Stanforth Kibo+ Expedition Bicycle – Travel The World by Bike

The Stanforth Kibo+ Expedition Bicycle - Handbuilt in the UK

The Stanforth Kibo+ Expedition Bicycle is a bike designed to travel the world. Having been kindly loaned one for my cycling trip from Greece to England, I thought I would take a little time to let you know my thoughts on it. Here we go... Stanforth Kibo+ Expedition Bicycle "Would you like to try out the new Kibo+ on your next cycling trip?", I was asked. "Sure," I replied. "Can you post it to Athens?". Sometimes, I have to pinch myself to see if I am dreaming. Over the past few years, I have been offered a number of incredible opportunities for which I am truly grateful. To review … [Read more...]

Bicycle Touring Route From Greece To England

My bicycle touring route from Greece to England. This article lists which countries I will be cycling through, with some interactive maps.

This is my proposed bicycle touring route from Greece to England. I start my trip in May 2016, and aim to arrive in England in  July. Read on to find out about the route and the countries I am cycling through. My Bicycle Touring Route From Greece To England When planning my bicycle touring route from Greece to England, I had some considerations to keep in mind. The first, was that the time I could spend cycling was limited to a couple of months. The second, was that I would like to cycle through some of the Balkan countries I had never been to before. The third, was that the route needed … [Read more...]

Meteora Hiking Tour – Walking Through An Inspiring Landscape

Meteora Hiking Tour with Meteora Thrones

Seen from a distance, Meteora in Greece has a truly fascinating landscape. By taking a Meteora hiking tour, you can get up close and personal, and experience it from a different perspective.    A Meteora Hiking Tour Some parts of the world have an ambience and feel to them that is hard to put into words. They just feel 'right', and more often than not, man creates spiritual temples or refuges in these places. Stonehenge and Machu Picchu are great examples of this. Meteora in Greece is another. I was recently invited by Meteora Thrones to the area along with Travel Bloggers … [Read more...]

Cycling From Greece To England – Bicycle Touring 2016

Cycling from Greece to England - Follow the adventure at

It's official! I will be cycling from Greece to England, beginning in May this year! With less than a month to go before I start turning the pedals, check out why I am doing it, where my route will take me, and why I think bicycle touring is the best way to travel. Cycling From Greece To England If you are a regular reader of Dave's Travel Pages, you will already know that I have a passion for bicycle touring. (My previous cycling trips have included cycling from Alaska to Argentina, and England to Cape Town). You may also know that I have been living in Greece for just over a year. That … [Read more...]

TripInView – Taking Your Vacation Research To The Next Level

TripinView - Disover the Explorer in You

TripinView is a new Greek start-up which calls itself the world's first visual travel website. They recently held a press event in Athens, and invited members of Travel Bloggers Greece to attend. Read on to find out what I thought, and how you too can "Discover the Explorer in You"... TripInView Press Event Since moving to Athens, one of the things I have enjoyed most, is being able to help support Greek tourism and Greek start-up companies. I love positivity and creativity, and there is plenty of it in Greece if you look! I experienced this once again at a recent press event held by … [Read more...]