Islands near Paros you can visit before or after (Greek Island Hopping)

Discover which islands near Paros you can combine on a Greek island hopping itinerary. A guide to traveling from Paros to nearby islands.

Islands close to Paros you can visit after

Other islands close to Paros

If your trip to Greece includes visiting Paros and a few neighboring Cyclades islands, this blog post should prove a useful read.

To begin with, I'll mention what I consider to be the best island choices to visit before or after Paros. Further down, I'll give you some details about how to reach every Cyclades island by ferry from Paros.

In short, Paros island is an excellent place from which to venture out and visit other islands in the Cyclades island group, and you can get pretty much everywhere very easily!


Most people who visit Paros will go over to Antiparos at some point, whether on a day trip, or better still to spend a few days.

Antiparos is smaller, and more relaxing. It's also easier to reach the beaches on foot than if you stay in say Parikia in Paros.

Exploring the Antiparos cave

Spending evenings in the Chora of Antiparos is a real highlight, and for that reason I'd suggest spending at least one night on the island. This way you'd also be able to make time to visit the Antiparos cave, which I highly recommend!

There's two ways to get to Antiparos from Paros. You can either take a car ferry from Pounda, or take a more touristic passenger ferry from Parikia.

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As the largest of the Cyclades islands, it could be said that there is something of a rivalry between Naxos and Paros. The reason, is that Paros seems to have the higher profile with tourists from overseas, but on closer examination, Naxos probably deserves it more.

Enjoying the sunset at the Portara in Naxos island Greece

(Photo of the Naxos Portara)

Naxos has fantastic beaches, quaint traditional villages, more epic landscapes, great food, and even in peak season it's possible to find reasonably prices places to stay.

While it might be technically possible to visit Naxos on a day trip, you'd probably only get time to spend in the Chora. This is a key destination in its own right, and you should probably plan to spend at least 3 nights in Naxos to do it any justice.

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Small Cyclades

Scattered around Naxos, are a group of islands referred to as the Lesser or Small Cyclades. These are Iraklia, Schinoussa, Ano (upper) and Kato (lower) Koufonissi, together known as Koufonisia and Donoussa.

Visiting the beaches in Koufonisia in Greece

You can visit some of these islands directly from Paros if you wish. There is a legendary small ferry called the Express Skopelitas which makes the route around them every day.

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With its trendy bars, nightclubs and beautiful beaches, Mykonos is another popular choice when it comes to islands to visit after Paros. If you're interested in Ancient Greek history, you can also visit the island of Delos close to it.

Taking the day trip from Mykonos to Delos

You should keep in mind that Mykonos is probably the most expensive destination in Greece, especially during the high season. If you don't want to stay overnight, you could put your own day trip together by getting the first ferry from Paros to Mykonos, and then get to Paros on the last ferry back.

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We've gone from one party island to another one by including Ios as well!

A view out over Ios island in greece

However, I'd say to look beyond its reputation as party place for twenty somethings who can't afford Mykonos, as it has numerous beaches, hiking trails, amazing views, and some of the best sunsets in the Cyclades Islands!

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Syros is the administrative capital of the Cyclades islands, and its neoclassical buildings give it an almost regal feel.

A stunning view of Syros island in Greece

While I don't personally think the beaches are anything to write home about, Syros is a good place to spend a few days.

As the capital, it is also easy to get to other islands from Syros pretty easily.

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With at least one daily ferry during the high season, Sifnos is another destination you can consider visiting after your stay in Paros.

Beach lovers recommend these beaches in Sifnos: Vathy, Herronisos, Platis Gialos, Seralia, Apokofto, Gialos, and Kamares.

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Famous for its many beaches such as Sarakiniko and Kleftiko, great food, and unique rock formations, Milos might not be as close to Paros as the islands already mentioned, but its certainly worth considering.

Looking out over Kleftiko bay in Milos greece

It has a lower key tourist profile than Paros, some great restaurants, and is a wonderful place to explore. I've a detailed guide here you can read about Milos. I've also got a guide book on Amazon you can buy either in Kindle or paperback!

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While Santorini is not particularly one of the closest neighboring islands to Paros Greece, Santorini can take just 2 hours to reach depending on which of the ferry companies is used. To visit Santorini after Paros is a good choice for people who have never been there before.

An iconic view of Santorini Greece

While Santorini may not have the fantastic beaches of Paros or Naxos, there's no denying it is one of the most scenic Greek islands, and a bucket list destination for many.

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Ferries from Paros to other Cyclades islands

Whilst I've mentioned the most popular Greek islands to visit after Paros above, you can go island hopping to the rest of the islands in the Cycladic group.

Can I fly from Paros to other Greek islands?

Even though Paros has an airport, flying between Paros and other Greek islands in the Cyclades is not possible. The airport currently only has direct flights with Athens international.

Paros Island Hopping Tips

A few travel tips when taking ferries from Paros:

  • A great site to research Greek ferries online is Ferryhopper. It's better to book your Paros ferry tickets in advance, especially during the busiest months for travel as some ferries can sell out. Try to be at Paros ferry port an hour before your boat is due to depart.

  • If you would like to find out more about other Greek islands in the Cyclades, Paros and more destinations in Greece, sign up for my newsletter.

  • For places to stay in Greece, I recommend Booking. They have a great selection of rooms to rent in other Greek islands in the Cyclades along with customer ratings. If you are traveling to the Greek islands in the the busiest months of summer, I advise reserving hotels in your desired destination a month or so in advance.

How to make the journey from Paros to other Greek islands in the Cyclades FAQ

Readers sometimes ask these question about traveling to other Greek islands in the Cyclades from Paros include:

What island combines with Paros?

I can advise visiting islands like Naxos, Mykonos, and Ios, if you want a trip to the islands in the Cyclades islands near Paros.

How can I get to other Greek islands in the Cyclades from Paros?

The only way to get from Paros to close by islands in the Cyclades is to take a ferry. As Paros is quite centrally located in the Cyclades group, you can get direct ferries to most of the other inhabited islands.

How do I buy ferry tickets to other Greek islands in the Cyclades?

I find that the Ferryhopper website is the best place to book ferry tickets online. Although I think it's better to book your Paros to other Greek islands in the Cyclades ferry tickets in advance, you might also go to a travel agency in Greece after you arrive.

Is Paros the next Mykonos?

Not at all as the two islands are very different. The beaches and nightlife in Mykonos is vastly superior, but Paros has some much nicer villages and better food than Mykonos.

Islands to visit after Paros in Greece

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