Bicycle Touring in Albania | Cycling from Greece to England

During my 2016 cycling trip from Greece to England, I spent just over a week bicycle touring in Albania. There's no need to tell me it's not long enough - I already know! Don't worry I will return next year and spend 6-8 weeks cycling in Albania to do it properly! In the mean time, here is the route I took through Albania, along with daily YouTube vlogs and other information you might find useful if you are planning to travel there yourself. Bicycle Touring in Albania I should start by saying that I normally do a full write up of my time on the road when I am on a bike tour. On this … [Read more...]

Cycling in Greece | Cycling from Messolonghi to Albania

Cycling in Greece has proven to be a great experience. The countryside is as beautiful as the coastline, and the weather has been pretty ideal. Read on to find out more about the route I cycled from Messolonghi to the border with Albania. Cycling in Greece - Messolonghi to Albania Friday 13th May 2016 Day 6 - Cycling from Messolonghi to Amfilochia It looks like it was a wise decision to take an extra day off in Messolonghi, as I described in my previous bicycle touring in Greece update. The weather was good to me, although a strong headwind picked up towards the end. The cycling route … [Read more...]

Explore Peaceful Parga in Greece from Acrothea Hotel

Acrothea Hotel in Parga kindly hosted me for two nights during my 2016 bicycle touring trip from Greece to England. Here's why I recommend staying at Acrothea Hotel, and what there is to see and do in Parga.   Acrothea Hotel in Parga During my 2016 bicycle tour from Greece to England, I was fortunate enough to be hosted by Acrothea Hotel in Parga. This gave me an opportunity to take a day off from cycling, and take a look around a town I had been meaning to visit for a long time. Parga is located on the north-west coast of mainland Greece. It has a laid-back feel to it, … [Read more...]

Bicycle Touring In Greece – Cycling From Athens to Messolonghi

Although I have lived in Athens for over a year, this is my first time bicycle touring in Greece. Leaving from Athens, I cycled to Corinth, Rio, and then to Messolonghi during my first week.  Bicycle Touring in Greece Sunday May 8th 2016 Day 1 - Cycling from Athens to Camping Glaros  It has to be said, that Athens is not the most cycle-friendly city in the world. Working out how best to avoid the traffic as I cycled through was always going to be a challenge. Especially when a general strike which included ferry workers effectively blocked off my preferred route of using the island of … [Read more...]

Girl Gone Greek Author Interview With Rebecca Hall

'Girl Gone Greek' is the debut novel from author and fellow travel blogger Rebecca Hall. In this interview we find out how Rebecca fell in love with Greece, the motivation behind writing, and why you should read it. Girl Gone Greek Author Interview With Rebecca Hall Can you introduce yourself, tell us where you are from, and what you do? I’m Rebecca, or ‘Bex’ as I’m known via my blog I’m British and after spending several years being a Jill of all trades and travelling to various countries, (and proud of being a Master of none, despite society’s … [Read more...]