10 Ancient And Weirdly Mysterious Places I Have Visited

Angkor Wat

Ever since first reading about places such as Easter Island and Tikal, ancient cultures and civilisations have fascinated me. In fact, it is reading about these places which helped inspire me to travel in the first place. I wanted to see these ancient sites with my own eyes. I wanted to walk among the ruins of long dead civilisations, and wonder at their construction. After 20 years, I have managed to see quite a few, and these are just 10 ancient and weirdly mysterious places I have visited. 10 Ancient And Weirdly Mysterious Places I Have Visited Teotihuacan in … [Read more...]

Syntagma Metro Station Archaeological Collection

The Syntagma Metro Station Archaeological Collection

It has often been said, that you can't dig a hole in Athens without finding something of archaeological value. This was certainly the case when they created the underground Metro system. Thousands of artefacts dating back millennia were uncovered, all adding to the overall knowledge of Athens in the past. Some of these finds were transferred to already existing museums. At Syntagma Station though, they went one step further.  Read on to find out more about the Syntagma Metro Station Archaeological Collection. Syntagma Metro Station Archaeological Collection Normally, I give information … [Read more...]

Athens on Vacation – Why You Should Visit in August

Athens on vacation

I often get asked when the best time to visit Athens on vacation is. The answer is a simple one. August. Sure, it may be a little hotter at that time of year, but there are also several big advantages. Read on to find out what they are.  Athens on Vacation - Why You Should Visit in August August is a great month to visit Athens on vacation. The reason? It feels like the entire city empties. This is the month when Athenians traditionally go on holiday for two or three weeks. After the great exodus when they drive out to the villages, coast, and islands, Athens becomes a much quieter, … [Read more...]

Top 6 Attractions Not to Miss in California

Venice Beach

It's incredible to think that it is nearly 6 years ago that I began my cycling trip from Alaska to Argentina! That journey took me 18 months to complete, and I passed through many interesting areas along the way. One area which stood out for me, was California. So, when I was asked if someone could guest post about California on Dave's Travel Pages, I looked forward to reading it! And, after I did so, I realised that I had cycled through California far too quickly. I missed so much! I will take my time the next time I cycle there! Top 6 Attractions Not to Miss in California With its … [Read more...]

The Antikythera Mechanism – Mysteries of Ancient Greece

The Antikythera Mechanism on display at the National Archaeological Museum of Athens

Does an analog computer dating back over 2000 years sound like fantasy? It might do, if not for the fact that one was discovered in a shipwreck off the coast of Greece! The Antikythera Mechanism is one of the greatest mysteries of Ancient Greece. Read on to find out more! Mysteries of Ancient Greece When I was in my early teens, I became interested in ancient civilisations. They always seemed somewhat mysterious to me. This sense of mystery was added to by reading Erich Von Daniken books such as Chariots of the Gods.  I never agreed with his ancient astronaut theories, but I did come to … [Read more...]