those ideas I developed have made their … [Read more...]

Best Foods for Bicycle Touring

best foods for bicycle touring

It has to be said, that bicycle touring makes you hungry! The bicycle may be a machine, but your body is the engine, and that engine needs fuel. The best foods for bicycle touring need to replace those lost calories quickly, be relatively light weight, and keep well on the road. In the case of cyclists on multi week/month/year trips, they also need to be cheap! Its hardly surprising then, that the same foods crop up again and again in the panniers of bicycle tourists around the world. Before I go any further, I should mention that I am a strong believer in a balanced diet, and also eat … [Read more...]

New Airport Security Measures

new airport security measures

Last week, the implementation of new airport security measures were announced. Unsurprisingly, this was greeted with a huge collective groan from tens of thousands of people who are due to fly out on holiday this summer. After all, getting through security screening is already a hassle, without new airport security enhancements such as this being added. So, how are these new rules likely to affect you? Who announced the New Airport Security Measures ? The new measures were first announced by Secretary Johnson of the United States Department of Homeland Defence on the 2nd of July. In a … [Read more...]

Rohloff Hub – Why Choose One for Bicycle Touring

Rohloff Hub

I've been asked quite a few times why I decided to choose a Rohloff hub for bicycle touring. Sometimes, it is from other bicycle tourers who are considering buying one themselves, and other times, it's from non-cyclists who can't quite believe that I spent that much on it! Believe me, it was not a snap decision. I spent a long while weighing up the pros and cons of choosing a Rohloff hub for my expedition bicycle before parting with my hard earned cash. Before we go any further, I need to mention that I've not always used a Rohloff hub. My previous journeys such as cycling from England … [Read more...]

Planning for the Cycling Trip Around the World – Brief Update

Dave Briggs and friends

It's been a while since I wrote of my progress in planning the next cycling trip around the world, and I thought I would post a brief update. In a way, I suppose it also acts as a six monthly review, the last one of which I did around the new year - A Quick re-cycle of 2013. So, what have I been up to, and how have I been getting on? Planning my Cycling Trip Around the World - Update Most of my planning for the trip, has taken the form of either saving money, or acquiring new items of gear, something which is hard to do at the same time! During the six months since Christmas, I have … [Read more...]

Cycling England to South Africa


In 2006, I began an amazing trip cycling England to South Africa. This 10 month adventure took me through countries such as Syria, Sudan and Tanzania, as I cycled across Europe, the Middle East and then East Africa. During this time, I had some incredible experiences, met countless friendly people, and cycled by the odd elephant and giraffe. Back then, although Daves Travel Pages was online, travel blogging was really still in its infancy. I updated every week or so as I was cycling England to South Africa, but it was written more with family and friends in mind. As such, my travelogues … [Read more...]