Day off at Watson Lake in the Yukon, Canada

When cycling from Alaska to Argentina, I took a day off at Watson Lake in Canada in order to get reequipped for some bad wet weather and plan the road ahead.

Cycling from Big Creek to Watsons Lake in Canada

Watson Lake, Yukon

It continued to rain all through the night and morning, and so I decided to have a day off at Watson Lake in order to buy a couple of things. I acquired some new waterproof gloves – I don't care if my hands get wet, but its uncomfortable to cycle when they are cold.

I also purchased a lightweight tarp, so I have the option of either using it as an additional groundsheet, or stringing it up above my tent, in order to keep the rain off, and make packing it away easier and drier.

I did some laundry, tumble dried my cycling shoes, messed on the internet and importantly, changed a flight with This means that now, my paperwork should be all in order for when I re-enter the USA, and I should have no problems.

Well, that is the theory. I'm so excited, I'm going to go to the liquor store and get either beer (to hydrate with) or brandy (to keep warm with).

Tomorrow, I head down the Cassiar highway regardless of the weather, as I really need to start upping the mileage and get ahead of the autumn which is slowly creeping up.

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