Using Twitter With My Travel Blog (Part 1)



using twitter with my travel blog


As I look to develop Daves Travel Pages further, I have been experimenting with using twitter with my travel blog to reach a wider audience. This is something that admittedly I should have done a lot earlier, especially when you consider that my Twitter account is over four years old! To be honest, I was a little dismissive of “social media” and how it could benefit my travel blog, and so apart from sending a few random tweets, my account was practically dormant.
Times change though, as have my goals and ambitions for Daves Travel Pages. When it was first created, the intention was for it to be a simple travel blog where family and friends could keep a track of my progress on my trips around the world. As a few years passed though, it became obvious that the numbers of visitor were increasing, and that they were coming from all around the world. As this happened, I could see the first signs of monetizing the site – It wasn’t going to make me rich, but it was starting to pay for the hosting as well as provide a little extra money to help out with my journey’s. It was at this point that I started using Twitter with my travel blog in order to raise its profile a little higher. This was done without much of a game plan in mind, and without much effect if the truth be told. As I had a plug in on my travel blog which put my twitter feed on the front page, it became a handy way of creating “micro updates” in between writing more extensive blog posts more than anything else.
I think the problem was that in the beginning, I felt that Twitter was not very interactive. It seemed to be mainly used by people promoting their sites/products/agendas and little else. Now to a certain extent, this is still true, as there are millions of accounts tweeting in a “one way street” direction, inviting very little conversation. Over the last couple of years though, I have come to notice that people are approaching Twitter differently, and are starting to put the social into social media more! There are distinct online communities being created (if you know where to look), and the travel community is particularly strong. This has certainly opened my eyes to looking at new ways of using Twitter with my travel blog to reach a wider audience, and so I have dedicated more time and energy to that end.

The aim of using Twitter with my travel blog is to help create a larger audience that will visit Daves Travel Pages, with the intention that this will in turn increase my revenue from it (I am not going to go into detail about how I am monetizing the site here, but may do in the future). The first step along this path then, is to increase the amount of followers that I have, and in the space of 6 weeks, I have managed to network enough to receive 1000 extra followers (you can add me if you haven’t already – @davestravelpage !!). I am kind of a goal orientated person, so I have a figure of 10,000 followers in mind by the end of the year! It is a relatively slow process finding new followers, although I am now finding better ways to go about this. As I think that other people may also benefit from knowing how I am going about doing it, I will write a second post in a few days time. Until then, happy tweeting everyone!!

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