Athens War Museum – An Athens Museum Guide


This week's #museummonday feature is the Athens War Museum. Housed in one of the more unusual looking buildings in Athens, it is spread out over four floors, and exhibits weapons and memorabilia connected with the Greek Armed Forces. The museum is not hard to find. It's the place with all the artillery and planes outside it. No tanks though, which I found slightly disappointing. Its actual address is Vassilissis Sofias Avenue, Athens, Greece, and the closest metro station is Evangelismos. The current opening hours are between 09.00 and 19.00 in the summer, and until 17.00 in the winter. … [Read more...]

Reece Gledhill – Cycling Around the World


Adventure cyclist Reece Gledhill set off from the UK earlier this year on his around the world cycle ride. It's a journey that I have been following with some interest, and one which I feel definitely deserves greater attention. So, I thought a brief Q and A session would help you all to get to know him, and hopefully follow his bicycle touring journey along with me. Reece Gledhill - Cycling Around the World Q1. Why did you decide to cycle around the world? While cycling around New Zealand for a month I passed a guy with a sign on his bike that said he was riding around the world. … [Read more...]

Museum of Greek Popular Musical Instruments in Athens

Museum of Greek Popular Musical Instruments in Athens

This week, I feature the Museum of Greek Popular Musical Instruments / The Fivos Anoyanakis Collection Centre of Ethnomusicology as my #museummonday travel blog post. As this is a bit of a mouthful, I will refer to it as the Music Museum from now on! Museum of Greek Popular Musical Instruments This is a museum which seems to go by many names. The plaque outside clearly says the "Museum of Greek Popular Musical Instruments | The Fivos Anoyanakis Collection Centre of Ethnomusicology". Most of internet-land seems to call it the "Museum of Greek Folk Musical Instruments". Some Greeks call it … [Read more...]

Liebster Award – Dave’s Award Winning Travel Blog!

Liebster award

I was recently nominated for the Liebster Award by travel bloggers Prue and Becky of (You should definitely check their travel blog out as soon as you have read this article!) The Liebster award is basically a way of bloggers recognising fellow bloggers for their efforts. Nominations are made, and when accepted, you answer some questions, before nominating some other bloggers. Basically, it is like a very big chain letter! So, without further ado... Liebster Award Questions Q1 "What’s the worst thing you have ever eaten whilst travelling?" A1 - I've had a go at … [Read more...]

Tactual Museum Athens – Athens Museum Guide

Tactual museum Athens

I recently visited the Tactual Museum in Athens as part of my mission to visit all of the museums in Athens. What is a Tactual Museum exactly? Read on to find out more.  When I drew the Tactual Museum of Athens as the next museum on my list to visit, I was quite excited. I have heard of tactual museums, but have never visited one before. The basic concept, is that they are set up as a way for sighted people to experience and understand to a small degree what it must be like to operate in a world without sight. The idea, is to be led around a room blindfolded, and then to touch a series … [Read more...]