Cycling England to South Africa


In 2006, I began an amazing trip cycling England to South Africa. This 10 month adventure took me through countries such as Syria, Sudan and Tanzania, as I cycled across Europe, the Middle East and then East Africa. During this time, I had some incredible experiences, met countless friendly people, and cycled by the odd elephant and giraffe. Back then, although Daves Travel Pages was online, travel blogging was really still in its infancy. I updated every week or so as I was cycling England to South Africa, but it was written more with family and friends in mind. As such, my travelogues … [Read more...]

U.K. Consulate in Istanbul

The U.K. has a consulate in Istanbul, Turkey. (All the embassies are in Ankara). Below are the details. British Consulate-General, IstanbulMeşrutiyet Cad No.34TepebaşıBeyoğlu 80050Istanbul … [Read more...]

Bicycle Workshops in Istanbul

Whilst I was in Istanbul I searched the Sercesi area (which is where a large amount of bike shops are located) for a bicycle shop with a workshop. Most of the shops in this area sold spare parts or new bikes, but didn't actually have a workshop to do servicing. The only one that I could find was called Saracoglu Bisiklet, which is located at the bottom of a nearby electronics mall (asking in any of the other shops will get you directions). My bike had a rear wheel wobble, needed a chain replacement, desperately needed a complete degunge and clean, two tyres replacing and a general … [Read more...]

Travelogue update 31 – Springbok to Cape Town


Day 290  Springbok   Tuesday  08/05/07 It felt quite nice to have a lay in for a change and not really have to do anything. After breakfast, I went to an internet place (extortionately expensive), and bought two new pairs of socks and a pair of boxer shorts. The state of the two pairs of boxers that I've had since the start of my trip 10 months ago is quite remarkable, and I'm unsure whether to bin them or donate them to a modern art gallery. Spent the rest of the day vegging. It's a hard life. Day 291  Springbok   Wednesday  09/05/07 I was going to give the bike a service today, but … [Read more...]

Travelogue update 30 – Gaborone to Springbok

dave briggs

Day 278    Gaborone   Thursday 26/04/07 Today, I attempted to book my flight back to England from Cape Town, which didn't go quite as smoothly as I had planned. I wanted to use British Airways, as they have something called an E-ticket which basically means that no paper tickets are issued, and for me, this would be a bonus, as it would mean that I wouldn't have to wait anywhere for paper tickets to turn up. However, try as I might, I couldn't get my bank card to work on their online booking system, as it kept saying that the card number did not match the card type, which is rubbish, as I … [Read more...]

Travelogue update 29 – Livingstone to Gaborone

tour de freak

Day 269  Livingstone - Kasane     Tuesday 17/04/07I left just after 7.00, and cycled the 65kms to the ferry which would take me over the Zambezi and into Botswana. It was really easy going, and I was fortunate enough to see some more elephants crossing the road just in front of me, although I was too slow to get the camera out and take any photos. I had thought that by having three nights in Livingstone, the Tour de Freaks would have been a day ahead of me, but it seems that they also took two days off, and I met them again on the Zambia side of the river. They are not a bad bunch of lycra … [Read more...]

Travelogue update 28 – Lusaka to Livingstone

tour de freak

Day 263  Lusaka - Monze   Wednesday 11/04/07 A reasonably early start, and the first two hours were some of the easiest cycling that I have ever done, mainly due to a strong tailwind and a downhill section, which was a bit of a Brucie bonus. Ross and Christine had started off before me, and I found them having breakfast at the side of the road just past the town of Kafue. After a quick chat, I left them eating, and carried on, thinking that I would see them at some other point during the day, but as it turned out, that never happened. My original destination was going to be the town of … [Read more...]

Travelogue update 27 – Lilongwe to Lusaka


Day 254  Lilongwe  Monday  02/04/07A day off from cycling, where I updated the website, and did some shopping (There is a supermarket which actually has more in it than biscuits!) The evening turned a bit messy, when a couple of quiet beers deteriorated into an all night session. Before I knew it, it was three in the morning, and people were stage diving off the bar. Oddly, it wasn't backpackers partaking in the debauchery (they all went to bed early like good little boys and girls), but a bunch of Janeys, the owners, friends. They were an excellent crowd, and the whole night was pretty … [Read more...]

Travelogue update 26 – Mbeya to Lilongwe

another quality toilet

Day 244  Mbeya - Karonga   Friday  23/03/07I had a good breakfast, and then set off for a new country. The first hour or so was tough, uphill work. Then came a couple of hours of downhill. Quiet roads, beautiful surroundings, clean air- what more do you need? Another hour of climbing up to the town of Tukuye followed, and then it was pretty much downhill all the way to the border. Some black market money changers gave me the usual spiel - there's no bank on the other side, nowhere to change your money, blah blah blah. Sorry boys, I've crossed a few borders in my time, and I know you're talking … [Read more...]

Travelogue update 25 – Dar Es Salaam to Mbeya


Day 225  Dar Es Salaam  Wed 14/03/07I took the bike out for half hour in the morning to give it a test run, and everything seemed fine, which was a huge relief, as it meant that I could finally get going again. Followed The Routine (see previous travelogue entry).Day 226 Dar Es Salaam - Chalinze  Thursday 15/03/07Back on the bike at last. It was good to get reacquainted with the road, although I must say, I hadn't missed the feeling of having my nadgers being squashed against a hard bicycle seat. Todays distance was 109 kms, which was basically a retracing of my route from Dar back to the town … [Read more...]